Remarriage And Adultery


For 3,300 years the Jews only allowed the man to initiate a divorce. Three important questions that are not being asked… 1) Was there a Scriptural basis for it? 2) Does those Scriptural principles mean anything to us Christians? 3) Was it taught in the New Testament by Jesus and Paul? The answer is yes to all three! There are many ethics and doctrines that we obtain from scripture and incorporate it into the Church and into Gentile’s lives that are turning to Jesus. Marriage, divorce and remarriage are one of those doctrines. God made a unilateral covenant with Abraham and his Seed by symbolically going between the slain animals. Jesus paid the bridal-price by being broken Himself and made a unilateral covenant with the Church. The Jewish people practice this unilateral marriage covenant called the ketubah. It establishes the marriage promises of the husband to his now betrothed wife. Some of the Jewish people believed since the marriage covenant was unilateral it allowed the man to unilaterally divorce his wife. While others (including various cultures) believed that acquiring a wife by means of a bridal-price (mohar) allowed the unilateral divorce. Although payment was traditionally given to the father the Orthodox Jews accept a gold wedding ring as a form of payment under the law similar to our engagement ring. But ultimately – all Jewish people and religious leaders agree that since the Torah said a woman is under the rule of her husband (Gen. 3:16) the laws of Deut. 24:1 were gender specific. Therefore; they believed only man could initiate the divorce and his wife could not. Paul now informs the Gentiles coming to Christ that a wife is not to divorce her husband (1 Cor. 7:10). But if she did divorce a husband, being that it was not lawful for her to do so, she cannot remarry another man (1 Cor. 7:11a). And Jesus commanded a man not to use the law as a vice to divorce his wife as the Jews did before him (1 Cor. 7:11b). This book answers questions after a divorce.

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Michael Sayen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
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