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  • Teaching Across Cultures


    Foreword By Duane H. Elmer
    1. Metaphors Of Teaching
    2. The Rail Fence As A Crosscultural Model For Teaching
    3. Adapting Our Colored Glasses
    4. Teaching Complex Creatures
    5. Teaching And Context
    6. Teaching And Cultural Values
    7. Teaching Aims Across Cultures
    8. Cultural Influences On Teaching Aims
    9. Teaching Through Struggle
    10. Harmony Through The Rail-Fence Model
    11. Examples Of Pilgrim Teaching
    12. Improving Teaching Through Evaluation
    Recommended Reading
    Author Index
    Subject Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    In our globalized world, ideas are constantly being exchanged between people of different cultural backgrounds. But educators often struggle to adapt to the contexts of diverse learners. Some focus so much on content delivery that they overlook crosscultural barriers to effective teaching.

    Educator and missiologist James Plueddemann offers field-tested insights for teaching across cultural differences. He unpacks how different cultural dynamics may inhibit learning and offers a framework for integrating conceptual ideas into practical experience. He provides a model of teaching as pilgrimage, where the aim is not merely the mastery of information but the use of knowledge to foster the development of the pilgrim learner.

    Plueddemann’s crosscultural experience shows how teachers can make connections between content and context, bridging truth and life. Those who teach in educational institutions, mission organizations, churches, and other ministries will find insights here for transformational crosscultural learning.

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  • Beyond Colorblind : Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey


    Part I: Redeeming Our Ethnic Stories
    1. Beyond Colorblind
    2. Ethnicities Made For Good
    3. The Cracks In Our Ethnicity
    4. Ethnicities Restored For Better
    5. Redeemed Ethnic Identities Sent Out To Heal

    Part II: Stewarding Our Ethnic Identities
    6. Trust-Building With Ethnic Strangers
    7. Crosscultural Skills In Community
    8. Responding To Crosscultural Conflict In Community
    9. Prophetic Ethnic Justice
    10. Culture Re-creators


    Additional Info
    For a generation or so, society has tried to be colorblind. People say they don’t see race. But the reality is that this approach has its limitations. In our broken world, ethnicity and racial identity are often points of pain and injustice. We can’t ignore that God created us with our ethnic identities, and he made them for good. We bring all of who we are, including our ethnicity and cultural background, to our identity and work as God’s ambassadors.

    Ethnicity and evangelism specialist Sarah Shin reveals how our brokenness around ethnicity can be restored and redeemed, for our own wholeness and also for the good of others. When we experience internal transformation in our ethnic journeys, God propels us outward in a reconciling witness to the world. Ethnic healing can demonstrate God’s power and goodness to others and bring good news to the world. Showing us how to make space for God’s healing of our ethnic stories, Shin helps us grow in our crosscultural skills, manage crosscultural conflict, pursue reconciliation and justice, and share the gospel as ethnicity-aware Christians.

    Jesus offers hope for healing, both for ourselves and for society. Discover how your ethnic story can be transformed for compelling witness and mission.

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  • Ministering In Honor Shame Cultures


    Failing to understand honor and shame cultures can lead to cross-cultural roadblocks in ministry and relationships for Westerners. Georges and Baker examine the Bible through the lens of honor and shame and join their cross-cultural experience and reflection in this informed exploration and guide to ministry in honor and shame contexts.

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  • Embrace : Gods Radical Shalom For A Divided World


    1. Embracing The Place
    2. The Ones We Avoid
    3. God Likes Pumpkin Pie
    4. Breaking Barriers
    5. Give Me Fifteen
    6. Take Me Out To The Ballgame
    7. Natural Justice
    8. Love Even Our Enemies
    9. Yes, Black Lives Matter

    Additional Info
    The walls between us seem impenetrable. We live in an age of strife and division. Factors like race, class, values and lifestyles keep us from connecting with others in meaningful ways. It’s easier to avoid or ignore people who make us uncomfortable or who we just do not like. But God’s call to the church is to do just the opposite. Leroy Barber has spent decades pursuing reconciliation and justice amongst groups of vastly diverse people. He knows the challenge of embracing those who are difficult to embrace, yet he advocates that the way to radical shalom on earth is through pursuing these relationships. We have the opportunity as the people of God to bring true peace and unity to a world that desperately needs it. Embrace the challenge to show a divided world the bridge-building power of God’s love.

