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  • Delighting In Gods Law


    Understanding and delighting in God’s law? Sign me up!Have you ever skipped over or given up on books of the Bible like Numbers or Leviticus? These laws, rules, and rituals can feel daunting and confusing. What was the purpose of God’s laws for the people of Israel, and what can Christians learn from them today?Teacher and lover of God’s Word, Kristie Anyabwile invites you to join her in this six-week study of understanding the often-overlooked Old Testament books of the law.In Delighting in God’s Law, participants discover the context and purpose of God’s commands, uncover clues that help us see the intent of the law, and explore ways to appropriately apply God’s Word to our lives.The law was not just for those people back then. It is for believers today. Kristie removes the dread and disillusionment often associated with studying God’s law. You don’t have to be daunted by His law. You can be delighted by it!

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  • When I Am Afraid


    The latest addition to the bestselling Discover 4 Yourself(R) series (over one-million copies sold) of Bible studies for middle-grade readers helps kids conquer their fears.   Overcoming fear is a common human challenge, but children can have an especially hard time knowing what to do when they feel afraid.   Trusted Bible teachers Janna Arndt and Kay Arthur invite children (ages 8 to 12) to join them for an engaging Bible adventure at Camp Braveheart, where kids will learn: WHY they are afraid WHAT to do WHEN they are afraid HOW they can trust God WHO they should fear HOW they can be strong and courageous WHO is their hope Using the popular and innovative inductive Bible study method created by Kay Arthur, kids will take a deep dive into God’s Word to discover for themselves how they can overcome fear and learn to trust to God in any situation.  

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  • Forgiveness : Followers Of Jesus Model His Posture Of Forgiveness, Acceptan


    Over 3 million LifeChange studies sold

    LifeChange Bible studies train you in good Bible study practices as you enjoy a robust and engaging topical study. Learn the skill as you study the Word. Your study of the Scriptures will never be the same!

    Embrace the power of forgiveness, let go of burdens, and experience the freedom found in Christ. Dive into the question of why we forgive and discover its profound impact on our lives. This study delves into the power of God’s forgiveness, what it means to release those who wronged us from their debts, and why we extend forgiveness to ourselves and others.

    In this LifeChange study there are 7 sessions of about 45 minutes each. Each session includes:

    *Unpacking aspects of forgiveness in the life of faith, with a corresponding passage from the Bible

    *Questions ideal for small-group discussion

    *Cross-references and suggestions for further study

    *Historical background, word definitions, and explanatory notes

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  • Knowing Jesus As Servant


    Experience the Transforming Power of the Suffering Servant

    When Jesus came to this world, His servant-like life confounded even those close to Him. Many of us today still don’t understand or appreciate this aspect of Christ enough.

    Knowing Jesus as Servant, the second of four Bible studies on the Gospels, focuses on the book of Mark. Designed for both individual and small-group study, it features daily readings, passage-by-passage teaching, thought-provoking questions and writing space, weekly challenges, Scripture memorization, and personal study segments. It will not only equip you with greater knowledge, but also help you engage in formative practices that lead to a fuller relationship with Jesus.

    The Son of God reigns as King and Savior, yet He came to serve. The deeper we know this, the more it transforms how we live and relate to others, because He’s where the joy is!

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  • Psalms : An All-in-One Study On God’s Song Book


    Here’s the tool you need to study scripture on your own.

    Bible study always takes effort, but this book simplifies the process. Here, in one handy spiral-bound volume, is everything you need to get started:

    *Bible text
    *study outlines
    *explanatory notes
    *ample writing space

    Featuring 30 studies highlighting key Psalms, this book walks you through the “inductive” study process of Observation, Interpretation, and Application. And it also includes thoughtful questions unique to each study.

    Explanatory notes, adapted from Barbour’s popular KJV Study Bible, aid your understanding.

    With all the necessary tools in a single package and highlighting the most important passages of scripture, Psalms: An All-in-One Study on God’s Song Book is a powerful resource both for beginners and longtime Bible students.

