Gods Doorkeepers : Padre Pio Solanus Casey And Andre Bessette


I look on my whole life as giving, and I want to give and give until there is nothing left to give. – Solanus Casey, from the Introduction

Padre Pio and Andre Bessette would have readily agreed with Solanus Casey even though, on the surface, none of the three had much to give. All grew up in humble circumstances, each suffered poor health, and none achieved academic distinction or prominent positions in their religious orders. They were, to all appearances, the sort of people others overlook.

Yet in their lifetimes, untold numbers found physical and interior healing through their ministries, and since their deaths their fame has grown enormously. Their secret was the secret of every successful Christian life: In complete humility, they abandoned themselves to the will of God.

Bessette and Casey literally answered the door at their monasteries, and Pio was something of a spiritual doorkeeper in the confessional. ‘God’s Doorkeepers’ reveals how these miracle-workers, in spite of their lowly circumstances, inspired and continue to inspire those who seek a healing encounter with God.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780867166996
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2006
Publisher: Servant Publications


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