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  • Narratology And The Modern Indian Novel


    Narratology and the Modern Indian Novel is an interesting study of narrative inclusive of both Indian and Western narratological traditions and theories, tracing the impact of Indian aesthetic theory and Sanskrit poetics on the modern Indian novel in the employment of certain narrative techniques. It is a purview from Indian aesthetics and structuralist theories. The theme of this book is a negotiation of three important existing theoretical areas: Western criticism, Indian narrative tradition and aesthetic practice, and Translation Studies. The novel has evolved as the most important genre in modern India. It is undoubtedly inspired by the European narrative forms and has drawn considerably on the Indic narrative tradition as well. The Kavya literature provides a viable model for the modern Indian narrative.

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  • Every Square Inch


    1. Competing Views On Theology And Culture
    2. A Theology Of Culture
    3. Culture And Calling
    4. Six Case Studies On Culture
    5. The Arts
    6. The Sciences
    7. Politics And The Public Square
    8. Economics And Wealth
    9. Scholarship And Education
    Conclusion: The Christian Mission
    Appendix: Recommmended Reading

    Additional Info
    Jesus is Lord over everything. So his lordship should shape every aspect of life. But what impact does faith really have on our day-today existence? And how should we, as Christians, interact with the culture?

    In Every Square Inch, Bruce Ashford skillfully navigates such questions. Drawing on sources like Abraham Kuyper, C.S. Lewis, and Francis Schaeffer, he shows how our faith is relevant to all dimensions of culture.

    The gospel informs everything we do. We cannot maintain the artificial distinction between “sacred” and “secular.” We must proclaim Jesus with our lips and promote him with our lives, no matter what cultural contexts we may find ourselves in.

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  • Becoming The People Of God


    How do Christ followers celebrate unity in the midst of diversity? How do we become the people of God in more than name only? A unifying Christ-centeredness demands living out kingdom values and bearing witness to transformation in and through a multitude of cultural manifestations. We struggle to serve, worship, and witness in the midst of this age-old challenge. This collection of perspectives come from settings where the good news of Jesus has not been the dominant historical norm. All contributors in this volume are practitioners. They have a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage and important moral values found in Buddhist contexts. We believe these chapters hold valuable lessons that speak to all of the family of faith. Here you will find a wide range of topics and approaches that address what it means to become the global body of believers. These can speak to you wherever you are called to participate with God’s work in the world. Christ followers are in the process of becoming what will one day culminate in a huge and starling celebration of people from all of God’s beloved creation. If you are interested in hearing from those discovering what that might look like outside traditional packaging, this book is for you. Book jacket.

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  • Eternity Invading Time


    Global Glory Publication

    In the Old Testament, God’s people saw Him in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. In the New Testament, the religious world thought they had God in a box behind the veil. When Jesus died, the veil was rent and God went public.

    In an ever changing world where the darkness prides itself by proclaiming they have psychic insights for every person, the church has become anemic, without as much as a sign, a miracle or a wonder.

    Where do we go from here?

    Faith is at a level the church has never known before. It is a faith being seen in the “here and now”. We must understand what Jesus meant when He said, “I only do what I hear and what I see My Father do and say.”

    You are about to enter that eternal zone, where time is losing its grip on the earth. Eternity is Invading Time.

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  • Identity And Transformation


    David Ofumbi is convinced biblically that, Christian faith covers the entire realm of human existence. There is no dichotomy between private life and public life, or spiritual life and secular life, or an individual and a community. In fact, the whole of human life is the visible expression of the invisible God. Therefore, respective indigenous cultures and the gospel must engage and impact each other. On the one hand, Christians in respective indigenous cultures engage and adapt the gospel to the deep-level meaning and the surface-level forms of their cultures; on the other hand, the gospel transforms respective cultures continuously. African understanding and practices of Christian faith (“Africa Christianity”) in this respect is both the outcome of the reciprocal impact between respective indigenous cultures and the gospel and the basis of authentic Christian response to human needs (“Christian Community Transformation”).

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  • Future For The Latino Church


    Foreword By Manuel Ortiz
    Introduction: A Moment Of Transition In The Barrio
    1. Living In The Hyphen
    2. Multigenerational Hispanic Churches
    3. Multiethnic, Predominately Hispanic Churches
    4. Good News And Good Works In The Barrio
    5. The Local Church As Organic Seminary
    6. The New Hispanic Challenge
    Conclusion: A Future For The Latino Church

    Additional Info
    Many assume that Hispanic ministry in North America still necessarily focuses on Spanish-language congregations. But over 60 percent of all American Latinos were born in the United States and are now English dominant.

