Chronicles Of The Hedge


Approaching the eve of the third millennium, there was great anticipation for the future of mankind. Optimism flourished, humanity teetered on the edge of the old order, ready to explode into the new. Slowly, however, the darker side of human nature once again manifested itself. The quest for power became paramount to all else; territorial politics and class battles became the cry of the day. Dreams of the perfect world began to fade. These struggles saw many groups fall from the political landscape. As with the early Church, those professing a Christian faith became outcasts. Under heavy persecution, they were forced to practice their faith in secret underground enclaves. Their persecutors were determined to finish the Christian genocide that had begun over two thousand years ago. Humanity’s Edge (HEdge) is the reigning world government. Ten consortium members representing every sector of the globe make up the HEdge Council, the supreme authority of the land. Living under the


SKU (ISBN): 9781931232340
Jeff Ovall
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2001
Publisher: Xulon Press

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