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  • Neighboring Faiths Third Edition


    World religions are not merely abstract sets of doctrinal beliefs. They are embodied worldviews and practices lived out by real people around us. Encounters with these neighboring faiths often challenge our own beliefs and traditions, making us think more deeply about our faith commitments.

    For all who want to understand the religious faiths of their neighbors, Winfried Corduan offers an introduction to the religions of the world. This classic text covers major as well as lesser known religions, including Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, African traditional religions, Native American religion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Baha’i, Chinese popular religion, and Shinto and Japanese religions.

    Neighboring Faiths emphasizes not just formal religious teachings but also how each religion is practiced in daily life. Dozens of photographs, charts, and maps help illustrate how the faiths have developed and how they’re lived out today. Corduan offers specific insights into what to expect from encounters with adherents of each religion and suggestions for how Christians can engage them in constructive dialogue. Each chapter offers lists of key points, ideas for term papers, and recommended resources to help students, instructors, and small groups go deeper.

    This third edition has been updated and revised throughout. The chapter on militant Islam is significantly revised to address more recent events and issues, and questions for reflection and discussion have been added to each chapter.

    Neighboring Faiths is an indispensable guide for Christians seeking an informed, empathetic perspective on different religions and the people who practice them.

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  • Religions On Trial


    People today encounter a dizzying array of religious options.

    We might consider mystical faiths like Buddhism and Hinduism, historical religions like Islam and Mormonism, or more nebulous modern expressions of being spiritual but not religious or religious but not spiritual. How do we know what is true? Is one faith just as good as another?

    Trial lawyer Mark Lanier presents the claims made by the world’s great religions, discusses their histories, and cross-examines their witnesses (their scriptures and traditions) to determine whether their claims are worthy of belief. With his keen legal mind and methodical style, he provides a careful comparative study, highlighting key truths he finds in each religion even as he offers critiques. Treating each perspective on its own terms and weighing the worldviews for consistency and livability, Lanier assesses evidence for and against belief systems with criteria for what constitutes sufficient proof.

    Believers and unbelievers alike will find here perceptive insights into how we can make sense of competing religious claims and what difference it makes for our own lives.

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  • World Religions : A Guide To The Essentials – Third Edition


    This masterful survey of world religions presents a clear and concise portrait of the history, beliefs, and practices of Eastern and Western religions. The authors, both respected scholars of world religions, have over 50 years of combined teaching experience. Their book is accessibly written for introductory classes, can be easily adapted for one- or two-semester courses, and employs a neutral approach for broad classroom use.

    The third edition has been revised throughout; contains updated entries on the history and contemporary configurations of each tradition, addressing such issues as gender and sexuality; and adds a concluding chapter on newer, or minor, religious traditions and major subgroups. The book includes effective sidebars, pronunciation guides, photographs, timelines, charts, calendars, and glossaries.

    Online resources through Baker Academic’s Textbook eSources include Powerpoint/Keynote slides, new maps and videos, and a large question bank of multiple-choice test questions (available to professors upon request).

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  • Human Rights In Islam The Uprisings In North Africa


    A National Library Of South Africa Title

    The uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya resulted from decades of oppressive, subservient and destructive iron fist rule. From colonialism to homogeneous rulers, the majority of Muslim population countries witnessed no relief of suffering under these rulers.The Muslim dictators grossly defamed the comprehensive model Islam offers for all aspects of life until the dissenting voice braved the military rule and confronted the dictators’ status quo.The book chronicles the history and events that finally led to the departure of Ben Ali, Mubarak, and Qaddafi. The book also offers a discussion on the discourse on the various factors that contributed to the final moments of the dictator’s departure.Islamic Human Rights documents, with the Qur’an as the point of departure not only look to the individual but also provide guidelines and caution to rulers. It is a religion that provides guidelines to a complete way of life, incorporating all social stratification of a population. Reform strategies lie in Islamic academia and intelligentsia. Continuous research will enable Muslim populations to integrate and challenge modernity in an all- embracing productive and effective partnership agreement.Human Rights in Islam – the Uprisings in North Africa, provides a relevant reference to both students and the general public interested in the protection of human dignity and the violations of Human Rights in Islam.