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  • Nuevo Testamento Facil De Apre – (Spanish)


    Mucha gente quiere crecer en su fe, pero no sabe por donde empezar. Estudiar la Biblia puede ser abrumador, y los recursos diseados para ayudarnos pueden ser demasiado complicados, lo que hace que muchos duden en siquiera empezar. Con un enfoque simple y agil, el autor y maestro biblico Zach Windahl te explica en 60 dias cada uno de los libros del Nuevo Testamento, en un formato facil de seguir. A traves de un desglose diario de contenido para leer, una descripcion general del texto, puntos reflexivos de enseanza y preguntas de aplicacion personal para ayudar a asimilar el contenido, lograras:

    *ver la historia completa de toda la Biblia
    *aumentar tu conocimiento del Nuevo Testamento
    *interactuar con las Escrituras con confianza
    *cultivar una relacion mas profunda con Dios

    No solo obtendras una mejor comprension del Padre, de su Palabra y de su corazon, sino tambien descubriras un mejor sentido del significado y el proposito para tu vida.

    Too many people want to grow in their faith but don’t know where to start. Studying the Bible can be overwhelming, and even the resources designed to help can be too complicated, leaving many hesitant to even start. Offering a simple, streamlined approach, author and Bible teacher Zach Windahl takes you through each book of the New Testament in 60 days in an easy-to-follow framework. Through a daily breakdown of content to read, an overview of the text, thoughtful teaching points, and personal application questions to help the content sink in, you will:

    *See the big picture story of the entire Bible
    *Increase your knowledge of the New Testament
    *Engage with Scripture confidently
    *Cultivate a deeper relationship with God

    Not only will you come away with a better understanding of the Father, his Word, and his heart, but you will also discover a better sense of meaning and purpose for your life.

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  • God Is For Us


    Helping kids fall in love with God and His Word as they study the Bible for themselves.

    God is for me–the most important truth to ever capture your kid’s heart

    We often encourage kids to learn algebra, science, instruments, and athletics. These are all noble and good things. But what’s most important is that our kids know what’s true about God and themselves . . . to know what God has done and is doing for them. What happens when a child believes that God is for me? It’s no understatement to say that your child will be changed through this all-important truth.

    Focusing on Romans 8–one of the most studied and beloved chapters of the Bible–God is For Us cements kids in God’s most precious, life-changing promises. Kids discover: What it means that we have a good Father

    What is life in the Spirit

    Why does it matter that we are heirs with Jesus

    What is the future glory that Paul writes about . . . and much, much more

    In this study, kids learn the methods of observation, interpretation, and application. Romans 8 is overflowing with good news. Our kids need these promises to counter cultural messages that weaken their understanding of God’s great love for them. The truth unearthed in God is For Us provides the foundation for Bible-loving, hope-filled, resilient, joyful, confident-in-Christ kids.

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  • Moms At The Well


    Motherhood is hard. Really hard.

    Tara Edelschick and Kathy Tuan-MacLean know this personally. As moms who have spent decades working with and encouraging other moms, they know the struggles real moms face in our real world. Their survey of more than seven hundred moms revealed that moms experience worry, anger, comparison, escapism, a desire for control, and even heartbreak while raising children. And moms long to connect with God in the midst of it all, but even that can feel like a challenge.

    That’s why we need a well. For centuries, women met daily at neighborhood wells to draw water for their families, meeting a very significant physical need. But these wells were also gathering spaces, providing much-needed community and relationships.

    This seven-week Bible study offers a modern-day “well” for mothers-a gathering place to encourage one another, take an honest look at the challenges we face as moms, and experience the God who invites us into a process of spiritual transformation.

    Meet with moms, meet with God, and find much-needed refreshment at the well.

    A New Bible Study Experience From IVP

    These Bible studies offer you a fresh opportunity to engage with Scripture. Each study includes:

    *weekly sessions for a group of any size
    *access to weekly teaching videos
    *five days of individual study and reflection each week

    The refreshing, accessible, and insightful content from trusted Bible teachers will encourage you in your faith!

