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  • 10 Essentials For New Christians


    You Said Yes to Jesus…Now What?

    Committing your life to Jesus Christ is a thrilling experience filled with hope, purpose, and possibilities. But for many new Christians, saying yes to Jesus is quickly followed by the most important question of all: What do I do now ?

    Ten Essentials for New Christians provides you, as a new believer, with clear and enriching next steps in your journey with Jesus. As authors Stan Jantz and Bruce Bickel share what the Bible says about God’s love for you, they help you understand the life God wants you to live, both before him and with others. Far from being a dry instruction manual or rigid formula, Ten Essentials for New Christians is a casual and engaging conversation about God’s profound love and its bearing on your life.

    Whether you are brand new to the faith or you desire to make a more earnest commitment to living in Christlikeness, you will find encouragement and direction in this straightforward guide. Like a new tree freshly planted, your faith will grow stronger as your roots sink deep into the soil of God’s abundant love.

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  • Im A Christian Now What


    Where to begin when you’ve begun with Christ

    If you are a new Christian, you are on a new path. But where are you going and how do you get there? As an adult convert, Aaron Armstrong had to face these questions himself. In I’m a Christian–Now What? A Guide to Your New Life With Christ, Aaron helps you take those important first steps, including:

    *How to read the Bible and pray
    *How to think about your favorite TV show
    *How to find the right church
    *How to disagree with other Christians
    *How to rethink sex and marriage

    You probably have a lot of questions. You might not even know which questions to ask. This practical and friendly book helps make sense of your new life with Jesus. It ends with suggestions for how you can take the next step by helping other new Christians.

    I’m a Christian–Now What? is a perfect handbook for new believers and those who want to disciple them.

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  • How To Succeed In The Christian Life


    Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not upon thine own understanding: In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. – Proverbs 3:5-6

    “I have for years felt the need of a book to put in the hands of those beginning the Christian life that would tell them just how to make a complete success of this new life upon which they were entering. I could find no such book, so I have been driven to write one. This book aims to tell the young convert just what he most needs to know. I hope that pastors and evangelists and other Christian workers may find it a good book to put in the hands of young converts. I hope that it may also prove a helpful book to many who have long been Christians but have not made that headway in the Christian life that they long for.”
    – Reuben A. Torrey

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  • Risen : The First 40 Days Of Your Christian Life


    When you were baptized you identified yourself with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. You “died” to the practice of sin when you repented, made up your mind to live for God and were “raised up to walk in newness of life.” Risen! You are a new creature embarking on a new journey. The activities for the next forty days are to get you started on that wonderful journey.

    Most of the sections of this book are brief considerations of much larger subjects. People have written entire books on prayer, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, hope, temptation, judgment, and so on. The daily readings in this book, however, will serve as valuable introductions for new Christians to the larger subjects.

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  • Being A Christian


    I. The Privileges Of The Child Of God
    II. The Responsibilities Of The Child Of God
    Further Reading

    Additional Info
    Written by John R. W. Stott, a Christian leader known worldwide for addressing the hearts and minds of contemporary men and women, this booklet discusses the privileges of being a child of God and helps Christians grow to maturity in their responsibilities to God, the church and the world.

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  • Gods Promises For New Believers NKJV


    A new book for new believers-destined to become a classic!

    A new life in Christ is something to be celebrated. Brand-new believers are overflowing with excitement and anticipation about their new journey of faith. They deserve a meaningful guidebook that will help them know where to turn for the wonderful things God has promised for them throughout scripture. Divided topically and filled with Scripture promises and teachings for new Christians, this book is a wonderful gift for anyone who has recently become a new believer.

    For more than thirty years, the God’s Promises series-which has sold more than 15 million copies-has been guiding and comforting people through topically arranged scriptures addressing many facets of life.

    This promise book features short, topically based chapters teaching readers about the basics of their newfound faith. Interwoven within each chapter are scripture verses that address questions and topics that specifically answer the needs of new believers. This book will bring biblical answers to many questions new believers face, offering encouragement, hope, and a taste of the abundant promises of God for those who believe in Him.

    Sample topics include:
    *New believers in the faith
    *What is salvation?
    *What to do when you need wisdom
    *How to overcome temptation

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  • But God : The Forty Things That Happen To You The Instant You Became A Chri


    Positional Truth Series Chapter 1
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 2
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 3
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 4
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 5
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 6

    Additional Info
    Do you desire victory in your walk with God? Do you want to see God’s kingdom move forward? Well Believer you do not lack an experience nor do you need to get something more from God. The moment you became a Christian forty wonderful positional truths instantly became yours. You already have everything you need. As presented in Eph. 1:3 “We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ.” And in Col. 2:10 “In Him you have been made complete.” So the secret to growth, the secret to victory and the secret to seeing the gospel and the kingdom of God move forward is learning how to apply what is already true of you. We need to learn how to draw on the position that is already ours in Christ. We need to step out in faith presenting ourselves to the reality of the forty things that happen to a believer the instant they become a Christian. In “But God…” you will learn what those forty positional truths are and how they can by faith become real in your life.

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  • Beyond Baptism : The First Steps Toward Heaven


    Beyond Baptism walks new Christians through the first few weeks of their young spiritual lives, integrating them into the congregation, strengthening their faith, and helping them to become active as Christians. Designed for Bible classes, personal work, or individual study, Beyond Baptism offers gentle guidance, challenging questions, and practical assignments to make baptism a prelude to faithful Christian living.

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  • How To Be Born Again


    In his trademark style, Billy Graham presents the timeless message of salvation. In this modern day classic for the new Christian and for believers seeking to lead others to Christ, this is a foundational guide from the world’s greatest evangelist.

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  • Whats New About You


    Olive Press Messianic (

    Not every new believer has a friend or mentor strong in the Lord who can walk alongside them in their new life. New believers have just made the most important decision in their life–to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior–but perhaps they know little or nothing about the Christian faith, and Christians might be using words they don’t understand to tell them what is happening in their life. This booklet is like a mentor who explains it all using pertinent Scriptures and defining all Christian terms clearly. Then it gives suggestions of what to do next. It is a great booklet to have on hand to give out to new believers.

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  • New Christians Handbook


    A guide to the whats, whys, and hows of the Christian faith for new believers. Well-respected pastor Max Anders helps ground new Christians in the faith. Thirty-six, easy to follow chapters deepen your understanding of biblical doctrines, while helping you apply them to everyday life. Learn what God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have done for the world and for you. Gain a better understanding of the spiritual world, salvation, and the Bible.

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  • I Have What The Bible Says I Have


    Following on the heels of “I Am What the Bible Says I Am”, this new book from Jake and Keith Provance is written to help new believers, and those who have been God’s kids for a while, see the gifts and promises in God’s Word and seeks to empower them to live the life God destined them to live.

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