Mary Our Mother And Guide Participants Workbook (Workbook)


Mary and Mother Guide – Understanding Mary’s role in Salvation History, the Church, and Our Lives Today

For Catholics, Mary comes to us in much the same way our own mothers do. She is part of the family and there is a natural bond there. Yet many of us don’t fully understand her role in the family. Some people think that having deep emotional attachment to Mary is all there should be. Others never develop much of a relationship with her and struggle when they are greeted with the hostility surrounding Mary outside the Catholic Church and are unable to explain our devotion to Mary. These misconceptions keep us from more fully knowing and learning from Mary who, like no other, can show us how to more fully know her son Jesus and be faithful children of God.

This edition of the Catholic Faith Explorers series: Mary, Our Mother and Guide, you will learn with the Participants Workbook:

*what Scripture and Tradition have the say about Mary,
*who she is for us and how she points us to her Son,
*how Mary is related to us in the Body of Christ,
*how we can deepen our relationship with her as we deepen our relationship with God and his Holy Church, and
*how Mary shows us how to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.


SKU (ISBN): 9781932589184
Mark Shea
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2006
Catholic Faith Explorers
Publisher: Ignatius Press


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