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  • Gospel Of John For Teen Girls Bible Study Book With Video Access (Student/Study


    Peace Over Chaos

    In this 7-session study on the Gospel of John, Melissa Spoelstra will encourage you to slow down and discover the pace of walking with Jesus. You’ll be challenged to take on the posture of a learner-understanding that the peace Jesus offers is not an ease of circumstances but a hope and assurance found in His presence. Through this study, you’ll grow closer to Him and learn to live, serve, and rest in who He is.

    Video Sessions:

    Session 1: Introduction (01:46)-Melissa Spoelstra introduces the study on the Gospel of John by setting the context.

    Session 2: Peace in the Plan of Jesus (01:40)-Session 2 centers on savoring peace in the plan of Jesus. Melissa helps us focus on how God’s plan for salvation was accomplished by His power, evidenced His great love for us, and displayed His glory.

    Session 3: Peace in the Power of Jesus (01:52)-Melissa introduces the idea about savoring peace in the power of Jesus. She challenges us to rest in the truth that God is powerfully able and willing to help us in our time of need.

    Session 4: Peace in the Patience of Jesus (01:50)-In Session 4, Melissa focuses on savoring peace in the patience of Jesus. She challenges us to find Jesus as our only source of satisfaction.

    Session 5: Peace in the Purpose of Jesus (01:49)-Savoring peace in the purposes of Jesus is the theme of the Session 5 video teaching.

    Session 6: Peace in the Promise of Jesus (01:53)-The Session 6 video highlights truths found in Jesus’s teaching and prayer found in John 14-17 that help us savor peace in His promises.

    Session 7: Peace in the Passion of Jesus (02:26)-In the final session, Melissa draws our attention to the last four chapters of John as we look at savoring peace in the passion of Jesus.

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  • Faith Beyond Youth Group


    Most typical youth ministries today produce nice, obedient kids who behave themselves–and then leave the church and the faith. Even those who remain struggle to extend their own faith beyond youth group. They seem like “good kids,” but their lives and decisions outside youth group aren’t oriented towards Jesus. Clearly that is not our goal. So what are we doing wrong? And how can we better serve the unique needs of the most anxious, adaptive, and diverse generation in history?

    If you’re tired of youth ministry that fails to change lives, it’s time to change youth ministry. Building on two decades of the Fuller Youth Institute’s work and incorporating extensive new research and interviews, Faith Beyond Youth Group identifies the reasons youth ministry often fails both short-term and long-term, and offers five ways adult youth leaders can cultivate character for a lifetime of growing closer to Jesus rather than drifting away. It shows leaders how to cultivate trust, model growth, teach for transformation, practice together, and make meaning so that the teenagers can become adults who hold fast to the truth 24/7 and boldly live out a robust faith in a watching world.

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  • Jesus And Women For Teen Girls Bible Study Book (Student/Study Guide)


    Biblical Studies, Kristi McLelland

    Additional Info
    “Take heart, daughter.” Matthew 9:22
    Jesus brought comfort, restoration, and salvation to women thousands of years ago. And this gospel hope is available to you today, too. Join biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland as she takes you back to Jesus’s first-century world, explaining the historical and cultural climate of His day to help you know Him more dearly.

    This 8-session teen Bible study is a thoughtful look at several of Jesus’s interactions with women in the Bible that will fuel your worship of the Living God.

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  • Next Gen Faith


    When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth? (Luke 18:8)

    Jesus’s question is one that should bother all Christians. Increasing numbers of people don’t go to church. Only 4 percent of those born between 1998 and 2013 have a biblical worldview. The rest don’t believe in the Bible, absolute moral truth, or a loving, all-powerful Creator. They don’t even believe in the concept of sin.

    We have failed. We have not taken to heart the biblical admonishment to pass on our faith from one generation to the next.

    Yet youth pastor Jeff Grenell believes that once American teens and young adults discover that God is even more amazing than Stranger Things, “they will be hooked.”

    He notes, “Our world is familiar with the supernatural, but the church is foreign to it. If this changes in the church today, we may have one of the best apologetic tools to reach this generation because the supernatural is in the DNA of the church and its message. Most American teenagers and youth culture are drawn to the spectacular and the spiritual.”

    Jeff has written Next Gen Faith: 12 Spiritual Practices for Youth in an effort to reverse the godless trend among the next generations. Written in the vein of the classic Christian book The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, Next Gen Faith is designed to provide key steps for spiritual formation for both Christian adults who work with youth as well as teens and young adults themselves.

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  • Manga Majesty : The Revelation Of The End Times!


    Manga Majesty: The Revelation of the End Times! is a biblically accurate retelling of the book of Revelation presented in authentic Japanese Manga style. This last book in the six-volume series from NEXTmanga combines cutting-edge illustration with fast-paced storytelling to deliver biblical truth to an ever-changing, postmodern culture. More than 10 million books in over 40 different languages have been distributed worldwide in the series. Manga is the visual language of the world’s largest unreached people group: the worldwide youth culture. NEXTmanga brings the story of the Bible into the heart language of young people everywhere using this innovative graphic novel format.

