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INSPIRE YOU Daily Devotions by Terry Ward Tucker stirs individuals to join hearts in heeding God’s guidance day-to-day.

It all started when Terry’s friends and family members began banding together to search for direction from their Heavenly Father. As they experienced the Spiritual power of friends-helping-friends grow closer to God’s Son in the Holy Spirit – a theme in all Terry’s work – they found themselves wanting to share more of Jesus’ love in their relationships. After all, our Savior first started spreading his Good News Gospel through personal connections with his disciples and instructing them to do the same. Which empowered this one small band of believers to change the world! When friends and family members asked Tucker – screenplay co-writer of faith-based movie, Only God Can – if she had any ideas to help them stay on track in their daily search for God’s help, she was elated. It felt like a miracle. The devotional book I was already working on was their answer – an encouraging collection of one-minute messages based on Scripture and prayers, formatted in convenient dailies that don’t require looking up verses. They are already written on each page. Terry’s concise messages could not be easier to scan by yourself or with others and discuss or ponder in your heart. She gives herself no credit for finding the discipline to write three hundred and sixty-six short messages – don’t forget leap year! I was inspired by every person who expressed a need to find time to commune with God day-to-day, but who felt defeated by life’s pressures. I asked the Holy Spirit for strength and inspiration to work every morning, hence the title, INSPIRE YOU Daily Devotions. Turns out, the effort was worth it. I am overjoyed so many people are finding my book’s brief devotions, verses, and prayers useful in helping them carve out time to seek God. And I am right there with them. I have never stopped going back to my own dailies. Why would I? Each one springs from verses out of God’s Word and from prayers from my own heart. And the best part is, over the course of a day, someone will usually call or message me to share a personal thought about a verse meaningful to them, or just express joy that Jesus loves us all so much. As Terry was compiling INSPIRE YOU Daily Devotions, she followed the advice of her Bible teachers from her home church in Charleston, SC – i

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SKU (ISBN): 9781734112207
Terry Tucker
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors

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