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Object Lessons for Sermons

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  • Feasting On The Word Childrens Sermons For Year B


    Many pastors are confused about what to say during children’s time in churches. Feasting on the Word Children’s Sermons for Year B offers practical suggestions for preparing and delivering the children’s sermon. After explaining the importance and purpose of the children’s sermon, noted Christian educator Carol Wehrheim provides a retelling of each Sunday’s Bible story- based on the Revised Common Lectionary-for the entire church year. In addition, she provides a few stories for special Sundays, including the Jewish Celebration of Purim, the Jewish Celebration of Passover, and Thanksgiving Day. This resource provides pastors and other church leaders with fresh, engaging stories that children will understand and enjoy.

    Also available: Feasting on the Word Children’s Sermons for Year A and Feasting on the Word Children’s Sermons for Year C.

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  • Feed My Lambs


    Feed My Lambs is a collection of 103 children’s object lessons, written in script form, so that those who desire to give fun and effective sermons will be able to easily prepare the message.

    I hope to encourage people who might pick up Feed My Lambs to give children’s sermons a try. I think about how I went about it years back. I walked into a Christian bookstore, asked where the children’s sermon book section was, picked up a few books, and wondered if I were biting off more than I could chew. I want people to know they can. God will certainly bless them and all the little ones they are trying to help. Jesus said, “Feed My Lambs.”

    *Included in Feed My Lambs
    *Index of Seasonal Themes
    *Notes to the Reader
    *Index of Bible references
    *Liturgical calendar suggestions
    *Chapter-by-Chapter synopsis
    *Some of the chapter titles in this book are:
    *Having a Right Relationship with God
    *Trust in the Lord and His Perfect Plan
    *Our Sins and Jesus’ Forgiveness
    *Talking with God

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  • Richer Descriptions


    Healthy Life Press

    A unique and handy manual, covering all NINE human senses in seven chapters, for Christian speakers and writers. Exercises and a speaker’s checklist equip speakers to engage their audiences in a richer experience. Writing examples and a writer’s guide help writers bring more life to the characters and scenes of their stories. Bible references encourage a deeper appreciation of being created by God for a sensory existence.

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  • Moments Of Wonder


    A resource full of children’s messages with a “Wow!” factor

    Moments of Wonder includes 52 fun and distinctive theme-based sermons that will connect with children ages 3-8.

    Offers a year’s worth of children’s sermons that help pastors reach children effectively with a “wow factor”

    Each of the sermon lessons is theme-based and includes a selected Scripture text

    Format offers messages that are distinctive, fun, and easily presented

    Ideal for children’s church

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  • Preachers Sourcebook For Creative Sermon Illustrations


    The Ultimate Contemporary Resource for Preachers Features thousands of real-life stories, illustrations, and quotes edited by popular author and pastor Rob Morgan Cross-referenced by subject and Scripture Alphabetized for easy access The ultimate gold-mine for speakers – humorous, serious, thought-provoking, and heart-warming material The book includes space for noting when/where each illustration is used Stories for today’s sermons and today’s lives

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  • Sunflowers Sparrows And Salt


    Sunflowers, Sparrows, And Salt provides a year’s worth of simple, Bible-based lessons perfect for use in the classroom or the sanctuary, coupled with easily reproducible, ready-to-use activities that keep young people interested while helping them grasp the main concepts. There are coloring pages for younger children, plus puzzles and word games for older children — all working together to reinforce scriptural wisdom and Christian values. The lessons follow the seasons of the year, with material for both general and special occasions. This all-new collection of children’s sermons and activity pages from popular CSS author Julia Bland is sure to become an indispensable resource for pastors and Sunday school teachers.

    Lessons are included for these special days:
    * New Year’s Day
    * Valentine’s Day
    * Palm Sunday
    * Easter Sunday
    * Mother’s Day
    * Memorial Day
    * Father’s Day
    * Independence Day
    * Labor Day
    * Thanksgiving
    * Christmas

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  • Retelling The Story


    Is the typical didactic sermon still an adequate vehicle for communicating essential biblical truth? In this provocative and enlightening volume, Larry Lange contends that story sermons are a far more effective way to proclaim the Good News in a modern world that largely communicates through narrative-driven multimedia spectacle.

    The powerful stories in the Bible don’t need to be turned into morals or ideas to convey the gospel. But because they were composed in a radically different cultural context, they may require additional explanation or interpretation to make them relevant for contemporary audiences. So how can a preacher add narrative elements to these stories without diminishing their dramatic impact or changing their meaning?

    Retelling The Story outlines an innovative process for retelling biblical stories that utilizes fictional elements and contexts yet remains faithful to the scriptural text. Several creative and homiletical issues are comprehensively examined, and six sample sermons are included to illustrate various aspects of this process at work. Inject exciting new life into the old, old story with this primer for developing dramatic sermons that touch hearts and minds and souls.

