Daniel Boone : Bravery On The Frontier


Introduce children to the exciting true stories of heroes of history.

A teenage boy named Daniel Boone
loved roaming through the woods.
He hunted bears and buffalo
and beavers when he could.

North Carolina, where he lived,
had rough and rugged land,
and Daniel searched its forests with
a rifle in his hand.

Unexplored, wild land beckoned young Daniel Boone (1734-1820). As a teenager, he hunted and sold beaver skins. As a family man, he trekked through uncharted territory in the Kentucky wilderness, blazing the Wilderness Road and founding the settlement of Boonesborough.

With wit and bravery, this frontiersman and natural leader persevered through confrontations with Indians, British soldiers, and fellow settlers, pushing America’s borders west and establishing himself as a national legend. Now Heroes of History for Young Readers makes Daniel Boone’s remarkable story available in this picture book all ages will treasure.

Whether reading for themselves or being read to, children love the captivating rhyming poems and unforgettable color illustrations of the Heroes of History for Young Readers series.


SKU (ISBN): 9781932096613
Renee Meloche | Illustrator: Bryan Pollard
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2002
Heroes For Young Readers # 5
Publisher: YWAM Publishing


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