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Mark Pattie

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  • Pietist Option : Hope For The Renewal Of Christ


    Introduction: “Come Back To Jesus”

    Part I: Christianity In The Early Twenty-First Century
    1. What’s Wrong?
    2. Hoping For Better Times

    Part II: Proposals For Renewal
    3. A More Extensive Listening To The Word Of God
    4. The Common Priesthood For The Common Good
    5. Christianity As Life
    6. The Irenic Spirit: Unity, Mission, And Witness
    7. Whole-Person, Whole-Life Formation
    8. Proclaiming The Good News

    Benediction: “Like A Tree Planted By Water”
    Appendix: Learn More About Pietism
    Study Guide
    Name Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    Historian Mark Noll has written that historic Pietism “breathed a badly needed vitality” into post-Reformation Europe. Now the time has come for Pietism to revitalize Christianity in post-Christendom America.

    In The Pietist Option, Christopher Gehrz, a historian of Pietism, and Mark Pattie, a pastor in the Pietist tradition, show how Pietism holds great promise for the church-and the world-today. Modeled after Philipp Spener’s 1675 classic, Pia Desideria, this timely book makes a case for the vitality of Pietism in our day.

    Taking a hard look at American evangelicalism and why it needs renewal, Gehrz and Pattie explore the resources that Pietism can provide the church of the twenty-first century. This concise and winsome volume serves as a practical guide to the Pietist ethos for life and ministry, pointing us toward the renewal so many long for.

    The Pietist Option introduces Pietism to those who don’t know it-and reintroduces it to those who perceive it as an outdated and inward-focused spirituality, a nitpicking divisiveness, or an anti-intellectual withdrawal. With its emphasis on our walk with Jesus and its vibrant hope for a better future, Pietism connects decisively with the ideas and issues of our day. Here is a revitalizing option for all who desire to be faithful and fruitful in God’s mission.

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