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  • Mamas Bank Account


    Included in: Exploring America Literature Package
    Assigned in: Unit 19

    The charming adventures of the Mama of an immigrant Norwegian family living in San Francisco. This bestselling book inspired the play, motion picture, and television series I Remember Mama.

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  • Evangelismo Personal – (Spanish)


    Learn more key verses from the Bible in your efforts at personal evangelism.

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  • Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life (Abridged)


    This devotional classic, written by William Law, an eloquent religious teacher of the eighteenth century, was designed to prod indifferent Christians into making an honest effort to live up to what they professed to believe. It has been appreciated in every succeeding generation because of its innate vigor and virility.

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  • Tartuffe


    The translation into English verse of one of Moliere’s most masterful and most popular plays. “A continuous delight from beginning to end” (Richard Eberhart). Introduction by Richard Wilbur.

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  • Letters Of Paul To The Ephesians To The Colossians And To Philemon


    This series of commentaries on the New English Bible is designed for use in schools and colleges, and for the minister and the layman. Each volume comments on one book, or part, of the Bible. In each the text is given in full. Sections of text and commentary alternate, so that the reader does not have to keep two books open, or turn from one part of the book to the other, or refer to a commentary in small type at the foot of the page. Great care has been taken to see that the commentary is suitable for the student and the layman: there is no Greek or Hebrew, and no strings of biblical references. The general editors all have experience of teaching or examining in school and working with adults. Commentaries on all the books of the Old Testament, New Testament and Apocrypha have been published, together with introductory volumes and books of illustrations to accompany each Testament.

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  • Interpreting The Atonement A Print On Demand Title


    In this widely praised volume Robert H. Culpepper places the doctrine of the atonement at the center of the Christian faith and carries on his discussion of it against the background of a biblical understanding of sin, presenting the Old Testament foundations, the New Testament witness, and various historical interpretations. He concludes with a constructive statement of the doctrine that will serve the reader as well as a guide to a deeper understanding of Christianity and its practice in today’s world.

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  • Finance Record Book For Small Churches


    Designed for churches with 150 members or less, this record book is simple and easy to use. Charts for money received and paid out keep accurate track of weekly and monthly cash flow, while summaries for yearly expenditures guide in preparing an annual budget. Also includes pages to record the weekly giving of each member.
    Also available in Spanish

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  • Plain Account Of Christian Perfection (Unabridged)


    28 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Loving the Lord our God with all our heart. Now let this perfection appear in its native form, and who can speak one word against it? Will any dare to speak against loving the Lord our God with all our heart, and our neighbor as ourselves? Against a renewal of heart, not only in part, but in the whole image of God? Who is he that will open his mouth against being cleansed from all pollution both of flesh and spirit; or against having all the mind that was in Christ, and walking in all things as Christ walked? What man, who calls himself a Christian, has the hardiness to object to the devoting, not a part, but all our soul, body, and substance to God?

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  • Work Of Christ A Print On Demand Title


    Following the order of the Apostles’ Creed, Berkouwer discusses at length Christ’s incarnation, passion, resurrection, ascension, and rule, concluding with a thorough discussion of four aspects of Christ’s work – reconciliation, sacrifice, obedience, and victory.

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  • 1-2 Corinthians


    This is a series of commentaries on the New English Bible designed for use in schools and training colleges, and for the layman. It replaces the old Cambridge Bible for Schools. Each volume will comment on one book, or two or three short books, of the Bible, beginning with the New Testament, already published. In each the text will be given in full. Sections of text and commentary alternate, so that the reader does not have to keep two books open, or turn from one part of the book to the other, or refer to a commentary in small type at the foot of the page. Great care has been taken to see that the commentary is suitable for the student and the layman: there is no Greek or Hebrew, and no strings of biblical references, but the commentary does convey the latest and best scholarship. The general editors all have experience of teaching or examining in schools and working with adults. It is hoped to have the series complete in a few years. There will also be a general introductory volume, Understanding the New Testament, and a volume of maps and plates, The New Testament Illustrated.

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  • Foundations For Purposeful Church Administration


    Highly acclaimed and widely used, this text shows what church tasks must be undertaken, why they are important, and the guiding theological principles required to achieve them.

    Alvin J. Lindgren clarifies the present confusion about what church administration is and what its place in the church should be. He provides a concept of church administration for the student of theology, and a new, more effective overview for the working pastor frustrated by current demands and procedures.

