Todays Disciples Leaders Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


Today’s Disciples – The essential role of the laity in the Church.

Never before in the history of the Church has the essential role of the layperson been so dramatically emphasized as it is now. Particularly since Vatican II, the Church has called for a renewal in the life and role of the laity. Yet, for many of us we don’t understand what that means.

To be able to fulfill our important role in the Church, we must more clearly understand the Church’s teaching on laity. We must recognize that the lay state is indeed a vocation and integral to the mission of the Church.

With the Today’s Disciples Leader’s Guide edition of the Catholic Faith Explorers series, participants will learn:

*the lay state is a vocation derived from our Baptism
*the role of the laity is essential in accomplishing the mission of the Church
*laypeople are called to engage in the affairs of the world and direct them according to God’s will
*the unique capability that laypeople have to bring Christ’s divine message of salvation to every aspect of life, and
*how to discern one’s calling.


SKU (ISBN): 9781932589108
Mark Shea | Editor: Diane Eriksen | Editor: Paco Gavrilides
Binding: Ring Bound
Published: 2005
Catholic Faith Explorers
Publisher: Ignatius Press


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