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Merle Franke

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  • Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit Cycle A


    Storytelling is the way much of the Gospel is presented to us. Many or most of today’s dynamic preachers make wide use of narratives in their preaching. This book provides 56 stories that enhance the preacher’s ability to drive home the message of the scripture texts. It is a valuable addition to every lectionary preacher’s resource library.

    *Two boys decide to paint their old car. They think it will be an easy task until their father teaches them that “preparation is the most important part of the job.”
    *A tenant farmer collects scrap farm machinery to be sold for the production of war weapons …
    *A grandfather teaches his grandson about the virtue of patience in waiting for a garden to grow.

    These themes and many others become skillfully woven word pictures. They keep listeners in rapt attention and enable the preacher to impress the meaning of the scripture texts on their minds.

    Chapter titles include:
    *Invitation From A Jogger
    *The Credit Line
    *The Bible Class
    *Better Than The Lottery
    *Even Junkyard Dogs Need Forgiveness
    *New Life On A Dead Mountain

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  • In Others Words


    This collection of 12 short stories tells the parables of Jesus again in other words.

    The intent highlights the same point or moral carried by the scriptural version of the parable.

    Merle G. Franke places each story in a 1990s setting with characters and situations familiar to all. Each parable has a contemporary title. Each has a scriptural reference for easy identification.

    Four stories are based on parables from Matthew and eight from Luke. This collection is useful for sermon preparation, group Bible study or for reading enjoyment.

    Parables include:
    Impatient Planter — Matthew 13:1-23
    The Contractor’s Choice — Matthew 20:1-16
    Which Ones Were Lost? — Luke 15:1-10
    Blind In One Eye … — Luke 16:19-31

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