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  • 3 Elderly Wisemen


    ages and all ages can reenact this traditional celebration. Author, Judy Gattis-Smith takes the traditional Christmas pageant story of the three wisemen and presents it in such a way that all ages can enact, particularly seniors!

    Three Elderly Wisemen is simple to produce, has lines that are easy to learn and, through a Bible story, deals with real issues seniors face. This play considers the wisemen as “senior citizens” with the same characteristics as senior citizens today. The running time is about one hour and at least fourteen characters are included. The play can also be done as a Readers Theater without costumes, props, or scenery. In this case, the narrator would set the scene, inviting the audience to use their imaginations.

    Some characters included

    Aalijah (wife of Melchior)

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  • 5 Little Christmas Dramas For Todays Kids


    Every year, Christmas comes. And every year, in tiny congregations spread throughout the world, a director is stressing over the difficult task of producing a successful children’s play.

    Realizing that church plays are often hard to produce because so few are written to meet children’s needs and interests, Timothy Ayers decided to change that. Writing his own plays for the children within his church, Ayers collected his dramas into Five Little Christmas Dramas for Today’s Kids, hoping to help small churches creatively and freely encourage children to spread the message of Christmas. With titles ranging from A Dress Rehearsal for Christmas to The “I Hate Christmas” Club, each drama presents a worthy reminder: The true meaning of Christmas is always found in Christ.

    These fun and simple dramas let small churches celebrate Christmas without mayhem and stress, and they empower children to play a pivotal role in highlighting the divine purpose of the Christmas holiday. With minimal set design and diverse roles for children of all ages, this collection of Christmas dramas will bless directors and congregations alike.

    Each drama has listed the approximate length of time the play will take, how many cast members are needed, props, and the stage set-up. This book also has the copy/printing privileges included.

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  • Nativity Dramas The Third Season


    Keith Hewitt is back with a third volume of clever nativity dramas in which he adapts biblical Christmas stories to popular television programs. In the same way Jesus communicated in a context that people of his time could relate to, Hewitt presents four sharp-witted takeoffs on something our culture can really relate to — TV. The humorous treatments of these biblical narratives will hold people’s attention and breathe new life into traditional nativity texts.

    All four plays are specifically designed to be produced in churches and can be easily staged by congregations of almost any size. Props are simple and easy to find.

    The four plays in this third volume are popular television shows from right now:
    “Psyched in Bethlehem” (45 minutes)
    “Everybody Loves Joseph” (45 minutes)
    “Big Bang Bethlehem” (50 minutes)
    “Burned in Bethlehem” (40 minutes)

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  • Healing Traumatized Churches


    This unique and entertaining format offers a plan of healing for individuals and congregations through the power of The Cross. Each Scene is designed for personal meditation, or to be presented as a Sunday School or Book Study Series, or produced in its entirety as a play.

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  • Holy Saturday : An Easter Chancel Drama In Three Acts


    This dramatization of the hours and days immediately following the crucifixion and its effects on the disciples and other followers of Jesus will captivate the congregation. The audience will be drawn into the events as the disciples struggle through the despair of Good Friday and the hope of Easter Day.

    Holy Saturday was written to be presented as a chancel drama or it can be used as a stand-alone drama. Simple costumes are recommended. Also included in the script is communion for the entire congregation, distributed by the disciples themselves. The audience and cast will find the distribution of communion by the disciples to be a moving experience. The players include Peter; John; Mary, the mother of Jesus; and eleven others but can be adjusted according to the number of people available. This drama will take 35-45 minutes plus the time for communion. Copying privileges by the original purchaser are included.

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  • Imagine : Creating Memorable Characters For Kids Church


    Marty Martin has been a children’s pastor for eighteen years and worked as a volunteer with children before that. His mother always worked with children at church and in a daycare center, eventually starting a daycare in her home. Marty first started interacting with children in this setting and creating goofy characters to entertain them. Now he is a dad and has five boys of his own who are the best audience to try his silly acts on!

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  • Awakening The Creative Spirit


    The new resource is designed to help spiritual directors and others use expressive arts in the context of spiritual direction. It is the latest book in the unique SDI series, designed for professional spiritual directors, but also useful for clergy, therapists, and Christian formation specialists.

