2 Samuel (Student/Study Guide)


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The book of 2 Samuel continues the narrative begun in 1 Samuel, with David being acclaimed king in Israel. He makes Jerusalem his royal city and brings the Ark of the Lord there.

Second Samuel tells of the glory and success of David’s reign, as well as of his weaknesses and failures. David’s sin with Bathsheba, the rape of his daughter Tamar, by her half-brother Amnon, and the rebellion of his son Absalom are all recounted within its pages.

As you study 2 Samuel, you will see that God uncovers David’s humanity. You will witness his lust, his horror at his own sinfulness, and his willingness to repent and acknowledge his sin. You will watch him grieve over his willingness to submit to God’s judgments upon him. You will discover that this man after God’s own heart (see Acts 13:22) was a sinful human, like us all, who had to depend on God’s mercy and faithfulness.

As with all the other books of the Bible, 2 Samuel records man’s failure and God’s faithfulness.


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Nancy Collins | Kathy Rowland
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Published: 2012
Joy Of Living Bible Study
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