    Daniel Rodriguez argues that effective Latino ministry and church planting is now centered in second-generation, English-dominant leadership and congregations. Based on his observation of dozens of cutting-edge Latino churches across the country, Rodriguez reports on how innovative congregations are ministering creatively to the next generations of Latinos. In-depth case studies reveal how gifted leaders are reaching beyond their own demographics to have lasting impact on their wider communities.

    The future of the Latino church is multilingual, multigenerational and multiethnic. Those who “live in the hyphen” between Latino and American can become all things to all Latinos, sharing the gospel in ways that language is no barrier.

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  • Telling Gods Stories With Power


    This is a complete and practical introduction to storying, especially for people who want to learn about using biblical storytelling in cross-cultural contexts and who want to train others to become storytellers. It includes many fascinating accounts of the responses of tribal people to the first proclamation of the gospel through storytelling.

    The result of years of research and field testing, Telling God’s Stories with Power is a product of the author’s own journey as he confronted the challenges of teaching the Bible in parts of the world where people are unaccustomed to a Western style of learning. Full of innovative and groundbreaking insights, this study is packed with ideas, explanations, and constructive suggestions stated in clear and simple language.

    Throughout the book there are extensive examples from the storytellers’ own experiences. Tracing the movement of the biblical stories across multiple generations of tellers and listeners, storytelling is found to be superior for knowledge transfer and for bypassing resistance to the gospel in oral contexts, thus presenting clear evidence of the effectiveness of biblical narrative among oral learners.

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  • Strange Kindness






    I: Strange Kindness

    II: Strange Kindness Commentaries

    Benevolence, Courage, Humility, And Keen Observation: Tow’s Classical Chinese Medical Arts

    Reading Strange Kindness From Confucian And Taoist Perspectives

    Harmony Of Kindness And Strange: Reading Strange Kindness Through The Lenses Of Holistic, Western Medical Art And Poetry Therapy

    Little Bamboo: A Five-Element Study Of A Life Fully Lived

    Heart-mind Biopoetics And Tow’s Moon Door

    Mabel Cho-Shin Tow

    Author Biographies

    Additional Info
    When Mabel (Chu, Cho-Shin) Tow (1914-1999), one of the first Chinese women to practice medicine in China and the United States, shares her story with us, we may experience “the tender gravity of kindness” (the generative transmission of her lineage). That lineage becomes Tow’s blend of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Mabel Tow was a boundary-crosser by being a Christian in China and a Chinese woman in America.

    In this reflective work, eight authors share their unique author-reader relationships with Strange Kindness as they dramatize further how Tow crossed the boundaries of gender, culture, religion, language, tradition, and medical practices. They vividly illustrate Tow’s lineage-in-transmission, moving all into “tikkum olam,” the poetic act of repairing the world.

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  • Cross Cultural Servanthood


    Cross-cultural specialist Duane Elmer gives Christians practical advice for serving other cultures with sensitivity and humility. With careful biblical exposition and keen cross-cultural awareness, he offers principles and guidance for avoiding misunderstandings and building relationships in ways that honor others.

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  • Black Rednecks And White Liberals


    This explosive new book challenges many of the long-prevailing assumptions about blacks, about Jews, about Germans, about slavery, and about education. Plainly written, powerfully reasoned, and backed with a startling array of documented facts, Black Rednecks and White Liberals takes on not only the trendy intellectuals of our times but also such historic interpreters of American life as Alexis de Tocqueville and Frederick Law Olmsted.

    In a series of long essays, this book presents an in-depth look at key beliefs behind many mistaken and dangerous actions, policies, and trends. It presents eye-opening insights into the historical development of the ghetto culture that is today wrongly seen as a unique black identity-a culture cheered on toward self-destruction by white liberals who consider themselves “friends” of blacks. An essay titled “The Real History of Slavery” presents a jolting re-examination of that tragic institution and the narrow and distorted way it is too often seen today. The reasons for the venomous hatred of Jews, and of other groups like them in countries around the world, are explored in an essay that asks, “Are Jews Generic?” Misconceptions of German history in general, and of the Nazi era in particular, are also re-examined. So too are the inspiring achievements and painful tragedies of black education in the United States.

