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  • Lacunae : New Poems


    New poetry from Scott Cairns on containing the uncontainable

    Often, when speaking of what he has called the poetic operation of language, Scott Cairns has characterized that event as our “glimpsing an indeterminate, inexhaustible enormity within a discrete space.” This is the poet’s continuing fascination with lacunae, those spaces, those openings that offer more within than appearances can register from outside the ostensible covert of their terms. Cairns is here focused upon how an image, a word, or–in the case of the Theotokos– a womb can contain the uncontainable. As Orthodox hymnography avers, she is more spacious than the heavens. So, too, the poet suggests, in its own, modest way, the poem might give birth to more, and more, and yet more than even the poet supposes.

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  • Vintage Christmas : A Collection Of Classic Stories And Poems


    This beautiful, giftable Christmas collection features 23 old-fashioned works from classic authors who invite you to a feast of holiday nostalgia.

    A Vintage Christmas includes stories from Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Ralph Henry Barbour, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mark Twain, L. M. Montgomery, and William Dean Howells, as well as poems from Eliza Cook, Christina Rossetti, William Makepeace Thackeray, Joyce Kilmer, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This collection is a timeless reminder that the heart of the holiday never changes.

    *Affordable and giftable size.
    *Presentation page for writing a meaningful message for gifting.
    *Perfect as a stocking stuffer, white-elephant gift, or host gift.
    *Filled with hopeful and encouraging Christmas stories.
    *Makes a lovely keepsake companion to A Classic Christmas and A Timeless Christmas.

    Filled with stories that have been part of the Christmas season for generations, A Vintage Christmas is a unique collection of Christmas tales, reflections, and poems from beloved authors across the centuries and makes the perfect gift for any reader in your life.

    *Discover a charming story from L. M. Montgomery about love and sacrifice in a modest log house.

    *See Christmas through the eyes of a child in a New England colonial village with Harriet Beecher Stowe.

    *Remember the reason Christ came to earth in the poetry of Anne Bront.

    *Share with your family the delightful letter Mark Twain wrote as Santa Claus to his three-year-old daughter.

    This beautiful treasury will take you back to firesides, simple gifts, and cozy family moments of Christmases past as you cherish the timeless truths and joys of the season.

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  • Love Holds You


    From the introduction by Christine Valters Paintner

    Most of these poems were written during the time of pandemic. The call to compassionate retreating came naturally for my strong hermit side. I found myself, rather then getting bored with home, falling more in love with the mundane aspects of my life. The boxes on our patio growing herbs, the way my favorite chair has shaped itself to my body, my dog’s daily eagerness for walks and cuddles. As I lingered more than usual I found deep appreciation for the radical ordinariness of my days.

    In the heart of a season filled with anxieties around personal health and well-being, around economic impact, around tremendous collective grief and loss, I found that there was one thing I wanted to remember daily. My prayers were calling me back to the ground of love that I believe undergirds us all. This isn’t always easy to remember, and sometimes reading the news I question whether it is even true. Writing poems about love became an act of cultivating trust. The moments that trust dissolved, I would pick up my pen and try and remember what I loved or how love had been made visible to me that day.

    Most of these poems are not directly about the pandemic per se. They are love poems that arose out of a desire to pay close attention when things seemed to be falling apart and to name what it was that endures. Many of the poems are dreamlike settings, where a new reality erupts into the everyday.

    Love doesn’t make our struggles vanish. It doesn’t mean carrying perpetual optimism into our days or even having to believe that everything will be okay. Those things are not seductive for me in a world when so many have so much to grieve. It does mean that I believe Love is the foundation of everything and holds us in our sorrow as well as our delight. This is in large part why I write poems, to hold this tension of living in a world that can be so devastating and also so staggeringly beautiful.

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  • Touch The Earth


    Gather it from memory.
    Let it touch the earth.

    In Touch the Earth, Drew Jackson continues the project he began in God Speaks Through Wombs, reflecting on the Gospel of Luke through poetry. Touch the Earth picks up in chapter nine and continues through the end of Luke’s Gospel. Part protest poetry, part biblical commentary, Jackson presents the gospel story in all its liberative power. Here the gospel is the fresh words / that speak of / things impossible.

    From the feeding of the multitude (The best hosts always provide / take home containers”) to the resurrection of Jesus (the belly of mother Earth / is, indeed, a womb . . . the humus of life is where we become fully human), this collection helps us hear the hum of deliverance–against all hope–that’s been in the gospel all along.

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  • I Wish For You


    Ideal for gift giving, this charming and colorful gift book inspires readers and gives them the words to express their heartfelt hopes and well wishes for their loved ones.

    What do you wish for your friends and family? Greater joy? Fearless freedom to be who they are? Strength to persevere? Wisdom for that crucial next step in life?

    Whatever you’re longing to say, I Wish for You contains uplifting affirmations that celebrate the best that life has to offer. Its universal themes of chasing your dreams, following your heart, and facing challenges with courage and conviction apply to a wide variety of special occasions, including graduations, baby showers, weddings, and general encouragement during tough times.

    When you’re wanting to send more than just a card, give this beautifully written and illustrated gift book to brighten the day of someone you love.

