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Cults and The Occult

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  • Kingdom Of The Cults Handbook


    This quick reference guide on cults and religions is perfect for teachers, pastors, and students. Covering everything from established religions like Islam and Buddhism to shifting trends in Mormonism, Scientology, and Wicca, this book will answer your questions and help you understand the key differences between true Christianity and other belief systems.

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  • Getting Through To Jehovahs Witnesses


    Grace And Joy Publishing Title

    Do you want to share the gospel with Jehovah’s Witnesses but don’t know what to say? Have you tried to talk with them only to end up frustrated and going around in circles? The key to effective communication with Jehovah’s Witnesses is getting them out of their prepared presentations by approaching Bible discussion in ways they won’t expect. In this way, you can get them off autopilot and help them focus on what the Bible is really saying.

    This book will help you witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses by:
    *Relating the author’s personal experiences in a Watchtower “home Bible study”
    *Giving specific witnessing principles you need to follow to communicate effectively with Witnesses
    *Telling you what you need to know about the differences between the Watchtower religion and biblical Christianity
    *Sharing approaches which explain how to get through to Jehovah’s Witnesses by presenting specific Bible truths in unexpected ways

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  • Witchcraft In The Pews (Expanded)


    Deception, witchcraft, and occult practices reign worldwide and these evils have even infiltrated the Christian church! So, fasten your seatbelt as you read the most provocative book of our time, in which you will learn to recognize:
    *Ministers who use intimidation and fear
    *Controlling power in families
    *Spiritual discernment and its many uses
    *Manipulative media techniques
    *Distractions coming from Satan

    It’s time to take a stand and engage in spiritual warfare. Bishop Bloomer shows how to prevent others from unfairly taking advantage of you.

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  • Freemasonry Invisible Cult


    Jack Harris, a former “Worshipful Master” of a Masonic lodge, authoritatively speaks about one of the most deceptive cults in the United States today. Freemasonry is a false religion, teaching that men can approach God not through the finished work of Jesus Christ but through their own abilities. This secret organization has entangled ministers, elders, deacons, trustees, Sunday school teachers, and people all over the world in a web of lies and satanic rituals–all of which are veiled with the language of the Bible! Discover how you can share the light of Christ with those living in the darkness of Freemasonry and how they can be set free from its deception.

    But after reading and studying various Masonic authors, he realized that Freemasonry considers Jesus Christ to be no greater than Moses, Elijah, Mohammed, or Buddha. Needless to say, his faith and trust in the teachings of Masonry were shaken.

    He began to converse with pastors, read the Bible, pray, and debate with other Masons about who Jesus Christ is and where absolute truth is to be found. This went on for two years, until one night he decided to watch a Billy Graham crusade on TV.

    As he listened to Reverend Graham preach, he finally saw himself as God saw him, a sinner without hope and on his way to hell. That night he got on his knees and asked Jesus Christ to forgive him for his sins, come into his life, save him, and be the Lord of his life. At that moment, he accepted the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ, and rejected the god of Freemasonry. He was set free by the One who is the Truth, Jesus Christ. The shackles of Masonic lies were broken.

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  • Challenge Of The Cults And New Religions


    Cults and New Religions Aren’t Hard to Find They’re in your neighborhood . . . your workplace . . . your school . . . maybe even your family. Cults are flourishing across America. Chances are, you’ve encountered one, perhaps even know someone who is involved in a cult. Can you discuss knowledgably the critical differences between Christianity and the teachings of Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, the New Age movement, Hindu-based cults, and other prominent groups and religious movements? In this essential resource, preeminent cult authority Ron Rhodes explains what cults are, why they are cause for concern, and why in the 21st century, as never before, their numbers and memberships are exploding nationally and worldwide. Drawing on his extensive experience as a cult researcher, Rhodes offers to-the-point, cutting-edge information on twelve major cults and new religions: Mormonism Jehovah’s Witnesses Mind Sciences New Age Movement Church of Scientology Hindu-based Cults Unification Church Baha’i Faith Unitarian Universalism Oneness Pentecostalism Masonic Lodge Satanism Learning the distinctives of these groups will equip you to deal with any of the thousands of other less significant cults you may encounter. The Challenge of the Cults and New Religion includes Color photos Scripture Index Subject Index Glossary Bibliography And your resources don’t end at the last page. You can supplement your knowledge whenever you choose by visiting the author’s Web site at for free, thorough, up-to-the-minute information on each cult discussed in the book. If you’re concerned for the temporal and eternal welfare of others, The Challenge of the Cults is a must. It will help you confront the deception of false Christs and lying doctrines with the clear, well-grounded truth of biblical Christianity.

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  • Mormon Crisis : Anatomy Of A Failing Religion


    Few dig deep enough to deal with the evidence that the Mormon Church is in a deep crisis, not only because of members leaving but because of increasing proof of lies, fraud, false teaching, and criminality at the start of Mormonism. Jim Beverley provides a sustained critique of Mormon Scripture and probes unique doctrines and practices.