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  • Lions And Cows Dining Together


    Stimulate your creativity with 112 imaginative “sermon starters” in this companion volume to Shaking Wolves Out Of Cherry Trees… Each idea consists of a clever title that’s sure to pique the interest of the people in the pews, along with a purpose statement and a brief discussion of the subject (including outline points and scripture references). Full of striking imagery, Lions And Cows Dining Together provides plenty of seeds for developing riveting, thought-provoking messages on a wide variety of critical topics. This homiletic “do-it-yourself” kit will be a treasured addition to any pastor’s library – combined with the material in its companion volume, there are over five years’ worth of pump-priming ideas for weekly sermons that apply Jesus’ teachings to contemporary living. But Lions And Cows Dining Together isn’t just for preachers – it’s also an excellent source of meditations for men’s, women’s, or youth groups as well as inspiring devotional reading.

    Here’s a sample of some of the inventive entries:

    * God Always Wins At Hide And Seek
    * Worship Is More Than Just Staying Awake
    * Can Pagan Objects Be Sanitized?
    * You Can Learn To Like Spinach, Liver, And Theology
    * Hell: But It’s A Dry Heat
    * Will Reverend Tortoise Ever Catch Doctor Hare?
    * Pearly Gates Entrance Exam
    * Pilgrim Or Tourist?

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  • Big Influence Of Small Things


    Anyone who has done children’s sermons will sooner or later hear from someone that “I learn more from the children’s sermon than I do from the real sermon.” And indeed, the truths of scripture are so simple that even a child can understand them. So it’s no accident that children’s sermons have become a central part of the worship service in many churches.

    Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter offer a year’s worth of object lessons that engage children and impart profound lessons for all ages. Two sermons are provided for each Sunday in Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary, one based on the Second Lesson and one based on the Gospel. The messages are structured in two parts: the “lesson” uses an object to draw out active responses from children, then the “application” connects that object to the assigned scripture reading. Each message includes a clear statement of its exegetical aim.

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  • Lifetime Of Blessing


    In the same successful formula as ‘World of Blessing’, Geoffrey Duncan has compiled blessings from a great variety of resources to commemorate every conceivable stage of life from planning and praying for a child to bidding loved ones farewell. aaIn between there are a wide range of thanksgiving and blessing prayers for pregnancy, the birth of a baby, adoption and fostering, christening or naming ceremonies,godparents, growing up, starting school, birthdays, confirmation or church membership,friendship, love, work, leaving home, engagement, marriage, moving house, anniversaries, the big’O’s(!)and all important occasions in life-joyful or sad. aaA unique pastoral and personal resource that will be used over and over again.

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  • He Who Laughs Last


    Have you ever been asked to… …make a speech? …write a newsletter? …emcee for a banquet? …introduce a guest speaker? …participate in doing a roast? …place quotes on a marquee? …locate filler for a church bulletin? …come up with a sermon illustration? Then this is the resource for you. It is categorized topically to make it easy to find just the right material for that special event or that audience waiting for something new. Are you tired of poring through thousands of pages, finding nothing just right for your occasion? This book has been written out of the author’s frustration in those same situations. Even if you don’t have any speeches to make, you’ll enjoy reading He Who Laughs, Lasts just because it’s fun! The author has been a public school teacher, principal, college professor, and church staff member.He draws from all of these venues for his material. This book contains real life illustrations from the church house to the school house. It includes dozens of tried and proven audience pleasers. Anson Nash has spent a career collecting material to use in speeches and presentations given to PTA groups and principal workshops. This material is also for emceeing banquets, preaching sermons, and entertaining friends. The author decided to share his files with others who might experience the same frustrations in searching for clean, appropriate material.

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  • Movie Based Illustrations For Preaching And Teaching


    A handy reference volume of movie clip illustrations that connect with today9s audiences and reinforce biblical truths Movies have become the stories of our culture. People love to discuss favorite movies and actors, and this interest can help you communicate God9s Word with power_if you have exciting, movie-based illustrations at your fingertips. Now the editors of have gathered the best movie-based illustrations, the scenes that convey biblical truth convincingly. This collection contains 101 complete illustrations straight from popular movies that your listeners can relate to. Each illustration is easy to use_you don9t even have to be familiar with the movie to share the truth it portrays. * Complete index includes multiple keywords and relevant Scripture passages for easy selection. * Each illustration provides plot summary and detailed description of the scene_you can tell the story well even if you haven9t seen the movie. * Exact beginning time and ending time are given for each illustration, if you9d like to show the video clip. * Each illustration gives background information on the movie, including year created, MPAA rating, and more. Bring home biblical truths for your congregation or class in a dramatic way by incorporating these movie illustrations into your future messages and lessons and then receive a FREE 90-day trial membership and access to over 7,600 sermon illustrations at!

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