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  • When Demons Surface


    Are demons real? Do ghosts exist? Do some unresolved medical and mental health issues have a spiritual connection?

    In When Demons Surface, former senior military chaplain Steve Dabbs answers those questions and more. Exploring more than 50 true stories of supernatural encounters from pastoral and personal experiences as well as historical research, this book is scholarly yet simple, hair-raising and enlightening.

    When Demons Surface will fascinate those curious about supernatural experiences, equip pastors with a resource for those seeking answers, and enlighten advanced Bible readers with insights from Hebrew, Greek, and ancient literature. It will enable readers of all levels to identify supernatural encounters with angels and demons, exercise biblical authority over evil spirits, and help discern whether some unresolved mental or medical health issues are the result of spiritual warfare.

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  • Out By Fire


    Is Your Life Demon-Proof?

    Are you plagued by the same sins? Have you repeatedly repented, yet still feel caught in cycles of captivity? Have you followed the programs and tried the medications but still struggle against tormenting thoughts or addiction?

    When our sin looms large, we forget who is ultimately in charge. We overcomplicate the process of deliverance, forgetting one simple yet key truth that Jesus demonstrated over and over again: it’s in the simple power of His presence that our demons have to flee.

    By following the Gospel examples of Jesus’s deliverance ministry, internationally respected pastor and revivalist Chazdon Strickland prepares you to partner with the manifest presence of God so that you can live saturated by His holy fire and glory, expel demons once and for all, and walk in lasting liberty.

    Through Holy Spirit-inspired teaching and practical application, Chazdon equips you with supernatural strategies and hands-on tools to:

    Host God’s manifest presence every day.Recognize signs when demons are present.Cast out demons the way Jesus did.Make your life a spiritual fortress no demon can enter.Bring freedom to those in demonic captivity around you.

    Don’t remain in bondage one moment longer! Saturate yourself in God’s holy fire and let His presence burn away your chains and deliver you into blazing freedom.

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  • Prophetic Reset : 40 Days To Aligning With God’s Plan For Your Life


    God is doing a new thing–be ready for it!

    Join prophetic leader and pastor Joshua Giles for a 40-day journey unlike any other–one that will reposition you under God’s powerful anointing, deepen your relationship with Him, and propel you forward. Through empowering Scriptures, biblical insights, and prophetic tips, you’ll revitalize your spiritual life, discovering how to:

    *reactivate your spiritual gifts and faith
    *release the old to seek Him anew
    *rest your mind in His counsel
    *hear His words and wisdom for your next season
    *witness His word manifest in your life
    *reset your heart and relationships
    *realign your will with God’s and return to His promises for you

    Just as God used 40 days to consecrate Moses on Sinai and Jesus in the wilderness, He will use it to consecrate you, too. Now is your appointed time for your prophetic reset.

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  • Triunfo – (Spanish)


    Manual practico para la guerra espiritual efectiva del lider profetico y autor de exitos de ventas

    Cada persona nace en una batalla espiritual, y para una batalla espiritual. Sin embargo, muchos de nosotros estamos mal equipados e incluso perdiendo batallas que deberiamos estar ganando. Con su caracteristica vision profetica, el autor de exitos de ventas y lider intercesor, James W. Goll, ofrece sabiduria, formacion e instruccion practica, presentados en capitulos cortos que puedes aplicar de inmediato, aprendidos de las trincheras de la guerra espiritual. A traves de investigacion integral, enseanza biblica y un plan de batalla para la victoria, Goll te equipa para:

    *armas espirituales personales y corporativas
    *discernir el verdadero enemigo y sus tacticas
    *mantenerte firme y luchar eficazmente
    *hacer cumplir la victoria de Cristo en la cruz

    La batalla esta en pleno apogeo y es hora de que tomes tu lugar en la primera linea. Pero no temas: naciste para esto y fuiste creado para triunfar en Cristo Jesus.