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  • Bible In Action


    The Bible In Action is a collection of 59 Bible dramas for church, Christian school, and home. It uses the dialogue in the Bible (KJV updated), presents the narrative as dialogue, and fills in the gaps with what might have happened in between the lines. These dramas, which provide literature weekly for more than a year, are arranged in historical order with Scripture reference and are available at a fraction of the cost of most literature for a quarter. They are simply the Bible in dialogue.

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  • Who Is This Man This Jesus


    Take your congregation back in time and put worshipers right in the midst of the events surrounding humanity’s salvation with this collection of three sets of five monologues, each centered around a different perspective on the life and death of Jesus.

    Who Is This Man? looks at the death of Jesus through the eyes of ordinary people who through various circumstances find themselves caught up in the passion story, including a soldier of King Herod, Roman centurions, and Malchus, a servant of the high priest.

    In Women of the Promise, audiences will journey through the Old Testament as five women look with faithful anticipation to the future coming of the Savior.

    Come, Follow Me tells the story of Jesus’ life and death as seen by his followers, including Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, and even Judas Iscariot.

    Each series of monologues will be sure to enrich the Lenten observances of any congregation, as well as any small group study throughout the year.

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  • Bee Attitudes


    Frank Ramirez believes that youth and children are the church of today and should be invited to participate regularly in worship. To this end, he has written delightful plays that are meant to bring Christ into our ordinary days. Whether performed in elaborate style with costuming and staging, or simply read directly from the script in a much simpler style, these plays that include copy privileges will add whimsy to worship services while teaching deep truths. It will be hard to determine who enjoys them the most — the children and youth who are performing or the parents and grandparents with the cameras!

    From “Witnesses to the Light” — which features angels named Fantastic, Marvelous, Wonderful, and Gabriel — to “Holy Water” — with sheep named Be Bop, Bo Peep, Bah Humbug, and Bill — all six dramas presented in The Bee Attitudes will delight young and old.

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  • No Stable Too Small


    Here’s a collection of humorous, down-to-earth plays that bring a fresh perspective to the Christmas story through such creative devices as imagining the thoughts and feelings of fringe characters (like an innkeeper or a servant to one of the magi) or by updating the story with contemporary settings and characters. No Stable Too Small offers a variety of practical material for any situation, ranging from shorter plays with small casts and lines that can be easily mastered by younger children to more elaborate pieces with sophisticated themes for older children and adults. And they’re ideal for use with today’s young people — the dialogue reflects the way they really talk, yet never detracts from the biblical message.

    These flexible scenes offer a mix of speaking parts for all age groups, from preschool through adult, and are especially valuable for small congregations that lack the resources to mount large-scale productions. No sets are required, and only simple costumes and minimal props are needed. The plays can be performed by smaller churches with as few as 8-10 cast members, or parts can be easily divided to accommodate groups as large as 25-30. And with a running time of approximately 20-25 minutes each, it’s easy to fit them within a Christmas Eve or Advent Sunday worship service.

    Some of the charming presentations include:
    * Love Finds a Way
    * It Wasn’t the Hilton, You Know
    * Christmas Eve at Angel School
    * Because God Said So, That’s Why
    * No Small Parts
    * “Unto Us a Child Is Born”… Next on Omar
    * Miracles? No Problem!
    …and eight more!

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  • 6 Advent Plays For Children


    So you’ve just been asked to put together your church’s Christmas pageant — are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Don’t worry… Six Advent Plays For Children provides you with all the tools you need to make this ministry an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone. In addition to six delightful programs designed for children of preschool age through sixth grade (including a synopsis and stage directions), this book provides comprehensive, easy-to-follow guidelines that walk you through the entire process of planning, rehearsing, and presenting your holiday production. There’s even a step-by-step worksheet to keep you organized and on top of all the details. The material is suitable for congregations of any size: props, sets, and costumes are kept simple for maximum flexibility, and most of the programs require no more than a dozen participants. With all these practical resources, your children’s Christmas program this year is bound to be successful — Six Advent Plays For Children has all the help you need in one convenient volume. Copying privileges are included.

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