Masters Plan For Your Family


*Two Plus One Equals A Successful Marriage
*The Husband As A Disciple
*The Wife As A Disciple
*How To Lead Your Child To Jesus
*Kids Come In Different Challenges
*The Family Bible
*The Family That Prays Together
*Building Character
*Teaching Your Children To Obey The Lord
*Tips For The Teen Years
*The Family As A Team Of Disciples
*Being There For The Grandchildren

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It can be hard to love our family, especially when they disappoint us, ignore us, or get in our face. But deep down we love them anyway, only wanting the best for them. But how do you know what is best? God has a master plan that will help you build family life His way. He spells out successful family living in the clear language of the Bible. In the process, you will make disciples where it matters most. See what His plan holds for you today!
These books are a great resource for small groups with 12 Short, digestible chapters, 10 engaging questions for each chapter, and challenging disciple-making steps for each chapter.


SKU (ISBN): 9781931744317
Jim Dyet | Jim Russell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2003
Discipled Nation Plan
Publisher: Amy Foundation

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