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  • Treasure Workbook : Uncovering Principles That Govern Success (Workbook)


    Study guide companion to Treasure, by best-selling author Edwin Louis Cole, which uncovers immutable principles that govern success.

    Describes the keys that have helped successful people worldwide prosper at a higher level:
    All of life is based on principles and follows patterns. Patterns are ways in which the universe operates. You will become successful and begin to prosper when you base your life on sound principles and establish proper patterns that work for you. This study guide is helpful for both individual or in a group discipleship setting.

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  • Never Quit Workbook (Workbook)


    If you’ve ever wanted to quit, read this first!

    Stress. Change. Crisis! Everyone know what it’s like. Everyone has been tempted to walk away, forget it, give up. “Crisis is normal to life,” best-selling author Edwin Louis Cole teaches. But God has a way for you to become a winner in every situation.

    Facing the challenge of a job loss, a mid-life crisis, a troubled marriage, moving, financial difficulties and general stress can become the fuel that propels you to your greatest victories and success!

    In this study guide for the best-selling book, Edwin Louis Cole offers real, sensible solutions to contemporary changes and crises. You’ll learn…

    *What to do in crisis
    *Ten steps to leave the old and enter the new
    *How to transform crisis into overwhelming success
    *What is your part; what is God’s part?

    When life is just too tough, God’s faithfulness is tougher. Even if you’re tempted to quit, you can make it through!

    Edwin Louis Cole was known for his practical application of wisdom. Using pithy statements and a confrontational style that demanded social responsibility and family leadership, he mentored hundreds of thousands of men worldwide. Over five million people studied his principles in the last fifty years. His powerful books have become the most widely-used Christian men’s resources in the world.

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  • Good Life : 15 Essential Habits For Living With Hope And Joy


    In this internationally bestselling book, Pope Francis shares fifteen rules for how to live a happy and fulfilling life.

    Life can be hard, but no matter what challenges you are facing, Pope Francis wants you to know you were created by God for this moment. There is always a way to find joy and to celebrate the wonder of the life we have been given.

    In this brand-new book, Pope Francis offers fifteen mindsets that allow readers to find hope and meaning in every circumstance. He encourages us to defend and protect the light that shines in us, to believe in the beautiful, to find meaning in the struggles, to work for peace, and to build something wherever we are. He also reminds us of the importance of gratitude, warns Christians against complacency, and encourages real, face-to-face connection over conversations merely on screens. He points us toward the light, and also opens up with powerful vulnerability about times he has faced the darkness himself, calling us all to meaningful prayer.

    None of us knows how many days are left before us. The wisdom in this heartfelt collection will encourage, inspire, equip, and ultimately help you to live a beautiful and meaningful life.

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  • Think Ahead Workbook (Workbook)


    We all want to make great decisions, but frequently, we don’t. When the moment of truth arrives, we make choices that we later regret. It causes us to wonder if we actually can begin to make better decisions for our lives.

    Pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel understands this dilemma that we all face. From both personal experience and as a minister and counselor to others, he knows what it is like to be trapped in a cycle of bad decision-making. But over time, he has discovered how to short-circuit the bad-decision cycle, make wise decisions, and begin to become the person God wants us to be.

    In the Think Ahead Workbook, which accompanies the book of the same name, Craig draws on the truth of Scripture and the latest research in human behavior to reveal the power of making decisions in advance–what we might call “pre-deciding”–to position ourselves to make the choices we really want to make and avoid those choices that we do not want to make. In the process, he reveals:

    *The science behind many of our decision-making habits
    *How our small choices shape the kind of people we become
    *Practical steps we can employ to combat decision fatigue
    *How to develop the ability to diminish the role of emotions in decision-making

    Are you ready to choose who you will become and live the life you really want to live? If so, this workbook will provide you with a clear biblical path on how to get there and think ahead.

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  • Sugarcoated : Finding Sweet Release From Cravings That Control Us


    All around the world, women yearn for a perfect life they can never grasp. They want to be successful, attractive, sexually fulfilled, and free from distress.

    Rather than turning to God, too many try to feast on everything under the sun–diet pills, pornography, shopping sprees, one-night stands, and social media–anything to hit that sweet spot.

