Purity In An Impure Age


What is Christian purity? More than likely, it is not what you think. Purity is not Puritanism. Nor is it prudishness. These approaches to the body and sexuality actually flow from impurity. Christian purity is the ability to see the mystery of God revealed through the body and sexuality. As the Catechism says, purity of heart enables us to see according to God…; it lets us perceive the human body-ours and our neighbor’s as a …manifestation of divine beauty .

Pope John Paul II even describes the body as a theology. Why? Because the body and sexuality are meant to proclaim God’s eternal plan of love to the world.

In this series of talks, Christpher West explains:

How John Paul II’s theology of the body is the answer to the crisis of our times
Why John Paul II ordered the removal of several loin cloths that were painted on artwork in the Sistine Chapel
Why purity of heart is the key to human happiness and brings true sexual liberation
How to experience healing in your sexuality and renewal in your spirit
Your understanding of what it means to be pure of heart will never be the same again after you hear this powerful message

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SKU (ISBN): 9781932631098
Christopher West
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2009
Theology Of The Body
Publisher: Ascension Press


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