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  • Softer Side Of Leadership


    Many who lead or who aspire to lead rightly champion the importance of hard skills, or quantitative and analytical skills. Knowing the numbers and implementing the right strategies are important but no longer enough to be an effective leader. Indeed, soft skills are now on the scene.

    In The Softer Side of Leadership, Habecker, who spent thirty-five consecutive years as a CEO of two universities and one large NYC nonprofit, makes the case for the integration of soft skills, like emotional intelligence and character quality. He shares that these should be woven into every aspect of the leader’s personal life and organizational agenda. Habecker draws from his own experience, that of other international colleagues and popular leadership literature, and from the Scriptures. As you develop your soft skill competencies, including new behaviors and disciplines, and combine them with hard skill competencies, you will be better equipped to be more effective as a leader. Join Habecker in building healthier professional and personal lives and healthier organizations.

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  • Big Shoes To Fill


    How to step into an inherited leadership role and guide your team through a polished transition process.

    Starting something from the ground up is challenging. But how about transitioning into the leadership role of an existing organization? No matter how qualified you are, it can feel like an impossible juggling act to manage expectations without creating unnecessary conflict. Or to build trust and learn from others while implementing changes.

    And yet most leaders step into roles they didn’t create. You have to navigate special personal, professional, and organizational needs that take into account the entire team and requires a certain mindset that doesn’t come naturally to many leaders.

    Gavin Adams has spent his professional life innovating solutions and implementing strategies for leaders of businesses and ministries. Whether you’re a first-time manager, a CEO, or a church pastor, Big Shoes to Fill will help you more confidently step into a new role and effectively lead your inherited team through that tricky transitional process. You’ll learn how to:

    *Reduce the time it takes for you to transition from positional authority to relational influence.

    *Understand the tensions and problems associated with stepping into new leadership spaces.

    *Create a learning environment focused on teams that expedites trust.

    *Guide everyone through the emotional demands of change

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  • Healthy Leadership For Thriving Organizations


    The devastating effects of toxic work environments are top news. Everyone seems to understand that healthy organizations nurture flourishing individuals and societies–flourishing that Jesus desires for all of us. How can Christian business and ministry leaders create a positive organizational culture and identity?

    Justin Irving has spent twenty years studying, teaching, and reflecting on organizational leadership. Drawing wisdom from the Bible, contemporary leadership theory, and the insights of over two hundred executive leaders, Irving provides a theological framework that makes human flourishing the driving motivation for leading organizations well. He helps readers invest in their own growth to become leaders who motivate, inspire, and nurture. But he broadens the view to help readers see how different levels of leadership–the dynamics and interdependence of teams and of the whole organization–work together. He then offers practical insights on building teams, culture, and effective communication and on navigating the storms of crisis and change.

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  • Apples Of Gold


    Being a good leader isn’t easy. It requires courage, humility, integrity, and compassion. Jesus spoke of true leadership as having the ability to be a remarkable servant. To be a successful leader, you must determine to follow the example of Christ no matter how difficult. There will be a cost. You may be scrutinized, wrongly accused, and pushed toward exhaustion, but take heart; there is a reward waiting for you if you do not give up. And it will be worth it.

    Apples of Gold is a daily devotional for leaders like you. As you read these inspiring meditations, Scriptures, and prayers, be encouraged that God is for you, and he will give you everything you need to face the challenges you encounter each day. Rest for a moment in his presence and let his grace and peace wash over you. Out of the abundance of his love and wisdom, you will find the strength to persevere in your service to others.


    *High-grade faux leather provides durability and exquisite tactile appeal.

    *Heat debossing on faux leather darkens its color, giving the cover a two-tone appearance and creating indentation which shows off the intricate design and varied texture.

    *Metallic and matte foil finishing touches are elegantly placed to enhance certain features, capturing attention and adding class for an aesthetic appeal.

    *Sturdy Smyth-sewn binding stitches book signatures together creating durability and allowing pages to lay flat when open. Decorative head and foot bands are also added to further complement the overall design.

    *Matte art high quality paper with a smooth satin touch provides long-lasting vivid coloration and durability.

