Making A Better Confession (Deluxe)


1. In The Lord’s Presence
2. My Relationship With God
3. My Relationship With Those Nearest To Me
4. My Relationship With Everyone
5. My Relationship With God’s Other Creatures
6. My Relationship With Myself
7. The Sacrament
8. Times And Seasons
31 Pages

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I can never think of anything to tell.
I always seem to say the same old thing.
It’s just becomes routine.
I wish I could find a way to make a better confession.

Many of us are unhappy with our confessions. Father O’Connell helps unmask deep attitudes that lie at the root of our sins. With this guide, you will learn to ask the right questions to begin the process of self-discovery and reconciliation – the process of making better, more satisfying confessions.

Here is a sample of the questions that will help you examine your relationship with God, others, and yourself:
Am I faithful to daily prayer? How is my relationship with God? How is my relationship to those close to me? Do I respect others? Am I patient? What is my relationship with me? Am I often angry? Am I unwilling or afraid to say Yes to God?

Father O’Connell does not stop with these questions but challenges us to answer the big question WHY? As we cooperate with the Holy Spirit in uncovering the causes of our sinful self-centeredness, we truly prepare ourselves to make a better confession.


SKU (ISBN): 9780892438631
Published: 1995
Publisher: Liguori Publications


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