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  • How To Experience Revival Journal Edition


    This is a handbook for Christian workers who wish to learn the simple principles of the promise of revival. Charles Finney reveals his personal secrets on how to experience revival. These dynamic messages leave no doubt about what it takes to win our world to Christ.

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  • Holy Spirit Revivals


    Charles Finney’s ministry led to some of the most amazing revivals that have ever occurred in the United States or England. In Holy Spirit Revivals, Finney recalls those events, revealing the secrets that led to the mass conversions of lost souls in his meetings throughout upstate New York, as well as in Boston, Philadelphia, and London.

    Unafraid of offending delicate ears by addressing the problem of sin head on, Finney’s dedication to prayer, his understanding of Scripture, and his radical reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit are a great template for believers today.

    An outstanding resource for anyone interested in seeing a revival of faith in the church, Holy Spirit Revivals is a treasured account of one of the greatest Christian preachers in history.

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  • Finney On Revival


    Finney wrote, A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God.
    Charles Finney brought forth God’s Word with a boldness and clarity that resulted in the salvation of more than half a million people, and over 85% of the people who found Christ through his ministry remained faithful to the Lord throughout their lives.

    G. Gilchrist Lawson wrote this about him, He was the greatest evangelist and theologian since the days of the apostles, and the reader of this Pure Gold Classic will understand why.

    Finney said: The treasure is in Heaven. A pure heart cannot be a friend of the universe. The Christian warfare is a war between the will and Satan. To commit yourself to Christ implies that you merge yourself in Him–make Him your end of life–make His glory your supreme end in all you do. You merger your will in His will, so that, apart from Him, you will have no will of your own. You wish for nothing, save what pleases Him, The Bible teaches that sin is forgiven when it is repented of, but never while it is persisted in.

    Charles Finney, as the above quotes reveal was blessed with a passion for souls, the fire of John the Baptist, and great zeal for the truth of God’s Word. Each chapter within this compelling book abounds with God-pleasing thoughts, anecdotes, suggestions, and words of encouragement that will produce a yearning and hunger in the reader for a true revival that will bring about true changes in people’s lives.

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  • Sermons On Important Subjects


    In this collection of some of his greatest sermons, Charles Finney delves into Scripture to reveal how you can reach a deeper experience of God’s love and power, as He prepares you for eternity. Through this timeless wisdom, you will…
    *Strengthen your faith
    *Be assured of eternal life
    *Renew your spiritual walk
    *Escape Satan’s entrapment
    *Fulfill God’s purposes for your life
    *Be a blessing to the Lord
    *Win others to Christ

    God has laid heaven, earth, and hell before you in order to bring you to a life of peace and joy that is perfectly united with Him. As you acknowledge what Jesus has done for you, you will experience the amazing free favor of God.

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  • Living Your Faith


    You say you are living for God, but do you enjoy living the Christian life? Have you taken hold of all the promises and privileges that are yours through faith, or are you missing out on much that God has for you? Charles Finney explains how you can be free from guilt and sin and live a life of destiny, clean and pure before the Lord. Read this book and you will:
    * Learn of the dangers of idolatry
    * Discern between true and false repentance
    * Discover the difference between religion and saving faith
    * Begin to follow the path of true obedience
    * Walk in the steps of practical Christian living
    * Experience the true joy of holiness through the Holy Spirit

    If your faith needs to be rekindled, this book will show you how to experience a supercharged faith! Discover a new power and joy in everything you do as you begin Living Your Faith.

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  • Power From God


    13 Chapters

    Additional Info
    His words seemed to fasten like arrows in the souls of men. They cut like a sword. Like the power of a hammer, they broke down strongholds. Multitudes experienced this power. Often, just a look or a single sentence would bring conviction and result in an almost immediate conversion to Christ.
    This was the life and ministry of Charles Finney, the life of a Christian filled with power from on high.
    A Fresh Anointing . . .
    God’s power enables us to move past our own insecurities and weaknesses and accomplish great things in the kingdom of God.
    With this outpouring, Christians of all ages and circumstances have found . . .
    The power to enthusiastically proclaim the Gospel
    The gift of understanding God’s truths
    The ability to teach God’s Word
    The strength to obey Christ, no matter what
    The power of a holy life
    God’s promise to pour out His Spirit and power on us. Open your heart to God and receive a fresh anointing that will transform your life, your community, and the world.
    Walk in the power of God!

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  • Spirit Filled Life


    You can be a Spirit-filled and fruit-bearing Christian, bringing great glory to God. Discover the joy of knowing that your salvation is secure and that your faith will lead you to a victorious life.

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  • Secret Of Faith



    Additional Info
    The Holy Spirit is ready to reveal Christ to you in such a way that, by faith in Him, you will gain victory in every area of your life. Here is the answer you have been seeking about how you can receive miracle-working faith. With the shield of faith, you can overcome life’s challenges. Using the knowledge in these pages, you will begin to soar over every obstacle.

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