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  • Because Of Gracia A Film And Faith Leaders Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    Because of Gracia: A Film and Faith Leader’s Guide equips youth pastors and small group leaders to explore the key themes in this award-winning film through a life-changing discipleship curriculum. The nine-week guide contains three weeks of “Conversations” on three core topics from the film, Practicing Friendship (God’s Design for Relationships), Choosing Life (Teen Pregnancy and the Sanctity of Life), and Voicing Faith (Defending Christianity in Public). The Because of Gracia Leader’s Guide is designed for use with the related Because of Gracia Film and Faith Conversation Guide for students, a unique hybrid experience that offers complementary material for small group sessions, as well as daily reflections for students to use throughout the week in “conversation partner” pairs. The resulting 45-day experience allows young Christians to pursue discipleship with others, while helping them to wrestle with the difficult issues they’re facing today. The Because of Gracia curriculum was created to affirm that with God’s amazing and empowering grace, young people CAN live in a new way.

    Take your students on a spiritual journey alongside Gracia, Chase, and the rest of Eastglenn High as they face life-altering decisions, learning that grace is both the gift of mercy when we fail and our empowerment to live in truth and light.

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  • Plan To Protect US Edition


    A protection plan for children and youth;
    A protection plan for those who work with them.

    Plan to Protect (TM) is not about what we need to do to run programs and activities, and it is not about placing a hardship on your staff and volunteers. Abuse prevention and protection of children and young people is not something we have to do, but something we have the privilege of doing. It is a privilege to create a safe environment in order to have our communities trust us with their family members.
    As you implement Plan to Protect (TM) your efforts are a ministry in itself to:

    protect children

    protect young people

    demonstrate your care for your staff and volunteers

    demonstrate care to parents and family members

    empower and nurture the healing of victim-survivors

    demonstrate grace, restoration and welcome to the offender that comes into your church

    demonstrate accountability and integrity and

    bring Glory to God

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  • Gospel Centered Youth Ministry


    Youth ministry is an essential part of most evangelical churches. And yet, there is a surprising lack of resources written specifically for youth workers focused on viewing all aspects of youth ministry through a gospel-focused lens. Featuring contributions from a host of experienced youth workers from a wide variety of churches, this how-to manual offers guidance related to every facet of youth ministry, from planning short-term mission trips to working with parents. Theologically rooted yet eminently practical, this handbook will equip youth leaders to effectively shepherd the young people under their care-training them to live faithfully in their homes, churches, and schools.

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  • Skinny On Communication


    Everything you do and say sends a message to the people around you. So what message are you sending to the teenagers in your youth group-and to their parents and to other people connected to your ministry? It’s impossible to meet teenagers’ foundational needs without effective communication. And the more effectively you communicate, the better you can give your students exactly what they’re seeking and needing.The Skinny on Communication isn’t about formulas or a five-step plan that will solve your communication problems as a youth worker. But it will guide you through specific principles that can move you closer toward mastering this vital skill. You’ll explore practical ideas for communicating effectively with teenagers, parents, and other partners in your ministry-and you’ll see how all of these practices can be rooted in Christ-like love. Prepare to be challenged, and allow yourself to be surprised. And along the way, re-examine your assumptions and seek a fresh perspective on communicating effectively as a youth worker.

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  • Skinny On Service


    Take a look around at the brokenness in this world and its spiritual poverty. Jesus wants to change all of that, and he’s looking for teenagers who want that change to start in them. Youth worker, that’s where you come in! When your students serve others, they’re serving Jesus. Serving helps teenagers draw closer to Jesus and become more like him. And serving creates opportunities to talk about Jesus and share his amazing good news. Ultimately, every act of genuine Christian service points to Jesus’ act of service on the cross.The Skinny on Service unpacks the powerful reasons why it’s important for you and your students to serve others, but you’ll also get page after page of practical ideas on how to serve. You’ll be equipped to help teenagers discover the joy of serving faithfully “before,” even if they don’t personally get to see the fruit “after.” Teenagers aren’t just looking for a great youth worker-they’re looking for a Christ-follower who is leaving footsteps they can step into. And when you lead the way by serving, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

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  • Skinny On Outreach


    Does the idea of outreach excite you? Does it intimidate you? Does it frustrate you? In the context of youth ministry, outreach is simply looking beyond yourself and equipping teenagers to do the same. It’s about a commitment to encouraging and equipping teenagers to engage in a lifestyle of sharing the world-altering message of Jesus. Jesus commands us to reach out, compassion compels us to reach out, and true discipleship calls us to reach out. The Skinny on Outreach delivers specific, tangible ideas for building a youth ministry where teenagers discover how every area of life offers ongoing opportunities for relational evangelism. This book will fuel your passion for reaching out and sharing the message of Jesus-and for inviting teenagers into this exciting adventure, too. When your teenagers are on a mission with Jesus and telling people about him, they’ll also grow deeply in him. Help your students become life-changing ambassadors for Jesus’ message of grace and hope. And join Jesus in the quest for the unreached teenagers in your community!

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  • Skinny On Parents


    Parents are the biggest influence on the lives of teenagers-a fact that research has proved again and again. Yet interactions with parents can be one of the trickiest areas for a youth worker to navigate well. Great youth ministries are passionate about helping parents-the key influence on teenage faith-succeed in their God-given roles. That’s the foundational message of The Skinny on Parents, which will lead you toward a place where you focus more of your energy on resourcing, equipping, partnering with, and empowering parents. Parents are not the enemy. Ignoring them will diminish the impact of your ministry. Most parents struggle with fears but also want help. And you can come alongside them to partner in helping teenagers fully step into a life of faith. This book is filled with practical ideas that will energize your ministry to parents and families. And if you as a youth worker provide help in a way that allows parents to feel more equipped and confident, then everyone wins: families, teenagers, and your youth ministry!

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