Milestones Volume 4 Creation And People


Can the universe tell us anything about God??

About ourselves??

What does the Bible say??

What does it mean for humans to be made in God’s image?

The more scientists discover about our Universe, the more they realize how delicate and fine-tuned are the conditions to support life. In fact, the more they investigate the universe we live in, the more it seems as if God’s design and purpose are all around us. Of course, science can only help explain some of the physical processes, but is incapable of explaining the meaning, purpose, and goal behind creation. So what does the Bible, God’s revelation, teach about creation? What does the Bible specifically teach about the creation of humanity? Are humans different from the rest of creation, and if so, how? And what are the everyday implications for being created in God’s image?


SKU (ISBN): 9781535965866
LifeWay Students
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2019
Publisher: LifeWay Christian Resources


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