    Hands-On Manual to Effective Spiritual Warfare from Prophetic Leader and Bestselling Author

    Every person is born in a spiritual battle–and for a spiritual battle. Yet so many of us are under-equipped and even losing battles we should be winning. With his trademark prophetic insight, bestselling author and intercessory leader James W. Goll offers wisdom, hands-on training, and practical instruction presented in short chapters you can apply immediately, learned from the trenches of spiritual warfare. Through comprehensive research, biblical teaching, and a battle plan for victory, Goll equips you to:

    *arm yourself with personal and corporate spiritual weapons
    *discern the real enemy and his tactics
    *stand firm and fight effectively
    *enforce the victory of Christ on the cross

    The battle is raging, and it’s time for you to take your place on the front lines. But do not fear: You were born for this–and made to triumph in Christ Jesus.

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  • Intervention Prayers : Powerful Prayers To Rescue And Restore Your Family



    When those you love are on the wrong path, you may feel hopeless and defeated. Whether they struggle with addictions and destructive lifestyles or they’re blinded by deception, you need to know how to connect God’s power to their situation and stand in faith for their deliverance.

    In Intervention Prayers, Michelle Steele, pastor, author, and host of Faith Builders television program, unpacks detailed biblical strategies to execute in prayer for your loved ones’ freedom and restoration. Redeemed from a life of drugs and crime, Michelle knows firsthand the bondage of the enemy and the supernatural tools needed to set someone free. Michelle shares proven principles to work with the Holy Spirit, including how to:

    *Partner with God’s intervention plan
    *Understand the foundation and focus of your prayers
    *Receive power and strength through praise
    *Maintain faith until you see the answer

    Regardless of what you see playing out in the lives of your loved ones–even if reports tell you things are getting worse–you can stay strong in faith. Purpose to pray and bring God’s help on the scene for those you love!

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  • Raising Prophetic Kids


    Usher Your Children into Their Highest Calling

    Has your daughter come to you about a dream she’s had or a feeling of a future happening? Does your son see angels or blurt out messages that could only come from God?

    Having raised four spiritually gifted sons activated into prophetic ministry, prophetic mentor and teacher Debra Giles helps you identify and develop your children’s unique spiritual giftings. Packed with biblically based teaching, prophetic activations, practical exercises, and real-world tools, this hands-on guide empowers you to confidently:

    * recognize attributes and signs of prophetic gifting
    * discern your children’s unique purpose and destiny
    * guide them as they learn to operate in their gifts
    * cultivate a spiritually fertile home environment
    * prepare them for personal ministry and to release God’s truth
    * step back when their gifts have matured

    God is calling forth a new generation of Samuels and Deborahs–here’s everything you need to train them in the way they should go.

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  • Turn The Tide


    With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can change the world instead of the world changing us.

    This book will provide the information you need so you can be effectively used by the Holy Spirit to bring reformation to our society in the wake of spiritual revival. You will see how God can use you in both big and small ways to fulfill His great commission.

    How can a spiritual outpouring in the church become a cultural awakening in the society? How can we move from revival to reformation?

    In Turn the Tide, Michael L. Brown, PhD, lays out the key steps believers must take in this new season of revival–from the prayer room to the home, from the schools and universities to the worlds of finance and politics–to see lasting cultural change.

    Drawing from historical revivals and scriptural insights, Brown challenges readers to move beyond the boundaries of the church walls and engage in a transformative journey that permeates every aspect of society. He addresses topics such as how to:

    *deepen our prayer base
    *infiltrate the educational system
    *be grounded in apologetics
    *raise up godly leaders in politics
    *engage the culture wars in the power of the Spirit
    *walk in God’s love and truth without becoming the morality police

    Turn the Tide is an urgent call to believers to rise above complacency and embrace their role as catalysts for societal transformation. It is an essential guidebook for those who long to see their homes, cities, and nations transformed by the power of God.

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  • Your Mission In Gods Army


    Your Ultimate Mission Briefing

    As the enemy wages war against the Lord’s army and the world hurls toward the Second Coming of Christ, God has a unique Kingdom deployment for each of us.

