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Decision Making

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  • Its Complicated : A Guide To Faithful Decision Making


    “In this easy-to-read book, pastor Jack Haberer helps you seek God’s will for your life. You’ll move from deep theological considerations to street-level, daily-life practicalities–and you’ll learn to chart a course through life’s complexities, guided by the Scriptures, in the company of the church. My only complaint is that it wasn’t available thirty years ago!”
    -Brian D. McLaren, author, speaker, and activist

    Jack Haberer’s It’s Complicated helps serious Christians figure out what to do when life gets complicated and the distinctions between good and bad are not so clear. Using Bible passages as a guide, Haberer affirms and then challenges many closely held beliefs, making traditional distinctions between “conservative” and “liberal” Christians obsolete.

    It’s Complicated harks back to Joseph Fletcher’s twentieth-century classic Situation Ethics (Westminster John Knox Press) and gives readers a toolkit for Christian decision making in a variety of complex situations. The book provides a framework for readers to reference when they’re confronting moral dilemmas in their own lives, what Haberer calls “doing ethics by spreadsheet.”

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  • Comparative Religious Ethics


    1. Ethics And Spirituality In Religion
    2. Religions On Food, Fasting, And Feasting
    3. Religions On Making Work Human
    4. Religions On Body Covering, Appearance, And Identity
    5. Religions On Sexuality And Marriage
    6. Religions On Making And Keeping Families
    7. Religions On Anger And Violence
    8. Religions On Charity And Beggars

    Additional Info
    The study of comparative religious ethics is at a critical juncture, given the growing awareness of non-Christian ethical beliefs and practices and their bearing on social change. Christine Gudorf is at the forefront of rendering comparative-and competing-religious beliefs meaningful for students, especially in the area of ethics.

    Unlike other texts, Gudorf’s work focuses on common, everyday issues-including food and diet, work, sex and marriage, proper dress, anger and violence, charity, family, and infirmity and the elderly-while drawing out ethical implications of each and demonstrating how different religious traditions prescribe rules for action. An introductory chapter reviews standard ethical theory and core elements of comparative religious analysis. Each chapter opens with a riveting real-life case and shows how religious ethics can shed light on how to handle the larger issues, without determining for the reader what a proper ethical response might be.

    Helpful pedagogy, including summaries, questions, and list of readings, along with special chapter features, charts and photographs and a glossary, combine to make this new text most suitable for the wide array of courses in comparative religious ethics.

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  • Discerning Gods Will Together (Revised)


    Bible study, research, and fieldwork merge in this book of practical principles for decision making by spiritual discernment. The step-by-step approach can be used to help any size group learn a new way to make decisions–a way that is interactive, spiritual, and rooted in faith practices and community. Small groups, committees, church boards, church leaders at all levels, and seminary professors will find this book valuable.
    This is a revised and updated version of the book, originally published in 1997. This new version includes revised and updated material, as well as a new introduction by Charles Olsen.

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  • Making Sense Of Sex


    Having sex can be a loving and delightful experience, but it can also be emotionally, physically, and spiritually devastating. Many singles struggle to sort out how to make their own sexual experiences physically and emotionally healthy ones. This book can help. Duffy offers a thoughtful guide to sexual decision-making for single twentysomethings, exploring ten issues readers should consider when deciding whether and when to have sex. Appropriate for non-Christians and Christians alike, Duffy’s work is as relevant to those who have already had sex as it is to those who are considering it for the first time.

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  • Yes I Can


    This book “YES I CAN” is designed to help the high school students in their academic, career and social life so they can become scholars and achievers in future . It shows how students can become personal in their studies by having their own timetable, strategies on how to learn, effective means of using their time, planning their future career and destiny and other social issues relevant to their well being.

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  • Marriage At The Crossroads


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    In this unique book Aida and William Spencer and Steve and Celestia Tracy, two couples from the differing perspectives of egalitarianism and soft complementarianism, share a constructive dialogue about marriage in practice. They cover a variety of topics like marriage discipleship, headship and submission, roles and decision-making, and intimacy in marriage.

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  • Making Great Decisions


    Best selling author T.D. Jakes turns his attention and teachings to the topic of relationships and the issues that need resolving once you’ve learned to use the spiritual and psychological tools for reevaluating your place in life and for repositioning yourself for a life without limits.

