Stay Or Go


Committing to a long-term relationship is a big deal–especially if you have doubts. With a focus on common sense over emotion, world-renowned sex and relationship therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer offers straight-up advice on whether you should stick it out or cut your losses and move on.
In Stay or Go, Dr. Ruth divides troubled couplings into three flavors Dark Toxic (run!), Rocky Road (rough patch ahead), and Merely Troubled (it’s worth the effort). She knows relationships are rarely black and white–there’s always the bad with the good–so here she helps you determine where the scales in your relationship are tipping.
Delving into everything from communicating to financial stresses, parenting pressures to long-distance relationships, she helps you to understand your romantic expectations–reasonable and unreasonable–what you can do to save a relationship, and how and when you should say goodbye. And it all comes with the wit and wisdom that has made Dr. Ruth the one to turn to for putting your life together once and for all.


SKU (ISBN): 9781542046718
Ruth Westheimer | Pierre Lehu
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Brilliance Publishing


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