Solomons Secret : A Commentary On The Song Of Solomon


Solomon’s Secret is just what it says; it is Solomon’s song. It is a prophetic work and a personal tribute. He tells a story that on the surface appears to be simply a statement of love between a Shepherd Boy and a Shulamite girl. Because he was a man of tremendous intellect and wisdom, he uses the medium of a story to offer to God his own heart. This Song, which belongs to Solomon, will be one among millions of Song, both written and to be written. Every believer will have his own version as his own life unfolds and enfolds with the life of Jesus.

In heaven, Revelation states, there will be a new song sung to the Lamb. That song may be a combined chorus of identical words and phrases, or one penned by each believer. However it is to be sung, it will be a song of the Bride to the Bridegroom. It will be personal. It will be filled with meaning that only the two who have been made one will understand. This song will reflect the experiences of grace and love known only to them both. Jesus and His bride will sing to each other. Unique as it may sound, this book houses just such a song. It is a song from the bride to her lover and from her lover to her. It is a dialogue.

This pioneering study reviews primary, secondary, and tertiary aspects of the Song of Solomon’s message. It highlights the two main characters of the drama and focuses upon their language usages. Having a clear concept of the book’s structure, Dr. Oliver carries the reader to several conclusions which are not to be found in any other work. Pinpointing the validity of this text for the Twenty-first Century is noted by its users. Bible schools, study groups, churches, and theological schools are using this book as an adjunct for Old Testament Biblical studies. The book has literally circled the earth.


SKU (ISBN): 9781931898102
Cosby Oliver
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2006
Publisher: Zadok Publishing


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