USA Today Logic 2


According to MSNBC, the market for memory-assisting puzzles and games has doubled since 2005. Inside USA TODAY Logic 2, puzzlesmiths of all skill levels will find original logic puzzles that will flex the brain, challenge assumptions, and entertain for hours.

In addition to offering 200 logic puzzles, USA TODAY Logic 2 includes a short tutorial on how to play each game, along with a complete back-of-book answer key. Mind-stretching puzzles inside this collection include Battleships, Totalized, Code Cracker, Wordwheel, and Cell Block, as well as longer story puzzles that are certain to exercise the mind. Boost your IQ and strengthen your puzzle-solving skills with USA TODAY Logic 2.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781449407308
Published: 2011
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing


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