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  • From Cairo To Christ


    16 Chapters

    Additional Info
    If I were to become a Christian, it would mean not only changing my religion but changing my whole identity, and bringing shame upon my family. My whole family is Muslim, and my society and culture were Muslim. . . . Changing from Islam to Christianity would mess up my life forever. So writes Abu Atallah, who grew up in Cairo as an ordinary Egyptian Muslim. He was deeply embedded in his family, religion, and country. For a time he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood. But as he came of age, he began to encounter people who followed a different way, who called themselves Christians. And a radically new life became possible-at great cost and risk, yet with great joy. From Cairo to Christ is the remarkable story of how one Muslim man was drawn to the Christian faith, and how he later became an ambassador for Christ with a ministry in the Muslim world. Atallah has personally helped hundreds of Muslims come to Christ. This narrative sheds light on Islamic cultural dynamics and what Westerners should know about Muslim contexts. Despite the challenges facing believers from Muslim backgrounds, God is bringing surprising numbers of Muslims to Christ. Discover how the good news of Jesus transforms lives in Muslim communities around the world.

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  • Engaging With Jewish People


    Understanding Jewish People
    1. Who Are These People?
    2. What They Believe
    3. Why They Believe
    4. What They Think Of Christians
    5. What You Must Never Forget
    Engaging With Jewish People
    6. Establishing Friendship And Trust
    7. Bringing Up Uncomfortable Topics
    8. Pointing To The Scriptures
    9. Answering Objections
    10. Connecting With The Body Of The Messiah

    Additional Info
    Many Christians are fearful of engaging in conversations about their faith with Jewish people-knowing that there are complex issues and suspicions that lie deep beneath the surface. And yet there are many points of contact, and much common ground.

    This short book is designed to help both Christians and whole churches understand more about the variety of Jewish people we might work with, meet or know, and to reach out to them with the good news of the gospel. Written at a level that everyone can understand, this book emphasizes the importance of forming loving, honest and open relationships as part of the way we engage with our Jewish friends.

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  • Seeking The Unseen


    Buddhism claims no god, yet spiritual realities abound in popular practice. What are these realities? What do they mean to the practitioners? How can understanding these realities inform Christ-followers seeking to communicate the good news of Jesus in ways that all can understand and relate to? In answer to these and other questions, SEANET proudly presents its twelfth volume,

    Seeking the Unseen: Spiritual Realities in the Buddhist World. Christian practitioners
    from thirteen different Buddhist cultures share insights gained from their wideranging
    experiences and perspectives. From Sri Lanka to Japan, from China to the Philippines, these women and men, Asian and Western, present on a topic that is often missing in mission literature today.

    And for readers seeking personal insight into the growing spiritual complexities of their own place in the postmodern world, lessons from these authors will guide you with practical principles from engaging, firsthand cultural encounters.

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  • Islam And Terrorism Revised And Updated Edition (Revised)


    Gabriel says that terrorists are practicing Islam just as Muhammad intended. As a child, Gabriel grew up in a Muslim family in Egypt and was heavily indoctrinated. By the age of twelve he had memorized the entire Qur’an. He went on to become a top student at the most prestigious Islamic university in the world, Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt. As a student and professor of Islamic history, he rubbed shoulders with those who are at the forefront of propagating the tenets of Islamic terrorism. He actually took classes with Sheik Umar Abd al-Rahman, who was convicted of masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bomb attack and is now in prison. In this eye-opening book Gabriel explains:
    *How Islam was influenced by the warlike Arabian culture of the 7th century
    *Atrocities committed by Muhammad in the name of Allah
    *The story of the Egyptian student who came to study education in America and went on to write the first handbook of terrorism in the twentieth century
    *The prominence of jihad (war against infidels) in Islamic theology
    *How Egyptian fundamentalists murdered and robbed Christians to raise funds for terrorism
    *The difference between a moderate Muslim and a fundamentalist Muslim

    For the readers of this book, the motive behind Islamic world activity will no longer be a mystery. Each action is rooted in the philosophy of Islam. Now both the Christian and the political world must decide how to react to Muhammad’s revelation.