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  • Fatherless Child : You Are Never Alone


    Words of wisdom by Abraham Ali. These spoken words are a short introduction into the life and journey of Ali. A young Black man striving to be free and define his identity in this negativity. This is my therapy. My art for life contribution to the human family are the words that empower me to see my true destiny. Hopefully, they will help to guide you through the darkness that the mind must navigate through to ultimately find and define you.

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  • Holy Land : Poems


    “Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” -Exodus 3:5″The Holy Land is everywhere.” -Black Elk

    The two epigraphs that preface Angela Alaimo O’Donnell’s Holy Land introduce the reader to the central theme that permeates her poems: that holy places deserve to be regarded with reverence and that all places are holy places. In her afterward, the poet traces these foundational concepts to her Catholic childhood wherein religious instruction consisted largely of memorizing the Baltimore Catechism. “One of questions the Catechism poses is ‘Where is God?’ The answer is ‘God is everywhere.’ We believed this to be true. God was in church, but God was also in our house (a crucifix in every room), in the backyard, in our Buick (rosary beads swinging from the rearview mirror), at our birthday parties in the basement, and in our own bodies. And though those places may not sound very holy, they were. Because God was there. Is there.”

    In addition to affirming this foundational belief, these poems extend the terrain, moving beyond the geographical and the physical to the temporal, the carnal, the intellectual, and the spiritual realms. They assert that our days are blessed, our bodies are blessed, our minds and souls are all blessed and sacred ground. The poet explores a broad spectrum of physical locations, beginning with poems set in the Holy Land and moving on to places closer to home, ranging from the west of Ireland to rural Minnesota, from New York City to the Texas border. She also probes the temporal spaces we occupy, experiences of death and birth, love and loss, desire and desolation that mark our human passage.

    The English word holy is related to the Germanic word heilig, a word that means blessed and also carries within it the idea of wholeness. Holy Land attempts to honor both the holiness and the wholeness of our world-from Gotham to Golgotha, the Bronx River to the Sea of Galilee-and to honor the holiness and wholeness of our blessed and broken humanity.

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  • Language Of The Birds


    According to legend, the language of the birds was a mystical language God used to talk with Adam and Eve when he walked with them in the garden of Eden. Amy Nemecek listens for this divine dialect as she communes with God on her walks along country roads and creek banks, through forests and hayfields. She observes the world around her with expectation, knowing that God still speaks to us as he is at work making all things new. If we have ears to hear, we can catch snippets of his grace in the watercolor silhouette of a bird, the thrum of a tractor engine, the tang of a grapefruit, the curvature of an ampersand. Amy doesn’t want to miss any of it, so she remains attentive to the smooth grit of beach sand, the tendrils of a nebula, and the steady gaze of a fossil. She delights in the details, and you will too.

    In this collection of lyric and narrative poems, you are invited to walk with her as she reflects on larger themes of beauty, loss, motherhood, family, and vocation. She contemplates the sacredness of ordinary moments that we usually don’t recognize except in hindsight. Twining through every line is an aching hopefulness that ties together her love of words, her devotion to scripture, and her deep gratitude for each of life’s joys and griefs.

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  • My Very First Christmas


    Stimulate baby’s senses and fill the heart with God’s love

    This charming cloth book shares the story of baby Jesus in the perfect way for every baby’s Christmas. Fun, soft, and perfect for tiny hands, the soft-and-cozy Bible story is all about the love of God.

    Bright, expressive illustrations will capture the attention of babies and toddlers. And the cloth construction is great for touching, squeezing, and even biting . . . with story time play time. The squishy fabric book features crinkle cloth front and back for sensory development and lots of baby fun.

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  • Christian Poetry In America Since 1940


    Showcasing thirty-five American poets born in or after 1940, this anthology confirms that one of the most vibrant developments in contemporary verse has been a renewed engagement with the Christian faith. Across a full spectrum of Christian belief, including the struggle to believe at all, these poets bring the power of their art to bear on serious questions: how to understand the goodness of God in a fallen and tragic world, how to reconcile universal truths with the particularities of human experience, how to render familiar events of salvation history in new language that generates its own epiphanies. As Christian engagement assumes a multiplicity of modes and voices, so does contemporary poetry in America. This volume, then, selective yet representative, features the work of early-, mid-, and late-career poets, formalists, free-verse poets, and experimenters in prosody. This anthology bears witness to the poetic mind as it seeks that which is above.

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  • I Sat Down With My Father


    Poetry is the language of love, and God is the greatest author of love. The pages of this book are my heart’s attempt to put God’s love into words. In these words, I pray that you will find the love that I have felt throughout the years, that you will see and perhaps even feel the presence of our Heavenly Father, or that you will be intrigued to investigate beyond my words and delve into God’s Word.

    Seek Christ, and you will find Him, for He is seeking you.

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  • From Shade To Shine


    This collection of poems begins in the growing darkness of November, stretches through Advent and the seasons leading to Easter and to Pentecost, and ends in the budding light of the Scottish Orkney Islands, where the canonical hours measure time over centuries and where God broods over an austere and beautiful landscape. The measurement of time passing and returning, year after year, in the rhythms of the seasons and of the liturgical year, create the pace and the song. But in the biblical voices of Magdalene, Mary, Abel, and Eve, and in the grim historical and political realities of war and suffering, one also hears lament and finds the poet’s clear-eyed gaze straight into life’s challenges. Memory is at work here, too, in personal reminiscences and in theological reflection. As one philosopher has said, “All truth is God’s truth.”

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