Spring Tide


It is A. D. 311 in West Britain and even in this far-flung province of the Roman Empire, Christians are not safe from renewed imperial persecution. At Caer Taff — modern day Cardiff — a brief skirmish against a marauding tribe, the Deisi, develops into a more dangerous struggle between the new religion and the dominant pagan culture of the local Roman fort. Two friends, Julius and Con, meet and befriend Brychan, a young Christian priest, who is later captured and imprisoned at the base camp of the legion. Torn between obedience to parental orders and the demands of friendship, the boys resolve to help him escape. Aided by Aaron the Hebrew, a Roman soldier who has secretly converted to Christianity after witnessing the martyrdom of St. Alban seven years earlier, they set out to rescue Brychan — but with unexpectedly grave consequences. This thoughtful story highlights the boys’ courage, which will impact on all the characters involved. It also plays its part in bringing about the spring tide of hope that will eventually result in the Edict of Milan of A.D. 313 — and religious tolerance for all Christians.


SKU (ISBN): 9781932350340
Mary Ray
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2011
Publisher: Bethlehem Books


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