    Highlighting both the urgency and divine opportunity of these difficult days, retired U.S. Army colonel David Giammona and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson initiate you into God’s army. With sharp clarity and motivating biblical instruction, this hands-on manual prepares you to

    * discern your divine destiny and mission
    * develop your hidden spiritual gifts
    * walk in supernatural power, protection and provision
    * glean wisdom from U.S. military intelligence tactics and strategies
    * employ powerful techniques and disciplines used by biblical heroes
    * find your place in the greater mission to help bring in the end-times harvest

    Rather than huddle in fear and uncertainty, you can live with boldness and security, walking by faith as a dynamic, purpose-filled, fully armored warrior of God. You are not just a bystander in these extraordinary times–you are a crucial and remarkable part of God’s divine plan.

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  • Triumph : Your Comprehensive Guide To Spiritual Warfare


    Wage War against the Powers of This Present Darkness–and Win

    Every person is born in a spiritual battle and for a spiritual battle. Yet so many of us are under-equipped and even losing battles we should be winning.

    With his trademark prophetic insight, bestselling author and intercessory leader James W. Goll offers wisdom, hands-on training, and practical instruction presented in short chapters you can apply immediately, learned from the trenches of spiritual warfare. Through comprehensive research, biblical teaching, and a battle plan for victory, Goll equips you to

    * arm yourself with personal and corporate spiritual weapons
    * discern the real enemy and his tactics
    * stand firm and fight effectively
    * enforce the victory of Christ on the cross

    The battle is raging, and it’s time for you to take your place on the front line. But do not fear: You were born for this–and made to triumph in Christ Jesus.

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  • 90 Days Of Power Prayer


    In the hectic pace of day-to-day life, prayer can easily be forgotten and neglected. But Pastor Kynan Bridges is convinced that once believers recognize the power of daily prayer, they will never hesitate to come before Goda(TM)s throne. In this 90-day devotional, he walks through the purpose, the biblical basis, and the uplifting content of ninety different prayers, including:

    *Prayer for protection
    *Prayer for deliverance
    *Prayer for forgiveness
    *Prayer for overcoming fear
    *Prayer for marriage and relationships
    *Prayer for seeing the unseen
    *Prayer for transformation
    *Prayer for overcoming stress

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  • Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Change


    Thriving in a Constantly Changing World

    Changes and disruptions come to us all–whether we are prepared for them or not. We also face sweeping societal changes in our day as pivotal arenas of life converge to transform our globe. How we deal with those inevitable changes, no matter what their source, determines whether they will ultimately be a positive or negative force in our lives.

    Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe shows how to experience confidence and move forward with your life’s vision, even in the uncertainty of our changing world. From his extensive experience and creative know-how, he reveals how to transform any change for your good, enabling you to fulfill your God-given purpose. Through this book, you can discover how to:

    *Become an active part of change–not its victim
    *Make preparations for times of change
    *Initiate a much-needed course correction in life
    *Safeguard against disappointment and frustration
    *Rely on your one constant during periods of transition
    *Become creative and innovative
    *Overcome your fears during troubling times
    *Tap into the positive power of change

    No matter what interruptions or upheavals you face, you can be proactive by pursuing your purpose. Let that purpose be your guide so you can exercise your full potential, even in unsettled times.

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  • Favor Aint Fair


    You Were Meant to Soar When Everything Around You is Shaking!

    Everyday life is a journey of peaks and valleys. Circumstances, trials, and challenges are unavoidable. But it is possible for you to rise above whatever comes against you and experience God’s abundant blessings in every season. ??

    In this dynamic new 90-day devotional, New York Times bestselling author Bishop T.D. Jakes offers timeless wisdom for soaring above your challenging seasons. When economies are failing, crises headline the news, and instability seems to be the common theme, the children of God- you-have received an advantage. An unfair advantage. It’s called favor!

    Through daily words of encouragement, Bible-based teachings, inspiring reflections, and thought-provoking journal prompts, Bishop Jakes exhorts you to:

    Walk in God’s abundant provision despite the economic situation. Discover your rights and privileges as a child of God who radiates divine favor. Live like a citizen of Heaven when it seems like all hell is breaking loose in the world. Experience peace and strength in any storm.

    Don’t let your circumstances discourage, define, or disempower you. You are a child of God, a citizen of Heaven. Learn how to position yourself to walk in the King’s favor and experience the peace, power, and provision of Heaven in every season-no matter what is shaking around you!

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