    Black Rednecks and White Liberals is the capstone of decades of outstanding research and writing on racial and cultural issues by Thomas Sowell.

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  • Prayers From The East


    Come, celebrate Eastern Christian spirituality by perusing this fine collection of individual intercessions and corporate liturgies drawn from Egyptian Coptic, Armenian, Syrian, Indian Malankara, Ethiopian, and Eritrean sources. Helps revitalize our stale and overly familiar language.

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  • Justification : Whats At Stake In The Current Debates


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    It is not just one word among many, but it is a central reality for which Christians are thankful to God. Consequently, a faithful understanding of justification is not merely a concern of academic theologians but of all Christians. Discussion of this crucial matter reached a watershed during the Reformation, but concerns raised since then have not all been resolved throughout the church. In fact, current debates, even controversy, about justification among Protestants and between Protestants and Roman Catholics have been chronicled for general readers in periodicals such as Christianity Today and Books and Culture. In Justification Mark Husbands and Daniel J. Treier bring together notable evangelical scholars and teachers to address from biblical, historical, theological and ecumenical perspectives key questions that prevent complete unity between Roman Catholic and Protestant branches of the church and raise tensions even among Protestant denominations. Witnessing to certain signs of hope, these essays also acknowledge points of caution. But for every reader who is looking for guidance and orientation to this doctrine and current discussion, this book provides a wealth of charitable yet incisive insight. Key questions addressed in the volume include:
    *Does the doctrine of imputation of Christ’s righteousness need to be rethought, or does it faithfully reflect biblical teaching?
    *How should the faith and transformation of the believer be understood in connection with our justification?
    *What is the connection between our union with Christ and justification?
    *What can we learn from Lutheran, Wesleyan and Anglican perspectives on justification?
    *What does the Lutheran-Catholic Joint Declaration of 1999 contribute to current ecumenical discussions, and what prospects are there for real theological and ecclesiological reconciliation?

    These and other questions about the vital fact of justification for Christian salvation remain of central importance for the preaching, teaching, believing and unity of the church.

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  • Pocket Dictionary Of North American Denominations


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    Designed as a quick reference guide to orthodox and not-so-orthodox church groups in the United States and Canada, this handy dictionary examines such denominations and groups as: Bible churches, African American denominations, confessional churches, mainline denominations, churches in the evangelical tradition, Pentecostal churches, and many groups considered on the Christian fringe. Based on the award-winning Dictionary of Christianity in America, this pocket dictionary is an affordable and easily accessible “help key” for understanding the Christian traditions of North America.

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  • Being Latino In Christ


    Orlando Crespo has taken his own journey from Puerto Rico to an immigrant neighborhood in Springfield, Massachusetts, and back again to his Latino roots. In this book he helps readers reflect on their own voyages of self-understanding and what it means to have a mixed heritage from the days of the original Spanish Conquest to the present.

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  • 1 Body One Spirit


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    This volume offers insights and implications for church leadership, worship styles, conflict resolution and much more.
    As society diversifies, local churches find themselves interacting with people from every tribe and tongue. But not every church is equipped to handle the realities of ethnic and racial diversity in their congregational life. Sociologist George Yancey’s pioneering research on multiracial churches offers key principles for church leaders wanting to minister to people from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds. Insights from real-life congregations provide concrete examples of how churches can welcome people of all heritages, giving them a sense of ownership and partnership in the life of the church. Here is an essential resource for pastors and church leaders committed to cultural, ethnic and racial reconciliation in their congregations.

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  • Daughters Of Hope


    In this deeply moving book, Kay Strom and Michele Rickett tell the stories if persecuted Christian women from around the globe. From Africa to the Middle East to Asia, they give voice to our sisters persevering under the yoke of oppression and injustice. Each section provides specific prayer points and practical action steps to equip us to respond.

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  • 1 Bread One Body


    As a troubadour for global music and an instigator of cross-cultural worship for more than 15 years in a variety of denominational settings, including congregational, national, and international venues, Michael Hawn has observed many faithful people who find that a taste of Pentecost in worship is refreshing and invigorating. In One Bread, One Body: Exploring Cultural Diversity in Worship, Hawn seeks to help bridge the gap between the human tendency to prefer ethnic and cultural homogeneity in worship and the church’s mandate to offer a more diverse and inclusive experience. He offers a rainbow vision of the universal church where young and old joyfully and thoughtfully respond to the movement of God’s Spirit in multicultural worship.

