Conversation : How Talk Can Change Our Lives


The book that will forever change the way we talk to each other at home, at work and in love
Do you want better conversations with your lover, your colleagues at work, your family, friends or strangers, or yourself? Conversation explains what kind of talk charmed and excited people in the past, and why we talk differently today. It explores the art and the history of conversation and how it can be the key to a happier, more interesting future. It shows how women have changed the ways lovers speak, how families avoid silence or boredom, how your work can damage or improve the way you converse, and what role there is for the tongue-tied and shy. This book will enable you to see more clearly what you want to talk about, and what conversation can do to your life.

Conversation began as a series of talks broadcast on the BBC. They proved to be so popular that they were recently published in book form to great success in Britain and throughout Europe.


SKU (ISBN): 9781587680007
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2000
Hidden Spring
Publisher: Paulist Press


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