Armstrong And The Mexican Mystery


Fans of Harry Turtledove and Eric Flint will rejoice at this third entry in the rip-roaring alternate history Custer of the West series from an award winning author and historian. Watch out for shades of “The Wild, Wild West,” as George Armstrong Custer unearths a remnant of the lost city of Atlantis in the Old West– and battles a cabal of Atlantans for the fate of America itself! A great place to enter the Custer of the West series!

Armstrong is back! In the rip-roaring third book in the “Custer of the West” series, General Armstong Custer–traveling incognito as Marshall Armstrong Armstrong since his supposed death during the Battle of Little Bighorn–finds an unlikely ally in Kirk Callahan, a former mercenary for the Austrian Emperor of Mexico, Maximillian.

On a mission for vengeance against the Juaristas who attempted to lynch Callahan, the two travel South, battling with bloodthirsty bandits in pursuit of a rumored treasure guarded by the living descendants of the lost city of Atlantis. Upon their arrival, however, the heroes uncover a horrifying underworld fueled by kidnappings, forced labor, and deadly dealings that threaten to destroy an entire population to keep the Atlantians alive. Will Armstrong foil the Atlantians plot before it’s too late.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781684512355
H. W. Crocker
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2022
Custer Of The West
Publisher: Regnery Publishing


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