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  • Holy Hour Companion


    The practice of spending an hour in quiet prayer, in Eucharistic adoration or otherwise, has been part of the Christian tradition for centuries. A Holy Hour Companion provides a starting point for this quiet time, offering a selection of prayers, Scripture, and spiritual writings. In addition to traditional prayers of the Church and prayers specifically for use during Eucharistic adoration, A Holy Hour Companion contains an assortment of the prayers of holy women and men, both time-honored and contemporary. A sample Order of Service for a Lay-Led Holy Hour provides everything needed to engage this prayer as individuals or in community.

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  • Grief Of Dads


    For a variety of reasons-including cultural norms, a man’s traditional role in the family, and lack of support-a father’s grief often fades into the background when his child dies. The Grief of Dads was written by Catholic fathers just like you who have lost a child at any age and from any circumstance. These dads offer the support, spiritual guidance, and companionship you need as you make your way through grief.

    The Grief of Dads is an important resource to help you know that you are not alone and to work through loss and the upheaval of deep grieving with help from men who have been there, too.

    Authors Patrick O’Hearn and Bryan Feger, along with Ryan Breaux of Red Bird Ministries-an organization that guides individuals and couples through the trauma of losing a child-want to normalize conversations about men’s grief.

    Drawing on the richness of the Catholic faith, they offer stories from the men in the Bible and from male saints who knew the pain of losing a child and yet found hope and healing in God. The authors share their own stories and the experiences of seven other fathers who lean on their faith and seek healing with help from the sacraments, the Bible, fellow Catholics, and the devotional practices of the Church.

    The book includes resource lists, journaling space, prayers, spiritual reflections, and letters of spiritual support, as well as guidance for friends, family, and pastors of grieving fathers. Kelly Breaux, cofounder and president of Red Bird Ministries, wrote a chapter for wives as well.

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  • 12 Rules For Manliness


    Deep in every man’s heart is a call to live the heroic way, to champion a cause greater than himself. The everyday hero goes beyond the ordinary in the little moments of his life and rides high in the saddle as he achieves his principles and dreams.

    The cowboys of old were, in many ways, the models of manliness. They were perceptive and decisive. They lived by a personal creed a” and they knew how to make a stand. They had a simple understanding of what needed to be done, and they did it even when it was difficult.

    In 12 Rules for Manliness, adventurer Bear Woznick lays out a plan to help men learn how to develop a proper personal creed, and then define themselves by the hardships they endure in pursuit of that mission.

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  • Daily Meditations With The Holy Spirit (Large Type)


    This popular Spiritual Life Series title offers the complete text of the original edition for those either with limited vision or who prefer larger print as they pray every day.

    These minute meditations for every day of the year contain a Scripture reading, a reflection, and a prayer. Father Winkler offers us an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit and apply the fruits of our meditation to our everyday lives.

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  • Arthur The Clumsy Altar Server Rings The Bells


    Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server has fulfilled his dream to serve at Mass. He’s carried the crucifix and lit the candles. But Arthur’s favorite moment is when the whole church falls completely silent and a server rings those beautiful bells – the moment when the bread and wine become Jesus’ own Body and Blood.

    Finally, Fr. Cruz tells Arthur he can ring the bells that day. During Mass, when the big moment comes, Arthur is so captivated he can’t take his eyes off Jesus, really and truly present. So much so that he … forgets to ring the bells.

    “Arthur! The bells! Ring the bells!”

    Find out what happens next in the second installment of the Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server series. Through this endearing story, Arthur and readers alike will grow in understanding of the Blessed Sacrament and come to appreciate God’s closeness to us in the Eucharist.

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  • Sacred Space For Advent And The Christmas Season 2023-24


    Prepare for the Birth of Christ by Entering a Sacred Space

    Make this Advent truly meaningful as you patiently await, prepare for, and celebrate the birth of Jesus with Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2023-24. This daily guided prayer experience, based on the internationally known online prayer guide Sacred Space, is a simple but profound way to journey through the season. In this easy-to-use format, you’ll find weekly topics for meditation and prayer, as well as daily Scripture readings and brief reflections to ponder.

    Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season is a beautifully simple way to grow in relationship with God and embrace the season of joy.

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  • Gospel Of Matthew For Little Ones


    Currently, families and educators can choose from scores of children’s bibles and individual bible stories, yet there is no treatment of the specific Gospels for young Catholics to grow closer to Christ, the very Word to which all God’s words point (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 102). The Gospel of Matthew for Little Ones addresses this great lack in an inviting format: a vibrant illustration on the left, three stanzas on the right, and chapter notations in the right margin to encourage the next step of delving more deeply into the Good News.

