Racism And Black On Black Crime


Viewing racism and black on black crime from a biblical perspective is a spiritual thing and the natural man doesn t understand. It is also a creative twist on how to help people analyze how God laid emphasis on how the heart is the innermost spiritual link that influence our judgment both internally and externally. In Racism & Black On Black Crime you will learn that the heart is essential to our salvation, character, habits, thoughts, and our desire to do good and evil. You will also learn that God did not execute judgment, chastisement, blessings or cursing based on the color of our skin but because of sin and disobedience. You will further discover that God did not call us to be equal or unequal based on the color of our skin but he did call for us to be holy.


SKU (ISBN): 9781932307948
Oressa Springs
Binding: Perfect
Published: 2008
Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald International


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