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  • Evidencias Cristianas – (Spanish)


    Alice E. Luce, an English preacher, dedicated her life to preach the word of God to the Spanish-speaking people. She was a teacher and a great writer. This is a book that talks about the history and the truth that God has given to his people. It is a book that will give faith and value to the believer, and readers will be capable of answering those that ask them about their faith.

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  • Reformers And Their Stepchildren A Print On Demand Title


    The Reformers and Their Stepchildren is a brilliant and well-documented book that reveals the tension between the church and Christendom.

    According to Leonard Verduin, the American formula of a society in which no religion is designated as the right religion, is the result of pioneering done by the “stepchildren” of the Reformation. To them, rather than to the Reformers, do we owe the concept of separation of church and state. Taking the several terms of opprobrium that the Reformers hurled at these stepchildren, Verduin gives a penetrating historical analysis of each and shows how each term sets in focus an important phase of the master struggle, the struggle regarding the delineation of the church.

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  • Introduction To The New Testament (Revised)


    The general purpose of this book is to provide a broad understanding of the background and message of the New Testament. It opens with chapters on the time between the Old and New Testaments, giving information on history, institutions, and literature, and goes on to discuss the language of the New Testament, the text and its transmission, the canon, and the individual books of the New Testament.

    For each of the New Testament books Everett Harrison provides a helpful outline and introduces the reader to a greater understanding of the text by a discussion of such matters as purpose, background, date, authorship, characteristics or principal concepts, taking into full account the most significant findings and interpretations of recent scholars. He also provides general essays on the Gospels and on the Epistles and special bibliographies for each chapter.

    Fully revised and enlarged by the author, and including an updated bibliography and index, this basic and comprehensive introduction is a valuable aid to the study of the Scriptures, both in school and in church.

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  • Numbers Everymans Bible Commentary


    This passage-by-passage commentary incorporates charts and a simple outline in its exposition of an important Old Testament book. The events of Numbers form the story of the Israelites traveling from Mount Sinai to the border of the Promised Land.Sometimes called the book of journeyings or the book of murmurings, Numbers contains many significant lessons for God’s people today. Dr. Jensen points out many pertinent applications of these lessons in this study, as well as explaining the history of the Israelites.

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  • Women Of The Old Testament


    This classic by Dr. A. Kuyper gives us 50 graphic character sketches that radiate scriptural insight. Each character study is based on a specific passage of Scripture.

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  • Hermeneutica Introduccion Bibl – (Spanish)


    This volume combines two reference books that have had the approval of Hispanic evangelicals: “Hermeneutics” and “Introduction to the Bible”. The first writer was E. Lund, a profound teacher in Biblical studies.

    This book would meet a need in the Hispanic evangelic community.

    The second writer is Alicia C. Luce.

    Her book answers many of the questions in regard to the origin and translation of the Bible.

    Editorial Vida presents this book not only for the pastor, evangelist and the working Christian, but for all those who have a passion for Biblical studies.

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  • Doctrinas Biblicas – (Spanish)


    In an entertaining and simple manner, this book takes us through profound declarations of the truths about the fundamentals of the Bible.

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  • Mensajero Y Su Mensaje – (Spanish)


    This is a simple and practical manual of how to organize sermons, with the purpose of helping pastors and all those who want to present in an auditorium the message that God has given you.

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  • New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechisms (Revised)


    Prayers For Every Day
    1.-.God Made Us
    2.-.God Is Great
    3.-.The Blessed Trinity
    4.-.The First Sins
    5.-.Our Own Sins
    6.-.The Son Of God Becomes A Man
    7.-.Jesus Opens Heaven For Us
    8.-.Sacrements Of Baptism And Confirmation
    9.-.Sacrements Of Penance
    10.-.How To Make A Good Confession
    11.-.The Holy Eucharist
    The Holy Mass
    Holydays Of Obligation
    Various Prayers
    Night And Other Prayers

    Additional Info
    New and modern format and design
    Explains Catholic doctrine with the aid of many exclusive features.
    Combines modern outlook and language with a solid time-tested exposition of the teaching of the Church.

