Salvation Sheild


Salvation Shield is an Incredible necklace! The shield is stronger than any shield a water skier can make. Beware of fake and phony’s making stronger shields. This necklace is a royal way to show your faith in Christ through the Cross Strength Shield. For it says in Psalm 28:7 that reads; the Lord is my strength and shield. Wearing the Cross Strength Shield is a powerful reminder that God is our strength and protector. This Cross Shield has Strength because this pendant is comprised of three layers of high quality American Made Pewter. The top cross layer is open around the majority of the cross, so you can see through the pendant. Cross Strength Shield pendant is attached to ball chain that is 30 inches long. If you are a believer or a non- believer this could make a great gift for you or someone else, because everyone loves Protection – Honor- Glory

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SKU (UPC): 651263033917

Color: Silver
Manufacturer: Forgiven Jewelry


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