From Darkness To Dawn


Mary was born October 29, 1948 in a small town called West Orange, New Jersey. She had everything any little girl dreamed of, everything with the exception of her mother s love and affection, something she longed for and wanted. Her world was a beautiful one, a world made up of simplicity and beauty, innocence and charm, until that awful stormy night in 55. From the rejection of her mother, the sexual abuse of her great uncle that lasted almost a decade, to an early marriage at sixteen, to an abusive husband that almost destroyed her completely. With little to nothing left, Mary took a leap of faith and traveled twenty five hundred miles just to make a new beginning. After thirty years later, God has made wrong right; the Lord gave her beauty for ashes. Mary has now remarried and together she and her husband have six children and eighteen grandchildren. Mary and her husband live in the San Bernardino Hills, and together they have a street ministry of twenty three years as well as a small animal rescue team.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781932307917
Mary Adams
Binding: Perfect
Published: 2008
Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald International


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