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  • Knowing Jesus As King


    Learn to Live as a Disciple of the King

    Jesus was and is looking for people who are eager to follow Him wherever He leads. In this ten-week study you’ll learn about King Jesus–His authority, His royalty, and His throne, which will last forever.

    The first of four Bible studies on the Gospels, Knowing Jesus as King focuses on the book of Matthew through daily readings, biblical teachings, thought-provoking questions, weekly challenges, Scripture memorization, and personal study segments. It will not only equip you with greater knowledge, but also help you engage in formative practices that lead to a fuller relationship with Jesus.

    While other personal identities may bring temporary happiness, life as a disciple of King Jesus is the only path to an abundant life now and for eternity. He’s where the joy is!

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  • Gods Goodness For The Chosen


    God’s Goodness for the Chosen is an eight-lesson Bible study for individuals or groups that follows each episode of season 4 of The Chosen.

    This study teaches readers how to reframe their hardships and see them as fertile soil for God’s goodness to grow in their lives.

    We see it over and over again in the Bible: God brings good things out of bad things for the sake of His people and for His glory. But truth be told, when we personally experience suffering, we have a difficult time actually believing it. Yet, life is challenging even for the followers of Jesus, and hardship in the twenty-first century is no exception. God’s Goodness for the Chosen takes readers through eight lessons which reveal how God uses suffering to bring about good things in the lives of those He loves.

    You’ll see:

    – Death is eclipsed by life
    – Grief is eclipsed by praise
    – Questions are eclipsed by resolve
    – Confusion is eclipsed by grace
    – Temporary things are eclipsed by eternal things
    – Heartbreak is eclipsed by love
    – Sin is eclipsed by obedience
    – Pain is eclipsed by the fullness of God’s plan

    Indeed, readers will be challenged to embrace the hard things of life, to experience more of the goodness God offers on the other side.

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  • Table In The Wilderness


    This unique six-week Bible study with companion videos is for individuals and groups hungry to be refreshed as they draw closer to the God who delights in providing everything they need.

    Stories of God’s tables of blessing are woven throughout Scripture. In addition to an introduction about why God chooses to feed us in order to teach us about His goodness, A Table in the Wilderness offers in-depth Bible study on five tables that God offers as physical and spiritual reminders of His love, mercy, and overflowing kindness:

    *Salvation (Passover)–when you need to be rescued
    *Unexpected belonging (King David’s table)–when you deserve to be punished
    *Overflowing satisfaction (the wedding at Cana)–when you feel empty
    *Remembrance (the Lord’s Supper)–when you’re likely to forget
    *Eternal celebration (the marriage supper of the Lamb)–when life is hard

    This substantive, applicable, and richly spiritual study includes a QR code for quick access to streaming videos, spiritual exercises for contemplation and prayer, a self-reflection tool, and a leader’s guide for small group study.

    Even in the most unexpected places–our weaknesses, our sins, our doubts–God loves to invite us into His presence. You are invited! Come to the table.

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  • Colossians : Fullness Of Life In Christ


    A 10-Week Study for Women on the Book of Colossians

    Christ is the ruler of all things and sufficient for our every need. While Christians profess these truths, they sometimes struggle to apply this knowledge to their everyday lives. Thankfully, the book of Colossians offers a practical guideline, exalting Christ as the Lord of everything and showing believers how they share in his life, death, and resurrection in their lives now and for all eternity.

    This 10-week Bible study for women explores Colossians verse by verse to help readers understand how the Christian life is meant to be lived through the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Written for individuals or groups, author Lydia Brownback provides conversational teaching, practical application questions, and additional recommended resources to help women live Christ-centered lives focused on the hope of the gospel and the person of Jesus Christ.

    *10-Week Bible Study for Women: Offers an in-depth, exegetical look at the book of Colossians

    *Quick, Engaging Weekly Resources: Helpful reading plans, sidebars, timelines, and more to help busy readers get the most out of Scripture

    *Perfect for Individuals or Small Groups: Includes discussion questions and additional verses for further reading

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