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Quotes and Fillers

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  • Spring Time Journal


    This Spring Time Journal is full of fun quotes for anyone that enjoys journals. Every page is in color with plenty of lines for writing those memories down.

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  • Peace In His Presence


    Enjoy favorite quotes from the bestselling devotional.

    Sarah Young’s writings have touched millions of lives. This special and inspiring quote book-pulled from the #1 bestselling 365-day devotional Jesus Calling -includes some of the most treasured and encouraging quotes and selections from the original book and combines them with beautiful photos, design, and Scripture. On each page, you’ll find words of encouragement, comfort, and reassurance of God’s unending love.

    Whether as a companion piece to the original Jesus Calling devotional or as an introduction for new readers to the treasure of Jesus Calling content, this beautiful gift book is sure to inspire and encourage readers as they discover the gift of enjoying peace in the presence of Christ. As you experience these quotes, you will look forward to your time with the Lord.

    More than 12 million lives have been touched by Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling products, and this book of quotes book is a beautiful addition to this bestselling brand and the perfect gift for fans and new readers alike.

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  • Quotable Wesley


    What did John Wesley think about alcohol, music, and popularity? What are his thoughts on education, free will, and joy? From ‘absolution’ to ‘zeal,’ Quotable Wesley is a treasury of quotations taken from Wesley’s letters, sermons, tracts, and journal entries on a variety of wide-ranging topics. Here is an essential resource for teachers, Christian leaders, pastors, and laypeople fascinated by the insights of this remarkable founder of the Methodist movement. Useful for sermon preparation, teaching, and individual reflection, this book is designed to supplement the library of anyone interested in Wesley and his work.

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  • Desert Fathers And Mothers


    Wisdom from the very beginnings of
    Christian monasticism can become a companion on your own spiritual journey.

    The desert fathers and mothers were ordinary Christians living in solitude in the deserts of Egypt, Palestine and Syria who chose to renounce the world in order to deliberately and individually follow God s call. They embraced lives of celibacy, labor, fasting, prayer, and poverty, believing that denouncing material goods and practicing stoic self-discipline would lead to unity with the Divine. Their spiritual practice formed the basis of Western monasticism and greatly influenced both Western and Eastern Christianity.

    Their writings, first recorded in the fourth century, consist of spiritual advice, parables and anecdotes emphasizing the primacy of love and the purity of heart as essential to spiritual life and authentic communion with God. Focusing on key themes of charity, fortitude, lust, patience, prayer, self-control and visions, the Sayings influenced the rule of St. Benedict and have inspired centuries of opera, poetry and art.

    Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, opens up wisdom of the desert fathers and mothers for readers with no previous knowledge of Western monasticism and early Christianity. She provides insightful yet unobtrusive commentary that describes historical background, explains the practice of asceticism and clarifies the ancient desert wisdom that will speak to your life today and energize your spiritual quest.

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  • Billy Graham In Quotes


    A stunning collection of quotes from a longtime warrior for Christ.

    A note from Franklin Graham:
    “My father, Billy Graham, is known for speaking out about the one and only thing that matters in this world: the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He remembers the call of God seven decades ago to preach the Word of God to all those who would listen about salvation that comes only through Christ. He took this high calling with seriousness and boldness in obedience to God and once said, ‘I will travel anywhere in the world to preach if there are no strings on what I am to say.’

    “My father has always prayed that his words would reflect God’s standard of truth as the basis to claim, ‘I have given them Your word’ (John 17:14). In this book, I believe you will see that he has faithfully spoken God’s Word that quenches the thirst of those seeking to draw from the wellsprings of Life. It is highly meaningful to see these statements now collected in one volume.”

    Drawn from an unparelleled collection of both personal and published works, Billy Graham provides input on more than one hundred topics, such as suffering, joy, money, addictions, peace, and many more.

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  • 1001 Unforgettable Quotes About God Faith And The Bible


    Bible scholar and avid reader Ron Rhodes gathers his favorite quotes from classic and contemporary Christians about Scripture, belief, God, and life. For added spiritual insight, Rhodes provides Bible truths behind each presented quote. Topical selections can be read in order or as areas of interest arise for a reader.

    “If you can’t change circumstances, change the way you respond to them.”
    Tim Hansel (1941-2009), Seminar leader

    Bible Truth Behind the Quote: “For those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). This recognition helps us to respond positively to our circumstances.

    This rich collection will be a must-have for home and church libraries and will be a great gift for those who love gathering words of wisdom for their Christian walk.

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  • Quotes For Singles


    Success in life is about building the right relationships. Regardless of the kind, one common factor in all your relationships is you.

    Quotes for Singles is a collection of some of the nuggets used by Pastor Bimbo during counselling and ministrations. It is about making the right choices in the process of building relationships.

    Short and simple, each quote with the accompanying Scriptures will help you get the best out of your relationships.

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  • Unforgettables : Inspirational Quotes Sayings And Readings


    Unforgettables is a collection of spiritual and inspirational quotes, sayings and readings. Over the years, these memorable collections were able to encourage my heart in a time of hopelessness. They lifted my spirit and kept me on that road to Damascus. I pray that as you read, they will enlighten your heart and motivate you into another place in life with Christ. For they will never grow old! You will never get enough! And they will always be there for you, at the right time, and in the right place of life.

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  • Walk With Me On Lifes Highway 2


    These Inspiration Quotes, original in content will serve as a ship at sea in the midst of Human existence. Some will lift burdens, bringing relief to troubled minds, you my fellow traveler will realize that faith is exercised although at times not realized of its use. To suffering people: Only Christ perspective can replace the hurt with ease and rejoicing, giving new hope and faith for better days. To those seeking: Only Christ Salvation can change you from who you are to what you should be, helping you to participate more fully in the affairs of your existence as you Walk With Me On Life’s Highway.

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  • Quote Me : The Book Of All New Quotes


    The majority of this book is simply and cleverly written, with a few humorous puns. Some of the quotes were written from a slightly Christian conservative viewpoint. It is the author’s desire to entertain you and make you think and to make you appreciate good humor and well-written sayings.

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  • Thoughts Into Words


    With crispness and skill the author brings big subjects into focus in the continuing pursuit of improving one’s own life and in understanding and appreciating other people. You will find Thoughts Into Words a most unique and inspiring book. Pick it up and read one or more of the proverbs. They are stimulating, and you will think deeply, see places for personal improvement, smile, and maybe sometimes weep. They are for quiet meditation or for discussion, some to go to sleep on and some to awaken to, and all to grow on. “The proverb condenses the meaning and power of a thousand words into? one short and simple sentence, and it is the more effective because?it carries so much force in so compact a form.”

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  • Walk With Me On Lifes Highway


    This journey began in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies many years ago. Along the way anxiety, frustration, and doubts were experienced. Deliverance came that resulted in an unshakeable faith in a loving God. The contents of this book is designed to meet the needs of my fellow travelers. These quotes, original in content, will serve as having a handle to hold on to when the varied experiences of life surface. Human relationships, as complex as they are, carry with them problems which seem unsolvable. Hopefully this book will fill such a need.

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