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  • Dominion : Your Role In Bringing Heaven To Earth


    Every sphere of society is crying out for Kingdom transformation!

    Sadly, poor teaching and great misunderstanding have led many Christians to reject any notion of so-called “dominion theology” This has left the dominion mandate that Jesus imparted to all believers woefully unfulfilled.

    Dr. C. Peter Wagner understood that the reformation of society was never intended to come through man’s ideas and agendas; it could only be achieved through bold, empowered believers, intentional about reforming their culture through Kingdom principles and vision.

    The strategic keys and revelation Dr. Wagner presents in Dominion! are perhaps more relevant today than when he first penned them. A collection of the original book release and its revised edition, this new edition of Dominion! features Dr. Wagner’s helpful perspective on theocracy and the tragic misunderstanding of dominion theology.
    Discover vital keys to exercising authority over the powers of darkness and advancing the Kingdom of God through teachings on:

    *Entering the Second Apostolic age and the move of God that is presently upon us

    *Becoming the Church in the Workplace… by releasing Heaven’s influence and solutions into the marketplace

    *Embracing the practice of spiritual warfare… by encouraging believers to exercise Jesus’ authority over darkness

    *Anticipating the prophesied great transfer of wealth… and its role in shaping culture

    We stand in a pivotal hour of history where there is both tremendous need and opportunity for the Church to bring powerful reformation to all spheres of society. This is the hour to step into your authority and release God’s glory into every segment of your society. This is the hour for transformation!

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  • 6 Secrets To Living A Fruitful Life


    How to Live Well and Finish Strong: Wisdom from a Modern Father in the Faith

    ” Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” – Prov. 4:7

    In his final manuscript before graduating to Heaven, world-renowned apostolic leader and spiritual father, C. Peter Wagner offers an intimate impartation of profound insight gained from decades of practice and personal experience.

    This book, completed by his wife, Doris, after his passing, is a gem of wisdom, leadership, and spiritual discernment for generations to come.

    Dr. Wagner offers welcome guidance on:
    *The priority of God’s Presence
    *Keeping the right perspective
    *Guarding your tongue
    *Understanding your gifts, calling, and destiny
    *Achieving true success
    *…and more!

    Learn to live well and finish strong! These practical, biblical strategies, articulated in gentleness and grace, will lead you into greater fullness of your destiny!

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  • Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire Updated And Expanded


    Bestselling Spiritual Gifts Inventory Updated and Expanded for New Generation

    God has a purpose and plan for each of us–and he has given us the gifts and tools we need to fulfill them. But how do we know what those gifts are?

    Since 1978, C. Peter Wagner’s bestselling spiritual gifts questionnaire has been helping people discover just that. Based on the renowned research of Dr. Richard Houts, this updated and expanded inventory will help you identify and understand your unique, God-given gifts. Reliable and comprehensive, yet incredibly easy to use, this assessment includes 28 biblical gifts and includes Scripture references and descriptions of each gift. When you know and understand the gifts God has for you, you will discover a renewed sense of purpose and excitement as you partner with him in his plans.

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  • Gran Transferencia De Riqueza – (Spanish)


    !Usted puede ser una parte de la gran liberacion de riqueza de Dios!

    Tus puertas estaran de continuo abiertas; no se cerraran de dia ni de noche, para que a ti sean traidas las riquezas de las naciones.
    -Isaias 60:11

    La Biblia proclama que pronto llegara un dia en que Dios liberara un gran traspaso de la riqueza del mundo a las manos de su pueblo. Por que cambiaria Dios la riqueza del mundo de tal manera? Esta impulsada por la avaricia o por el maligno espiritu de mamon? O podria haber un proposito mas elevado?

    El admirado autor C. Peter Wagner profundiza en esta sorprendente profecia, mostrando como Dios producira una transformacion financiera milagrosa y mundial a fin de que se cumpla la Gran Comision y su reino sea establecido en la tierra. !Y esta generacion sera testigo de estas cosas! Con gran sabiduria y claridad, Wagner describe…
    *Los adecuados usos de esta riqueza
    *El mecanismo de su distribucion
    *Las metas que esta gran riqueza ha de lograr
    *Como la iglesia nuevamente financiada usara sus “siete montes de influencia” para cambiar el mundo

    Dios esta preparado para sacudir los fundamentos financieros del mundo hasta la medula. Todos los cristianos creyentes en la Biblia necesitan dar pasos para estar listos, porque ellos seran quienes Dios use para recibir esta bendicion, influenciar al mundo y ayudar a cumplir la Gran Comision de Jesus.

    You Can Be a Part of God’s Great Release of Wealth!

    “Your gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day or night, that men may bring to you the wealth of the Gentiles.”
    -Isaiah 60:11

    The Bible proclaims a coming day when God will release a great transfer of the world’s wealth into the hands of His people. Why would God divert the world’s wealth in such a manner? Is it driven by greed or the evil spirit of mammon? Or might there be a higher purpose?

    Revered author and pastor C. Peter Wagner delves deeply into this amazing prophecy, showing how God will bring about a miraculous, worldwide financial transformation so that the Great Commission will be fulfilled and His kingdom will be established on earth. And these things will be witnessed by this generation! With great wisdom and clarity, Wagner describes…
    *The proper uses of this wealth
    *The mechanism of its distribution
    *The goals it is intended to achieve
    *How the newly financed church will use its “seven mountains of influence” to change the world

    God is poised to shake the world’s financial foundations to

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