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The most foundational truth in Scripture is God’s unconditional, unending, unfailing love for His people. Throughout its pages, we find the breadth of love expressed in the forms of friendship, family, romance, marriage, and more. From the first love between Adam and Eve, to the bonding love of Joseph and Mary, to the deep, meaningful friendships like that of David and Jonathan, the Bible takes us on a journey of discovering how God’s unconditional love is expressed.

This workbook based on New York Times bestselling author Shannon Bream’s book, The Love Stories of the Bible Speak, walks you through thirteen biblical lessons on romance, friendship, and faith in various stories across the Bible where you’ll get a front row seat into the many challenges these men and women faced. As you explore these stories of love, you’ll be encouraged to renew your love for others and for God.

You will discover how God’s love is often very different from ours, turning our assumptions about life, relationships, and each other upside down. Each relationship focused on in this workbook displays similar obstacles to the ones we face today. Many encountered difficult conflicts and unspeakable challenges. Yet together they remind us that we are designed to both love and to be loved.

Each lesson includes four components:

REFLECT invites you to read key moments of each relationship in the Bible and see how the stories of characters in Scripture resemble your own experiences.

CONNECT asks you to consider how our Heavenly Father works throughout the Old and New Testaments to show us how he responds to our relational needs and design.

REVEAL provides an opportunity to identify specific ways in which we receive and offer love to others as well as receive and demonstrate love from God.

PRAY asks you to prayerfully consider how the love stories throughout Scripture tie into how God is challenging and growing your relationships today.

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Shannon Bream
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Published: May 2023
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