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  • Daulaires Book Of Greek Myths


    Teachers who use this unit study will find the following features to supplement their own valuable ideas: sample lesson plans; pre-reading activities; a biographical sketch and picture of the author; book summary; vocabulary lists and suggested vocabulary activities. The chapters are grouped for study with each section including: quizzes, hands-on projects, cooperative learning activities cross-curriculum connections, extensions into the reader’s own life, post-reading ideas; book report ideas; research Ideas; a final culminating activity; three different options for unit tests; bibliography; answer key. Grade Level 5-8

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  • Confessions


    When Saint Augustine wrote his Confessions he was facing, and responding to, a growing spread of asceticism in the Roman world. His task was twofold: to explain to himself the significance of his conversion to Christianity, and to do so in terms that would convince his readers that this was indeed the one, true faith. In his attempt to achieve these aims, Saint Augustine produced a masterpiece of intellectual biography. The Confessions are written with an emotional intensity that sets him apart from the academic tradition to which he belonged, and it is this intensity, combined with ferociously self-honest analysis, that has given his work its last appeal. Beautifully written and suffused with philosophical and theological learning, the Confessions are an outstanding account of the search for truth by a sinner who became a great saint.

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  • Basic Bible Study (Student/Study Guide)


    8 Lessons

    Additional Info
    The Teach Yourself the Bible Series is one of the best New Testament studies you will find anywhere. Each book in the series is packed full of valuable questions on individual chapters of the Bible, check-ups to test your grasp of scriptural truths, and usable suggestions for group study.

    Grow your knowledge of God through each New Testament book, then go on to study six aspects of Christians, essential for all believers: doctrine, prayer, eternal life, prophecy, Christian character, and Bible study.

    Strengthen your relationship with the living God with all twenty – five books of the Teach Yourself the Bible Series. Each volume is a timeless, yet practical, study of the Word of God.

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  • Dr Suesss ABC


    An alphabet book with zany drawings and nonsensical verse provides an entertaining way for small children to learn the letters and their sounds.

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  • Green Eggs And Ham


    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original publication of Green Eggs and Ham, we’re making available-for a limited time only-a special foil-covered Party Edition at the regular-edition price of $8.99. This highly collectible edition of the beloved Seuss classic (the story of Sam-I-Am’s determined campaign to convince another Seussian character to eat a plate of green eggs and ham) makes a perfect gift that will be cherished by young and old alike.

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  • 1 Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish


    A story-poem about the activities of such unusual animals as the Nook, Wump, Yink, Yop, Gack, and the Zeds.

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  • Divine Election A Print On Demand Title


    In this series rooted in the normative significance of Scripture, noted Dutch theologian G. C. Berkouwer examines great doctrines of the Reformed faith, developing and defending Reformed theology through interaction with a wide range of theologies and theologians.

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  • Calvin


    The definitive English language edition of one of the church’s monumental works. Here Calvin expounds his theology in its most systematic and detailed form. Features for the first time in any English edition: chapter headings; footnotes; bibliographies; Scripture, author, and subject indices; and more. Essential to any study of Calvin’s theology or Reformed theology.

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  • 2 Timothy Everymans Bible Commentary


    A reliable guide to Paul’s last letter is provided by D. Edmond Hiebert in this concise interpretation of 2 Timothy. The verse-by-verse exposition offers a systematic explanation of the entire book. A comprehensive outline accurately follows the progression of Paul’s thought, giving a quick overall view of the contents.Second Timothy is the most personal of the Pastoral Epistles. It was written shortly before Paul’s martyrdom and contains intimate words of lasting significance. The apostle’s special concern for both Timothy and the people he served is laid bare in this touching letter of instruction and encouragement.Second Timothy is characterized by clear expression and a penetrating analysis of this epistle written to a son in the faith. The outline is designed as a chart and guide to the meaning of the epistle and is interspersed in the interpretative text. Technical matters have been kept to a minimum but discussion of the Greek is included where such commentary is needed.

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  • Sacramental Teaching And Practice In The Reformation Churches A Print On De


    “In the present study we shall be primarily concerned with sacramental practice and interpretation as they are to be found in the Reformation churches and especially those which took the Reformed rather than the Lutheran path. But this does not mean that we shall be committed merely to an historical survey. The main interest of the Reformers themselves was to be true to the teachings of Holy Scripture itself, and we shall be most loyal to them if, along with the general lines of their tradition, we attempt a biblical rather than an historical statement. This will have a threefold advantage. It will submit the Reformed interpretation itself to its own biblical standard. It will bring us into fruitful contact with other views in which over-emphases or distortions conceal positive elements of truth. And it will give to our discussion a living relevance for Christians of the present day, for whom the sacraments may never be regarded merely as objects of scientific enquiry, but must always be gratefully used as divinely ordained means of blessing.” – Geoffrey W. Bromiley (from the introduction)

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