    *A beautiful satin ribbon marker conveniently keeps your place so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

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  • Disabling Leadership : A Practical Theology For The Broken Body Of Christ


    People with disabilities are often excluded from full participation in church communities. Accessibility is a key component of the biblical ministry of reconciliation-but it’s not enough. To truly work toward reconciliation, churches must both consider the theological implications of disability and also become places where people with disabilities lead.

    Disabling Leadership presents a practical theology of disability for thoughtful church leaders and congregants. Written by practitioners and a scholar-pastor who are engaged in ministry together, this book encompasses cutting-edge theological ethics as well as stories of how such commitments are embodied in a real church community. The authors equip readers to explore key themes such as:

    *what it means to be human
    *how to understand suffering and healing
    *how churches can be welcoming and accessible communities
    *how to face common challenges and issues in resisting ableism

    Disabling Leadership moves beyond paternalistic views of disability that seek to extract “inspiration” from another’s story without engaging in the difficult work of just and dignifying relationships. When we foster genuinely inclusive leadership teams, the authors contend, our churches will be less likely to treat anyone as a “project” and will better reflect God’s love as the body of Christ.

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  • Humility Illuminated : The Biblical Path Back To Christian Character


    The modern church is immersed in a competitive, polarized, and status-driven society. It’s hard to have conversations about important issues when so many are defensive and unwilling to learn. Too often, Christians fall into these same traps. The health and witness of the church urgently depend on recovering an essential biblical virtue: humility.

    New Testament scholar Dennis R. Edwards illuminates humility as a, if not the, distinctive identity marker of followers of Jesus. Tracing the theme throughout Scripture, he demonstrates how true humility is grounded in submission to God and becomes manifest in all areas of life. Edwards defuses common misconceptions about humility and explores its role in Christian community, conflict, leadership, suffering, worship, and stewardship.

    As we learn from and honor the humble instead of the power-hungry, humility paradoxically empowers God’s people-including those who are often marginalized. Filled with stories from the author’s ministry experience, Humility Illuminated addresses common areas of leadership failure and how to avoid them, applies biblical texts on humility to multiethnic ministry and justice work, and issues a compelling challenge to the church.

    Biblical humility is not a tactic, and it’s not just “being nice.” It’s a revolutionary path to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

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  • Ultimate Guide To Developing Leaders


    What is the secret sauce for every kind of organization?

    What is the secret to organizational success? Whether the goal is developing a new product, establishing a new location, launching a new initiative, starting a new team, or improving your existing one, what will determine its success? The leaders! For any team, small business, large corporation, non-profit organization, or government entity, the key to accomplishing today’s goals and achieving tomorrow’s success depends on its present and future leaders.

    Few people know more about developing leaders than John C. Maxwell, the bestselling leadership author in history. In the last twenty-five years, he has grown from equipping a handful of leaders in one organization to developing millions of business, government, and non-profit leaders in every country around the world.

    In The Ultimate Guide to Developing Leaders, Maxwell teaches everything leaders need to know about how to develop leaders in their team or organization. Readers will learn how to:

    *Become developers of people.
    *Identify people with leadership potential.
    *Recruit, train, and motivate emerging leaders.
    *Empower new leaders to lead.
    *Coach new and existing leaders to higher levels of achievement.
    *Teach their leaders how to develop other leaders.

    Anyone frustrated by leadership limitations in their organization needs to read The Ultimate Guide to Developing Leaders. If they follow the practical steps it offers, they will create a leadership pipeline that will never run dry.

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  • Conviction To Lead (Revised)


    Christian leadership cannot be separated from passionately held beliefs. Only if you are deeply committed to truth will you be ready for leadership. You can be part of a generation that is simultaneously leading with conviction and driven by the conviction to lead. The generation that accomplishes this will set the world on fire.–Al Mohler, The Conviction to Lead.

    Mohler’s wisdom will inspire, and this new edition features additional proven principles and updates throughout. While many leadership books focus on management or administration, the central focus of The Conviction to Lead is on changing minds.

