Souls Scribe : Connecting Your Story With God’s Narrative


Soul’s Scribe helps you to make sense of your life story and gives you the confidence to effectively share your testimony with others. Aristotle once said that ‘Memory is the scribe of the Soul’ but all too often it is only at the end of our lives that we review our own life story. ‘Soul’s Scribe’ encourages us to take that step here and now, to look back over our own life and see where God has been at work, guiding our paths, shifting our trajectory and lifting us up even in the darkest moments. Each chapter provides food thought about God’s narrative, how it relates to you and how you experience God in the world at different stages of your life. You are invited to identify the main themes of your life that connect past and present to help you to understand your life as a coherent whole. At the end of this reflective process, you will have the tools to step out and tell your own story with confidence. ‘Soul’s Scribe’ makes the connection between your own personal story and God’s narrative and enables you to see your own life as an adventure, full of purpose and meaning.


SKU (ISBN): 9781788930215
Kate Nicholas
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: Authentic

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