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Life Management

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  • Ultimate Middle School Survival Guide


    By the time you leave your elementary school, you know what to expect. You are the oldest, the smartest, the top dog. But the minute you enter middle school, everything changes. Your classes are getting harder. Your friendships are tested. Your body is changing. How do you know what’s expected of you now? And how do you keep from embarrassing yourself as you figure it all out?

    The Ultimate Middle School Survival Guide is your “Do this, not that” guide to nearly everything middle school can throw your way, including:

    – the first day
    – bullies
    – cell phone use
    – homework
    – gossip
    – leadership
    – respect
    – sports
    – and more

    With real-life hacks, humorous illustrations, and tons of true survival stories, Jonathan and Erica Catherman will get you through middle school like a pro.

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  • Unstuffed : Decluttering Your Home Mind And Soul


    Have you ever wished you could get rid of all the STUFF weighing you down, once and for all? Do you long to find balance and order? Are you unsure of where to even start? Ruth Soukup, New York Times bestselling author and popular blogger, knows all too well how overwhelming it can feel to have a life filled with too many things. Through personal stories and practical action plans, she will inspire and empower you to finally declutter not only your home, but your mind and soul as well. Unstuffed is real, honest, and speaks to the heart of the matter-how can we take back our lives from the stuff that is weighing us down? In this book readers will journey with Ruth to: Discover that more storage space is not the solution, and instead learn how to set strict limits for the stuff we bring in Overcome the frustration of dealing with our kids’ influx of stuff and implement practical solutions for keeping the chaos at bay Recognize the pitfalls of an overstuffed schedule and learn to combat the culture of busy that keeps us running from one thing to the next Finally conquer that mountain of paperwork that threatens to tumble down around us at any moment Find balance by letting go of unhealthy habits that can add to our spiritual clutter

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  • Made To Flourish


    Every organization is made to flourish. But when problems arise, quick fixes and poor leadership training can drag it down. The key to a thriving team is to look below the surface at the hidden dynamics that can cause it to lose focus, turn inward or even cease to exist. Budget problems, personality conflicts, mission drift, government regulations?all these and more can tempt us to respond rapidly and superficially. Shelley Trebesch offers leaders the tools needed to develop practical solutions that actually work. She provides a model for getting a firm hold on the complexities inherent in any team. Diagrams help readers visualize key dynamics while vivid case studies illustrate how to put the book into practice. Here is the book that gives churches, NGOs, mission agencies, parachurch groups, other nonprofits, businesses and teams within these groups what they need. Trebesch charts the path to the life-giving, holistic, fruitful abundance that God intended for organizations and everyone in them.

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  • 10 Ways To Save Money On A Funeral Plan


    Two and a half million Americans will die this year, and every year. Unfortunately, many of them will leave behind unfinished business, unpaid bills, unfilled hopes and dreams, unresolved conflicts, and unspoken words.

    It is also a sad fact that many will leave behind unplanned and unpaid funeral arrangements. What an unpleasant and untimely surprise is in store for the loved ones who now must step up and take care of these matters!

    If you are considering reading this book, then obviously you are still alive, and it’s not too late to spare your family of that “surprise”.

    Perhaps you have been putting this off because you think it is too expensive, or because you just don’t know how to go about these things. Maybe you have been waiting for the right kind of resource to help you get started. Well, your wait is over.

    10 Ways to Save Money on a Funeral Plan is just what you need to get going. This book will not only walk you through the decisions that must be made, but will also show you practical, common-sense ways to save money, even lots of money, in the process.

    With the help of this book you truly can get the remembrance you want at a price you can live with.

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  • Coupon Equals Cash


    Ever wanted to walk out of the grocery store with a basket full of FREE groceries? Think it’s impossible for the cashier to give you money before you ever take a dollar out of your pocket? IT IS POSSIBLE!!! IT IS HAPPENING!!! You are holding the passport to the wonderful world of EXTREME Couponing! This crash-course is presented by coupon expert, Katina Robinson. Katina, an extreme couponer for over three years, has been featured on KARK4, KATV7 Daybreak, “Talk of the Town” on KJBN radio, and is featured monthly on Fox 16 News. Her well-acclaimed classes have spanned the state of Arkansas, and now you have the opportunity to participate in one in the privacy of your own home! Be prepared to plan for your extra savings!

