Friend Day Resource Packet With CDs


Nation’s Most Popular Attendance Campaign! Now includes Friend Day Updates CD, containing newly designed promotional materials including personalizable letters, bulletins, emails, and planning calendar. In addition, the CD offers the original promotional material in PDF format that you may print to use with your Friend Day if you enjoy the nostalgic classic characters of Friend Day.

his resource lays out a complete 4-week attendance campaign with an evangelistic thrust. Two basic techniques make Friend Day so successful:
1. Each member brings one friend…no need to confront strangers.
2. The organized, easy-to-do follow up provides a personal touch that will bring back visitors…again and again.

Proven to double attendance on Friend Day in most churches, more than double in some. Proper follow-up maintains higher than normal attendance afterward.

Includes: Planning Section, Teaching Helps, Promotional Materials, Audio CDs with instruction and lessons, and How to Reach Your Friends for Christ book, and Friend Day Updates CD of new promotional material.

Planning section offers step-by-step agenda, Friend Day activities and follow-up activities, pointers on using Friend Day, successful ideas, suggested Friendship Packet items, guidelines for post-Friend Day visits, master calendar. Teaching Helps include how to instructions, Bible verses on friendship, quotes, sermon outlines, adult/teen lessons, children’s lessons.

Promotion section includes how to use promotion, sample press release and letters, posters, letterhead, postcards, Let’s Take Inventory, Friendly Contract, and more.

Audio CDs contain: Introduction; How to Plan a Friend Day; Lesson 1: What Is a Friend? Lesson 2: How to Be a Friend; Lesson 3: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Friend; Lesson 4: How to Be a Friend of God; and Suggested Sermons.

Note: While the Friend Day campaign itself lasts 4 weeks (weekly lessons, sermons, ending with Friend Day), you will want to allow 3-4 weeks of preparation and promotion leading up to that four-week emphasis.

This classic Friend Day resource packet was last updated in 1994. Those who have formerly used Friend Day, may want to order the Friend Day Tune-Up Kit (item 501V) for new lessons and/or the Friend Day Updates CD (item 501U) for new promotional material. In addition, the newest resource based on Friend Day is My Friendship Connection (item 539), by Dr. Elmer Towns and Rev. Vernon Brady.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781570522291
Elmer Towns
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 2014
Publisher: Four Ministries


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