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  • Freemasonry Invisible Cult


    Jack Harris, a former “Worshipful Master” of a Masonic lodge, authoritatively speaks about one of the most deceptive cults in the United States today. Freemasonry is a false religion, teaching that men can approach God not through the finished work of Jesus Christ but through their own abilities. This secret organization has entangled ministers, elders, deacons, trustees, Sunday school teachers, and people all over the world in a web of lies and satanic rituals–all of which are veiled with the language of the Bible! Discover how you can share the light of Christ with those living in the darkness of Freemasonry and how they can be set free from its deception.

    But after reading and studying various Masonic authors, he realized that Freemasonry considers Jesus Christ to be no greater than Moses, Elijah, Mohammed, or Buddha. Needless to say, his faith and trust in the teachings of Masonry were shaken.

    He began to converse with pastors, read the Bible, pray, and debate with other Masons about who Jesus Christ is and where absolute truth is to be found. This went on for two years, until one night he decided to watch a Billy Graham crusade on TV.

    As he listened to Reverend Graham preach, he finally saw himself as God saw him, a sinner without hope and on his way to hell. That night he got on his knees and asked Jesus Christ to forgive him for his sins, come into his life, save him, and be the Lord of his life. At that moment, he accepted the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ, and rejected the god of Freemasonry. He was set free by the One who is the Truth, Jesus Christ. The shackles of Masonic lies were broken.

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  • Chosen : Reading The Bible Amid The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


    “The conflict is only ‘seemingly’ beyond solution, because all historical-political problems have solutions, if there is enough courage, honesty, and steadfastness.”

    In Chosen?, Walter Brueggemann explores the situation in modern-day Israel that raises questions for many Christians who are easily confused when reading biblical accounts of God’s saving actions with the Israelites. Are modern Israeli citizens the descendants of the Israelites in the Bible whom God called chosen? Was the promise of land to Moses permanent and irrevocable? What about others living in the promised land? How should we read the Bible in light of the modern situation? Who are the Zionists, and what do they say?

    In four chapters, Brueggemann addresses the main questions people have with regards to what the Bible has to say about this ongoing issue. A question-and-answer section with Walter Brueggemann, a glossary of terms, study guide, and guidelines for respectful dialogue are also included. The reader will get answers to their key questions about how to understand God’s promises to the biblical people often called Israel and the conflict between Israel and Palestine today.

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  • Engaging With Muslims


    1. Who Are These Muslims We Meet Every Day?
    2. Prayer
    3. Presence
    4. Proclamation
    5. Persuasion
    6. Love Your Muslim Neighbor

    Additional Info
    Many Christians in the west are fearful of engaging in conversations about their faith with Muslims-believing that they will be hostile to Christian beliefs and discussions about the Bible.

    This short book is designed to help both Christians and whole churches understand more about the variety of Muslims there are living in the West, and to reach out to them with the good news of the gospel. Written at a level that everyone can understand, this book emphasizes the the importance of forming loving relationships-something that all Christians are able to do.

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  • Cross And The Cow Belt Of India


    The “Cow Belt” of India, so called because the majority of the people living in this region consider the cow to be sacred, stretches across the central plains of India. This land, the birthplace of Hinduism, is one rich in history but long ruled by superstition, false idols, the caste system, and the pursuit of nirvana. Through the arrivals of St. Thomas at the coast of Kerala in A.D. 52, Vasco da Gama on the west coast of India in 1498, and William Carey, the father of the modern missionary movement, in Bengal in 1793, God opened the door for Christianity to enter into the country, but yet even today, many in India’s heartland still worship a myriad of other gods and goddesses. Given Christianity’s past inroads, why has it not been able to successfully penetrate this region? And now that the Indian government has closed the country to foreign missionaries, how can native Christians fulfill Christ’s commission to preach the gospel to all people-including those in the Cow Belt? In “The Cross and the Cow Belt of India,” author Paul Pathickal, who lived in the region for fifteen years, seeks to answer these questions by surveying India’s unique history, religious system, and cultural distinctions-factors that make the Cow Belt one of the most challenging but ripe mission fields in the world today. In particular, he explores:
    * The origins of orthodox Hinduism
    * The Hindu scriptures
    * The many gods in Hindu worship
    * The doctrine of karma and rebirth
    * The caste system and politics in India

    The people of the Cow Belt can be reached for Christ, and in this book you will discover proven and practical strategies for how this can be accomplished. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in Indian missions!

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