    In the end, they are left with a deep sense of shame that can draw them further down into a spiral of bingeing, hiding, and emotional self-flagellation. They totally get Paul’s woeful lament, “I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing” (Romans 7:19).

    Consequently, these women build a wall between themselves and God. They fear divine retribution for their chosen form of gluttony while simultaneously operating under the false assumption that God doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

    As author Angie Haskell notes, “This dangerous form of beratement worms its way into every facet of women’s lives. It burrows into their psyche, making them believe that demeaning treatment from others, as well as themselves, is perfectly normal. And if they dare throw caution to the wind, stepping out in their stilettos to stand up for what they need, it is often met with assumptions from others that their morals and values have flown out the window.”

    These women feel alone, unseen and unsatisfied, but Angie wades into their despair. With disarming wit and boldness, she empowers readers to take a hard look at their secret cravings, understand where they are coming from, and get on a path that leads to emotional and physical health.

    In a society that has become dangerously divisive, Angie reassures women that they’re still deserving of a relationship with God while also standing up for themselves and their needs.

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  • Even When : Experiencing God’s Presence During Difficult Days – 40 Devotion


    From award-winning author Sara Cormany, Even When is a raw and reflective devotional that ushers readers into God’s presence during difficult times and reminds us that even our hardest stories are written by the hand of a good God.

    In these uniquely challenging and unprecedented post-pandemic times, the notion that God’s goodness ensures an easy journey has been met by the unfaltering truth that life is hard. It’s not a question of if there will be trials, but when. Sara Cormany knows this reality all too well. However, through personal health complications and family tragedy, she has chosen to believe that Jesus is enough.

    Even When beautifully weaves together the inevitability of hard times with the unyielding heart of God’s goodness and inspires readers to experience His presence amid the storm in their lives. Each devotion begins with an “Even when…” statement, followed by a poignant personal story, a Bible verse, and a thought-provoking question that will encourage readers to embrace the truth that God is enough — even in our darkest moments.

    This powerful devotional helps readers to:

    *Become more comfortable with the difficult truth that life not only can, but will be hard.
    *Reflect on where God has shown up in their own hardships.
    *Experience God’s goodness while enduring life’s challenges.
    *Explore what it looks like to “suffer well” and trust God as Jesus did on the Cross.
    *Love God and know God’s love in a fallen world.

    Vulnerable and authentic, Even When strikes a universal chord and points readers toward the heart of God’s goodness in even the most challenging of circumstances, knowing that even when life is hard, He is always good

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  • Fight The Good Fight


    Hard choices lie ahead, Christians. The bestselling team of James Robison and Jay Richards show what’s at stake in our post-Christian society, how to prepare, and why we must never forget that the battle, above all, is spiritual.

    Our rulers have kicked aside our Constitution and common sense. They have demonized our heroes. Now they’re trying to erase the difference between male and female. All while running up unimaginable and catastrophic debt.

    What’s left for Christians in such a society, where dissent invites ruinous retribution? Should they retreat? Fight back? Something else?

    God is not finished with us as a nation, but if we’re going to get off the road to ruin, we must do more than slow down and conserve whatever good remains: We must repent. That means a hard, 180-degree turn–and fast.

    If we’ll pray, think straight, persuade other lovers of truth to join us, and fight together–wise as serpents and innocent as doves–then there’s still hope.

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  • End Of The World As You Know It


    Thinking about the end times isn’t supposed to terrify you

    Christians rightly turn to the Bible to make sense of our times. But so often we get the wrong answers because we ask the wrong questions.

    In The End of the World as You Know It, Matthew L. Halsted challenges common end-times assumptions and points us back to Scripture. Each chapter reevaluates a popular question in light of the Bible’s own concerns: Will Christians be raptured? What is the mark of the beast? When we let Scripture direct our questions, we get better-and more hopeful-answers.

    The Bible was written for us, but not to us. We must bridge the gap between Scripture’s ancient context and our own. Reading end-times texts in their ancient context helps us understand our present and future. And when we do, we find that God’s word brings peace, not fear and confusion.