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  • Way Of Escape


    The Urantia movement-a little-known but fast-growing cult-is an ideology that had claimed this author’s soul for twelve years until she miraculously got set free from it by the power of God. “The Urantia Book,” the cornerstone of this movement, has a subtle, Hitler-like spirit woven throughout its fabric, and claims to be the model for the so-called “New Age.” The second major episode in the author’s life is equally miraculous in that she was able to get off an extremely high amount of anti-depressant drugs she had become dependent on because of the deep depression this book caused her to sink into. The author tells the reader in Way of Escape how she fell into this trap of the Urantia book, how she got out, and how she got free from the doctor-prescribed medicine that would have eventually claimed her life. “This is a book that is hard to put down. You just want to keep reading to see what happens next. Simply written in everyday dialog, it’s like the author is sitting in your living room sharing the journey of her life. Hers is a story of hope. It’s amusing and refreshing, it’s sad, it’s serious-it’s real life. Maintaining a sense of humor and a quest for God through so much drama, turmoil, and personal challenge is a miracle in and of itself. It is a story of ongoing deliverance.” L.V., Texas. “This book is quite an adventure into the discerning of God’s will. Read it with an open heart, and the truth will set you free.” N.B., New Hampshire. “This story reveals the depth of God’s love for His children and shows His mighty hand of deliverance in setting the captives free.” T.M.P., Texas.

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  • 33 Degrees Of Deception


    The deadly deception of Freemasonry is exposed in this very comprehensive book that tells the story of Jim Shaw, who was a 33rd degree Mason, Knight Commander of the Court of Honor, Past Worshipful Master of the Blue Lodge, and Past Master of all Scottish Rite bodies.
    In addition to Jim’s story, 33 Degrees of Deception answers the questions many people raise about the Masons. You will be intrigued to learn what this book has to say about:

    The connection between Masonry, the New Age Movement, and the New World Order
    Masonry’s occult roots
    Death oaths and Masonic executions
    Masonry and the Illuminati
    Masonry’s opposition to Christian schools
    Tom McKenney writes to warn Christians of all denominations to extricate themselves from Freemasonry.

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  • Grace In The Dark Places


    Why are people drawn to alternative religions that deviate from the norm of Christian beliefs? Why do they stay? What compels them to cling to a false dogma, even in the face of evidence that their beliefs are in error? Why do they engage in scriptural gymnastics in defense of beliefs that have no grounding in Christian theology? Why do they tolerate abusiveness from charismatic leaders and cede personal freedom? Why are they willing to defend these leaders and their institutions to the bitter end? After a lifetime of spiritual incarceration, Jim Turner began studying the cult mentality in order to better understand his actions. He researched religious cults and their practices and traced their teachings throughout history as they found their way into the “New Religions.” His studies have convinced him that there is indeed “nothing new under the sun.” New Religions offer amended ideas that identified past cults. Modern cults have extracted beliefs from past groups and added a spin that presents them as original and, of course, inspired. Psychological manipulation plays a significant role in the development and continuation of modern cults, but Jim Turner has presented a convincing argument that the psychological condition and willingness of cultists to surrender their freedom to cult leaders and their irrational tendencies to elevate a revered leader to a semi-divine level are equally responsible for the advancement of cults. Follow the author through the early stages of cult indoctrination, the personal abuses he experienced at the hands of the cult, his personal choices as he rose through the ranks of the cult and his eventual enlightenment to the deceptiveness of the cult led by Herbert W. Armstrong. Walk with him out of the darkness of cultic deception into the glorious light of the Grace of God through Jesus Christ.

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  • Prisons Sorcery And Homosexuality


    Jails, jails everywhere and counting! We are all in some jail. The challenge of imprisonment goes beyond physical incarceration and is well into the spiritual realm. These problems are real and brutal, and pose serious social and health issues to the inmates, prison personnel and the entire society. Find out the challenges you will face and be prepared before hand. This helpful insight into prison situations, sorcery, same sex issues and bereavement highlights some of the challenges of the fruits of unfaithfulness and the available divine provisions to enable an individual sustain a proper attitude and find liberty when engaging with any of these difficulties.

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  • Witchcraft In Your Neighborhood


    Find out how a Christian can become a witch by accident and how a witch in your neighborhood can make you have a stroke, heart attack, irregular heart beat, fatigue, headache, migraines, dilapidating pains, wet dreams, marital discords, insomnia, misfortune or go obese. See how your telephones and cctv can be used to attack you. Learn the survival strategy, and how to preserve your salvation.

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  • Understanding Haitian Voodoo


    Part textbook, part life-story, part theological expose, Understanding Haitian Voodoo comes from a much-respected Haitian gentleman who writes as a lawyer, judge, and evangelist who cares deeply about his people and their bondage in Voodoo. “Voodoo is not simply a myth, toward which we can remain indifferent. It is not just popular culture that we should teach and practice in schools through dances and songs. The gods of Voodoo are not simply idols or harmless gods. They are real beings, intelligent beings, they lust after worship and are full of cruelty.” With testimonies from Voodoo priests, followers, witch doctors and more, Understanding Haitian Voodoo is a deep observation of Haitian Voodoo through the eyes of Christian faith, molded in Haitian theology that is biblical, contemporary, relevant and transformational. From his identity as a Christian believer and as a Haitian, proud of his culture, traditions, language and customs, author Emmanuel Felix brings a remarkable contribution to a better understanding of the relationship of Voodoo to Haitian culture, to Christianity, to zombies, community life, religions and beliefs, identity and more. The final conclusion of this majestic work confirms all that man seeks is found in the Almighty God Jehovah, through Jesus Christ, and in Him alone, no matter a man’s race, culture and beliefs. Whether you’re planning to visit Haiti, seeking to pray more intelligently for the work of the Gospel or are simply looking to learn more about the Haitian people, this book is a must-read. Read this book prayerfully, with a Bible at your side and an eye on the realities of life in Haiti.

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