    Hawn and four colleagues from Perkins School of Theology in Dallas formed a diverse team in ethnicity, gender, academic field of study, and denominational affiliation to study four United Methodist congregations in the Dallas area that are grappling with cross-cultural ministry. Their four case studies illustrate both the pain and the possibilities encountered in capturing the Spirit of Pentecost in worship. Hawn also offers a concise and practical theological framework as well as numerous strategies and an extensive bibliography for implementing “culturally conscious worship.” This book is invaluable for congregations that want to undertake the hard work of cross-cultural worship. Foreword by Justo Gonzalez.

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  • Beginners Guide To Crossing Cultures


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830823468ISBN10: 0830823468Patty LaneBinding: Trade PaperPublished: June 2002Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Wrath Of Jonah


    Internationally renowned scholar Erhard Gerstenberger here offers a radical departure from traditional treatments. Rather than a systematic approach to theological topics in the Old Testament, Gerstenberger discusses its various theological voices rooted in different social settings within ancient Israel: the family and clan, the village, the tribal group, and the kingdom. Further, he discusses the variety of Israel’s views concerning the divine – polytheism, syncretism, and monotheism. Gerstenberger concludes with his reflections on how contemporary theology is informed by the biblical witness and how it must be contextual and ecumenical in order to be authentic.

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  • Check All That Apply


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    Where do you fit? Who is your community? Who really understands you? Being multiracial is often confusing, frustrating and lonely. Perhaps you feel as Sundee Tucker Frazier sometimes does when faced with yet another form asking for her ethnic identifiction–like “none of the above.” In this book, Frazier offers good news: God loves multiracial people and their interracial families. There is a special place for you in God’s plan! And God wants to give you a sense of wholeness, worth and belonging–as one made in God’s very likeness. Frazier helps you understand the experiences that form who you are and shows how to connect with others like you. She offers insight for developing your ethnic identity, understanding your family of origin–even figuring out who to marry! Most of all, she encourages you to gain a sense of God’s purpose for your life. And for those who aren’t multiracial themselves but know someone who is, she clarifies the challenges and rewards of sensitive relating. With Frazier you’ll embark on a journey of personal discovery–with the goal of embracing all of who you are. You’ll discover joy in living as a multiracial person as you gain the hope and courage to “check all that apply.

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  • Cross Cultural Conflict


    With a particular focus on Asian and Hispanic cultures (at home and around the world) and on African culture, Duane Elmer walks readers through various types of conflict and shows how they can be handled effectively and appropriately.

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  • Strange Virtues : Ethics In A Multicultural World


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    Strange Virtues is one of the first books to comprehensively consider ethics across cultures, addressing the ethical import of other religions and gender relations, exploring how the Bible and culture interact to produce ethical stances, and examining such particular case studies as bribery. It will be invaluable not only for missionaries, ethicists and students, but for all Christians who want to better understand neighbors right here at home.

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  • Embracing Diversity : Leadership In Multicultural Congregations


    Explore a variety of approaches congregations have taken to embrace differences; identify leadership issues diversity creates in congregations; and discover programmatic suggestions drawn from the experience of multicultural congregations to address these issues. This book helps readers to understand their own experience with racial and cultural differences and is a guide for gathering diverse people into the life and mission of the congregation

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  • Losing Face And Finding Grace (Student/Study Guide)


    Face and grace. These are the themes that weave through Tom Lin’s journey and the lives of many Asian-American Christians. How do we escape the trap of trying to earn our salvation? How do we handle the expectations of our parents in light of God’s calling in our lives? What do we do with the shame that threatens to overtake our self-image? The inductive Bible studies in this guide explore these question and much more. You’ll find help and hope in Scripture – and you may even find yourself.

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  • Hispanic Latino Theology


    U.S. Hispanic/Latino voices have emerged in the last ten years to become one of the most creative theological movements in the Americas. Fully ecumenical and oganized in systematic, collaborative framework, this major volume features Hispanic theology’s sources (the Bible, church history, cultural memory, literature, oral tradition, penecostalism), loci (urban barrios, Puerto Rico, exile, liberation, social sciences, Latina feminists), and vigorous expressions (mujerista theology, popular religion and theopoetics).

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