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  • Reaching For Heaven


    As you grow older, you’ll find that life takes on a new rhythm, one where you can shed the responsibilities that once consumed your days. The hours at work and the bustling activities of parenthood or other vocations have now transformed into something different-a fresh chapter of life, filled with new opportunities for reflection and growth. It’s your time to pivot and focus on how God will judge your life and how to make a final push for getting to heaven.

    Through personal stories, humor, and practical advice, Michael Amodei-a lifelong Catholic with a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary and the University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish-shares fourteen practices to help enrich your spirituality as you strive for heaven.

    In Reaching for Heaven, seasoned book editor Michael Amodei shares what older Catholics need to hear to make the most of their time. “This book is a kind of wake-up call,” he writes, “a chance to become a better Catholic so that when we face that one-on-one with Jesus, we don’t have to fear what is coming.”

    He contends that even a small investment in time and energy thinking about your golden years can have a rich payoff as you remember the past, act in the present, and plan for the future. He builds on his own spiritually rich memories-including his view from the fifty-yard line at Notre Dame Stadium-to show how you can invent your own life plan by selecting from spiritual habits and practices that have formed and strengthened Catholics for centuries. By creating both short- and long-term goals, you can:

    *cultivate a deeper prayer life by praying the Liturgy of the Hours;

    *get more out of scripture by taking a class or participating in a group Bible study;

    *make a pilgrimage to a holy site or shrine (Amodei recommends the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto either in France or at the University of Notre Dame);

    *correct past wrongs and heal past injuries not only by apologizing to someone you’ve hurt but also by making amends;

    *strengthen family bonds by writing notes to tell family members what you appreciate about them; and

    *draw closer to Mary by consecrating yourself to her.

    He guides you to use the power of memory to shape your understanding of who God is and who you truly are by putting what you learn into practice incrementally over time to achieve the optimal plan for meeting Jesus face to face. This plan can lead you towards Judgment Day with confidence, knowing that you’ve lived a life dedic

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  • Word For Your Day


    66 words, one from each book of the Bible. This 5-minute daily devotional highlights one relevant, perhaps unexpected, word to ponder from beginning in Genesis to new in Revelation. Well-loved author Lori Hatcher helps you stay in the Word through truth-packed, simple–but never simplistic–readings and reminds you that every part of the Bible is applicable for today.

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  • Idolatry In America


    There’s a deadly truth behind our nation’s famine.

    After reading this book, you will understand the deadly grip of sin and its destructive nature for your personal life and community. You will learn how you can repent and seek God for a spiritual awakening in our nation.

    Sin stops the rain.

    Moses predicted it at Mount Sinai. Solomon prayed about it at the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem. Israel experienced it under the disastrous reign of Ahab and Jezebel.

    The sin that particularly plagued ancient Israel was idolatry. The drought they experienced was more than just a lack of water. Amos 8:11 says, “The time is coming, says the Lord God, when I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.”

    Here in America, the megadrought that has gripped much of the West and portions of the heartland has made headlines. The Mississippi River was so low that barges were getting stuck on the bottom. Lake Mead has been at historically low levels. The Great Salt Lake in Utah is disappearing. Negotiations for allocations of water from the Colorado River are becoming more and more contentious. Could it be that these conditions are only harbingers of a more systemic and serious spiritual famine?

    Sin stops the rain. In Idolatry in America, Dr. Rod Parsley identifies ten major areas of idolatry that have overtaken our country’s culture. Any one of them is deadly, but together they constitute an unprecedented threat to the very existence of our nation. There is a cure for this cultural epidemic–a way to walk back from the brink of moral and spiritual disaster. The choice is stark. The consequences are severe. The outcome will be stunning.

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  • 200 Prayers Of Strength For Men


    200 Prayers of Strength for Men: Courage for Troubled Times

    These inspiring prayers and scripture selections will turn your eyes from the troubles of this world to the far greater power and glory of your great God. Based on passages from scripture–in the fresh yet familiar Barbour Simplified King James Version–these prayers offer a powerful jolt of spiritual truth for your daily challenges. There’s even a topical index to direct you right to the prayers you need most!

    With 200 Prayers of Strength for Men, you’ll be on your way to more meaningful, purposeful, honest conversation with your mighty Creator–who hears your every prayer.

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