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  • Yes I Can


    This book “YES I CAN” is designed to help the high school students in their academic, career and social life so they can become scholars and achievers in future . It shows how students can become personal in their studies by having their own timetable, strategies on how to learn, effective means of using their time, planning their future career and destiny and other social issues relevant to their well being.

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  • Seasons Of Life


    We all go through many seasons in our lives. There are often times we feel like we are under a microscope, living in darkness, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Yet at other time, we may feel all alone. Have you ever felt engulfed by sorrow and despair? What about the time when you feel like laughing but you have to sigh? The time when you feel like crying but you have to grin? It’s only a season, just like spring, summer, fall and winter. Gaining knowledge about the various seasons of life will help you through your walk in life. There will be some who make it on this journey, while others may lose their way as in being in a maze, and others be left on the way side. It is my sincere desire that we all make it through the various seasons of life. It’s a matter of knowing how….and you too can make it through!

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  • Personal Internet Address And Password Organizer


    Are you tired of losing track of the countless login/usernames and passwords that you have to create every time you visit a new website? Keep favorite website addresses, usernames, and passwords in one easy, convenient place!

    Tabbed alphabetical pages
    Lays flat
    Elastic band closure

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  • Busy Christians Guide To Busyness


    Do you say ‘yes’ to requests when really you mean to say ‘no’- Do you feel permanently trapped by your 24/7 lifestyle- While offering practical help to busy Christians, Tim Chester also opts for root-and-branch treatment: you need to deal radically with the things that are driving you.If you’re busy because of the following:’I need to prove myself’* ‘Otherwise things get out of control’* ‘I like the pressure/money’think again! At the root of our ‘slavery’ are serious misunderstandings, often reinforced by our culture. If we want to be free, then we need to counteract them with God’s word. It’s important to manage our time, but it’s more important to manage our hearts.God has promised his rest to all who are weary and burdened (Matthew 11:28). It’s up to us to accept it

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  • Wired That Way (Reprinted)


    Do you want to better understand yourself, maximize your strengths, and improve your relationships? Understanding how we are wired can enrich our lives and our relationships, helping to overcome differences that can seem irreconcilable. Instead of terminating jobs, friendships, or marriage on grounds of incompatibility, it is possible to turn these relationships from dying to growing. For more than 25 years, Marita Littauer, with her mother, Florence Littauer, has helped thousands of men and women with their personal and professional relationships. In Wired That Way, Marita brings together in one book a comprehensive overview of the personality types that speaks to anyone who wants to understand and to be understood.

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  • Queen Of The Castle


    Broken into 52 weeks of encouragement, Queen of the Castle talks more about caring than china, fun than function, and participating than perfecting. Walker, who freely admits she is not Homemaker of the Year, is more like a neighbor sharing tips over coffee than a domestic diva. Wisdom combined with fun, Queen of the Castle encourages women and reminds them that hugs matter, prayer helps, and home counts.

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  • Secrets To Getting More Done In Less Time


    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    Deadlines. Clutter. Unending responsibilities. These things and many others can overwhelm the daily experience of joyful living for most women. Now home and life management expert Donna Otto reveals how secrets of the trade will help readers get more done and have time left over.

    With Donna’s proven methods and practices, the least organized or most overworked woman will discover easy ways to-
    *master time and maximize it
    *use personalized planners effectively
    *involve the family so everybody benefits

    Handy forms, clever advice, relatable examples from Donna’s life, and contagious enthusiasm make this a productive and inspirational read. Home owners, brides, stay-at-home moms, and women in the workforce will appreciate these easy steps to a better life.

    Formerly titled Get More Done in Less Time

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