Is Eastern Orthodox Christian


To many Americans, Eastern Orthodoxy is limited to such ethnic immigrant communities as the Greek, Russian, Syrian, and Coptic churches. The Greek Orthodox Church is primarily known for its annual festivals. The Evangelical and Orthodox worlds are basically isolated from each other. To many Christians, Eastern Orthodoxy is simply Roman Catholicism without a Pope. But beginning in the 1980’s, thousands of evangelical pastors, missionaries and artists converted to Eastern Orthodoxy. The Orthodox Church in America has now experienced the largest mass conversions in its history. Dr. Robert Morey (PhD., DMin, DD, MDiv., BA) has spent over five years investigating the truth claims of Eastern Orthodoxy. With meticulous research and massive documentation, Dr. Morey has traced the historical and philosophic origins of its doctrines and rituals, and has now written the definitive Evangelical response to Eastern Orthodoxy. This work has already received international recognition for its careful scholarship, logical analysis, and biblical insight into the history and teachings of Eastern Orthodoxy and will be considered the classic Evangelical response to the Eastern Church for many years to come.


SKU (ISBN): 9781931230353
Robert Morey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2007
Publisher: Christian Scholar’s Press

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