    Using his own experiences and examples from history, Dr. Mohler demonstrates that real leadership is a transferring of conviction to others, affecting their actions, motivations, intuition, and commitment. This practical guide walks the reader through what a leader needs to know, do, and be in order to affect change.

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  • Failure Of Nerve In 52 Weeks


    A leadership planner based on the bestselling A Failure of Nerve.

    Nearly 25 years after the bestselling A Failure of Nerve first astonished the business world, Edwin H. Friedman’s groundbreaking wisdom is back – now in a fresh, agile framework designed with today’s leaders in mind. Combining essential excerpts from the beloved original with new and engaging prompts and exercises, A Failure of Nerve in 52 Weeks builds on the success of Friedman’s earlier work to provide readers with an insightful year-long resource for leadership planning and development.

    Concentrating on the core tenets of A Failure of Nerve, this workbook will help readers recognize and reign in their own emotional reactivity, overcome a misplaced addiction to data, and develop a sense of self that will never be overrun by the loudest and least mature voices in the room. Each weekly spread is packed with quotes and exercises to stimulate self-reflection and features a week-long planner page designed with ample space to mark appointments, track goals, and map out one’s path to well-differentiated leadership. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to Friedman’s work, this versatile planner will provide the structure, guidance, and wisdom to help you grow into the courageous leader you aspire to be.

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  • Leadership Is Overrated


    An award-winning pair of executive consultants reveal why to be successful, businesses need self-leading teams, not just good leadership.

    “In a society so obsessed with leadership, why are we so bad at it?”

    Despite the countless seminars, courses, and management books designed to hone good leaders, over 79% of employees leave their jobs due to poor leadership. Why is this happening? Award-winning executive consultant Chris Mefford and retired, high-ranking US Navy SEAL trainer Kyle Buckett argue that organizations need more than just leaders. They need successful teams.

    Mefford and Buckett are passionate about how our leadership model has failed and spotlight a new work culture that actually works. In Leadership Is Overrated, they draw on the SEAL model and on their decades of knowledge and experience coaching industry leaders to answer the question: what makes a productive team? The surprising truth is that behind every successful team is a cadre of empowered, self-starting employees.

    In this revolutionary guide, Mefford and Buckett share crucial leadership strategies to help organizations revamp their work culture, throw out stifling hierarchical leadership models, and embrace a dynamic, results-oriented, and successful self-led team-oriented model instead.

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  • 3 Dimensional Leader


    A comprehensive manual for Christian leadership

    Christian leaders need biblical character, spiritual power, and practical skills. Yet, often one of these aspects is overemphasized and the others are neglected. The Three-Dimensional Leader: A Biblical, Spiritual, and Practical Guide to Christian Leadership recognizes that these traits need to be unified in Christian leaders. Jesus exemplified these most effectively, so we must look to him for our vision of leadership.

    Authors Rod Dempsey, Dave Earley, and Adam McClendon bring together their decades of experience developing disciples into leaders for the work of the kingdom. The Three-Dimensional Leader provides a biblical basis, practical examples, and a helpful assessment tool that directs the Christian leader toward growth.

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  • Emotional Intelligence Game Changers


    In Emotional Intelligence Game Changers, leading EI expert, TEDx speaker, and frequent Fast Company contributor Harvey Deutschendorf teaches readers how to leverage this skill to achieve success in every part of life.

    Emotional intelligence is increasingly recognized as one of the most valuable skills an employee or leader can possess, and improving EI levels can benefit life outside the workplace, too. Whether battling procrastination or a toxic co-worker, or trying to improve connections in our relationships at home, strong emotional intelligence is an important tool that can drastically change the outcome of any situation. Emotional Intelligence Game Changers: 101 Simple Ways to Win at Work and Life offers actionable solutions to a wide variety of problems that readers might face in their everyday lives. Deutschendorf avoids dense theory and confusing jargon, opting instead for simple practices and straight-forward advice that are accessible to all readers.

    Deutschendorf shares from his 20 years of expertise to give helpful and quick tips like:

    *Shrug off imposter syndrome
    *Cultivate optimism
    *Retain remote workers
    *Handle criticism in a healthy way
    *Achieve work-life balance
    *Develop self awareness

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