What Dwells Beyond


WHAT DWELLS BEYOND is not primarily about the modern extraterrestrial phenomenon. This book is primarily about the King James Bible, what it teaches regarding the theory of alien life on other planets, and how it can answer your questions by putting solid Bible answers in your hands. In its 520 pages you will find much more than a brief discussion on angels, fallen angels, demons, giants and monsters. YOU WILL READ AND LEARN ABOUT: The chronological history from ancient times to the present regarding the belief in alien life, how this concept was influenced by the days of Noah, and how it emerged and grew after Noah’s Flood; the connections between Polytheism (the belief in many gods) and the rise of Extraterrestrialism (the belief in life populating many planets); how ancient philosophy helped transform pagan religious beliefs into the modern concept of Evolution and Cosmic Pluralism; about Thales of Miletus, Epicurus, Copernicus, Emanuel Swedenborg, Joseph Smith, Thomas Chalmers, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Frank Drake, and many others who helped shape the idea of alien life into what it is today; how science fiction in movies, literature, pulp and comic books, helped birth the Space Age and further the idea of intelligent life on other planets; the structure of the Universe, the Three Heavens, and how the origins of darkness and outer space play a major role in discerning the concept of life on other worlds; an illustrated, Bible-based, field guide to all life forms which will help lay the foundation in discerning the modern alien phenomenon; detailed information on angels, fallen angels, the ancient sons of God, cherubim, devils, Satan, other celestial life forms, and monsters from underground; a detailed bib


SKU (ISBN): 9780990497462
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2015
Publisher: Defender Publishing Group


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