Uprooted : Growing A Parable Life From The Inside Out


Fresh, contemporary, biblically-faithful journeys through the surprising, disruptive, gracious, radical, irreligious, and completely life-changing stories Jesus told.

Both Uprooted and Parable Life offer a contemporary account of ten ofJesus” parables by master storyteller, Michelle Van Loon. Each chapterbegins with the parable as told in Scripture followed by a retelling of theparable in a creative yet biblically faithful way. Then the same parable isreexamined through an actual story of a real person living today. Chaptersconclude with study questions which engage the reader or study group in arelevant conversation about the meaning of the parable in contemporary life.

These are books which help readers explore what it means to live a lifethat matters to God, to others and to themselves. They challenge people toexplore the messy and miraculous ways that growth happens in their lives.Perfect for those who find themselves in an emerging culture which is lessabout ”how to” and more about ”why to.”


SKU (ISBN): 9781932902624
Michelle VanLoon
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2006
Parable Life # 2
Publisher: FaithWalk Publishing

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