    Relationship decisions come down to five crucial components, according to Bishop Jakes: Research: gathering information and collecting data Roadwork: removing obstacles and clearing the path Rewards: listing choices and imaging their consequences Revelation: narrowing your options and making your selectionRearview: looking back and adjusting as necessary to stay on course
    Before You Do gets you on the right track to making decisions that you’ll be proud of and reap the benefits of for the rest of your life, as will the generations that follow you. He gives you insight on how to reflect, discern, and decide the next step to take to have a strong and enduring love, marriage, and family.

    The Bishop takes a spiritual and practical approach to inherently emotional issues such as the outside influences on our relationships, e.g., in-laws, friends, and former spouses; coping with anger; parenting; financial concerns; negotiating high-profile lives; and so many more of the issues people face every day. His special brand of counseling and teaching appeals to the faith-based community and beyond, reaching millions who receive his wisdom in all media, especially books.

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  • Moral Dilemmas : An Introduction To Christian Ethics


    How can we make decisions that are consistent with our basic values? We must first, Wogaman says, identify basic moral presumptions that can guide our thought as we face moral dilemmas. These basic moral presumptions include equality, grace, the value of human life, the unity of humankind, preferential claims for the poor and marginalized, and the goodness of creation. The burden of proof, he argues, must be borne by decisions that are contrary to such presumptions.

    Wogaman then illustrates how moral decision making works on the personal, national, and global levels and in communities of faith. He pulls into the conversation difficult ethical issues such as divorce, sexuality, abortion, political choices, economic justice, affirmative action, homosexuality, nuclear disarmament, economic globalization, global warming, international security, environmental policies, and military power. In the process, he provides a smart and helpful guide to Christian ethical behavior.

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  • Emotions : The Controlling Factor In The Church


    Emotions are the controlling factor in our society today. Have you ever wondered where your emotions come from? Are you able to recognize when your emotions are controlling you? Do you wonder why they have such a great impact on your daily decision-making? So many of the influences affecting us have targeted our emotions. If you want to be like Jesus, this practical, encouraging and challenging biblical insight will help you to use your emotions the way Jesus Christ used His. Whether it is a poor self image, medicating one’s pain, fighting for your rights or dealing with people who justify their actions and manipulate others, God can help you discern how to live your life in control of your emotions. Either you control your emotions or your emotions will control you.

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  • Steps For Guidance


    In recent years the subject of how to find God’s guidance has become controversial. Some say it comes by dreams, visions, and ‘words of knowledge’. Others say that God does not have a specific plan for the lives of His people. He allow us to please ourselves, as long as we take decisions in a wise and moral way. By contrast with these ideas, this book presents the time honoured view that the Christians must seek God’s will in all major decisions of life. The author proves that this view is correct from many Bible passages, and outlines six biblical steps for finding God’s will. Special attention is given to key areas of decision making. How does the Lord guide in courtship and marriage? What scriptural passages guide in decisions about possessions and leisure activities? Under what circumstances may Christians seek advancement in career and wealth? Does the Lord determine which church fellowship a believer should join? When is it wrong to leave a church, and when is it right? In these and other questions, the author shows that there are clear biblical directions to cover such issues. Here is a strong challenge to authentic Christian obedience, with an abundance of pastoral advice.

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  • Way Of Discernment


    How can Christians invite God into their decision making? Liebert, who teaches spirituality at San Francisco Theological Seminary, says that discernment is about aligning human will with God’s. Unlike ordinary decision making, it requires prayer and the accountability of a faith community to help us know which way to go. Drawing on Christian thinkers through the ages, from Ignatius of Loyola and Jonathan Edwards to Frederick Buechner and Thomas Merton, Liebert teaches that discernment is both a spiritual gift and an acquired habit that can be honed through regular practice. To that end, she provides extensive exercises to help readers identify and work through discernment issues in their own lives. Readers should plan to take time with this book, because the exercises yield their richest rewards through careful and slow implementation-ideally over a period of 11 weeks. While the author cautions that absolute certainty is rarely possible, a diligent practice of discernment can lead to confirmation. Liebert’s wise spiritual counsel will aid many seekers as they determine their next step.

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  • Choices


    We face continual decisions and need to know God’s will. Choices helps readers to discover how to determine the best decision.

    Choosing a job? Considering a marriage? Facing a major decision?

    This book is packed with good advice that makes sense of the different ways God guides; the Bible, wisdom, circumstances and, inner peace just to name a few. Find out what it takes to get the right guidance and how to make decisions in the will of God.

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