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Mark Hanby

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  • Prayer Of Love Devotional


    49 Days to a New Purpose
    By investing just forty-nine days in this adventure of love, readers will find new purpose and meaning for a life of love.

    The first twenty-one days of the seven-week cycle focus on changing old habits. This is accomplished through inner evaluation, defining objectives, and commitment. The second twenty-one days are all about making new habits through strengthening character, operating in the supernatural, and living out your ideals. The final seven days will help you reinforce your new, loving habits through testimonies of a victorious life.
    Based on the book “The Prayer of Love,” this joy-filled forty-nine-day devotional will help you break old unloving habits, create new habits of love, and firmly establish the new person God wants you to become.

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  • Amaze Us O God


    Discover the twelve spiritual keys that unlock the door to real-life experiences of the miraculous.

    12 Spiritual Keys to the Heavenly Realms

    In this amazing book, Dr. Mark Hanby shares twelve spiritual keys that will open the doors to God’s miraculous intervention into life here on earth. Based on years of his own personal experience and the testimony of other amazed believers, Hanby opens his life and ministry to share these easily accessible but precious keys:

    1. Amazing Heritage
    2. Amazing Wonders
    3. Amazing Awakening
    4. Amazing Word
    5. Amazing Belief
    6. Amazing Trust
    7. Amazing Hope
    8. Amazing Selflessness
    9. Amazing Coincidence
    10. Amazing Spiritual Awareness
    11. Amazing Compassion
    12. Amazing Prayer

    God’s blessings are waiting for you-He desires to rain them down in abundant living. As you step out in faith-expecting God to meet you right where you are-you will discover the amazing world of God’s outpouring.

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