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  • Ireland s Loyalty To The Mass


    This inspiring book unveils the incomparable history of the Catholics of Ireland, who clung valiantly to the Faith for hundreds of years through some of the worst persecutions ever inflicted on a people. Their unrelenting love of the Most Blessed Sacrament is a clarion call for us in these times when attendance at Holy Mass has waned and the desacralization of the liturgy advances.

    From the golden hour in which St. Patrick, as bishop, said his first Mass on Irish soil down to the coming of the Normans, love of the Blessed Eucharist was one of the dominant characteristics of the Irish race. Even during the Protestant Reformation, with its monastery closures, confiscation of Church treasures, and universally hostile treatment of Catholics, King Henry VIII nevertheless left one thing untouched – the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. But the attacks would soon begin.

    You will be astonished by the assaults on the Mass during Queen Elizabeth’s “reign of terror,” which resulted in the martyrdom of more than two hundred Irish Catholics – many killed in the sanctuary! James I continued the rule of terror, which was brought to new depths of cruelty by the ruthless Oliver Cromwell.

    In these pages, Fr. Augustine Hayden reveals a myriad of shocking details that are highly relevant to our time, including:

    What the Council of Regency did to Protestantize the Mass (Has history repeated itself?)

    *How the Irish faithful responded when it became unlawful to celebrate Mass (Take note!)

    *Why the English government sought to cancel the Mass and the sacraments (Surprise, surprise!)

    *What the English planned following the suppression of the Catholic Mass (And how it backfired)

    *The Saul-like terrorization and banishment of bishops and priests, and their indomitable courage

    *The heroic martyrdom of lay Catholics, who bravely hid priests and guarded the Holy Eucharist

    “The Mass was the focus of the enemy’s hatred,” wrote Fr. Augustine, “and it was also the magnet of the people’s devotion. Masses infinite in churches, Masses in houses, Masses in every corner – these were the ‘crimes’ with which the people of this country were charged.”

    You will see why the heroic Catholics of Ireland believed that the Holy Mass and the Real Presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament are worth cherishing – even unto death. Amid war, starvation, and relentless cruelty, our Eucharistic King gave the Irish the graces they needed to remain steadfast and become a bastion of

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  • 2024 Angus Dei Calendar And 12 Month Planner


    The Agnus Dei Calendar and Daily Planner is a 12-month planner for the 2024 calendar year. This full-size, spiral-bound design allows plenty of space for daily appointments in a lay-flat format. It has quickly become a favorite for either home or office use among professionals, students, and busy homeschooling families.

    Features Include:

    *Weekly Planner in full color

    *Novenas for each month at the beginning of the planner. The weekly planner section includes notes on specific days to start the novenas.

    *Pages for personal goals for the year

    *Space to customize your reading list for the year

    *A story and an illustration of a saint for each week

    *Eye-catching design, simple but elegant

    *Spiral-bound, concealed spiral

    *Dates from the New and Traditional Calendar

    *A list of saints’ days and non-moveable feasts in the calendar

    *Holy days and holidays for the year 2024

    *A comprehensive list of patron saints

    *List of the 36 Doctors of the Church, the 14 Holy Helpers, Saturdays of Our Lady

    *Explanation of fasting and abstinence

    *Catholic Identifications cards and pocket calendars

    This calendar is an essential tool for the Catholic family or parish director trying to schedule their lives according to the liturgical and/or school calendar.

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  • 2024 JMJ Daily Planner


    The JMJ Daily Planner is a 12-month daily planner for the 2024 calendar year. great for home or office use, students, or busy homeschool families. Each day gets its own page and has plenty of space for lists, appointments, schedules, journaling, and more. Organize your day, week, month, and year with the liturgical calendar all under the guidance of the Holy Family.


    *Pages for personal goals for the year

    *Space to customize your reading list of the year

    *A collection of Catholic Prayers: familiar prayers, morning, and evening prayers

    *A page for each day, plenty of space to journal or note-take, with the hours of the day written out as a guide (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

    *Each page has JMJ outlined at the top to trace

    *Dates from the New and Traditional calendar

    *A list of saints’ days and non-moveable feasts in the calendar

    *Holy days and holidays for the year 2024

    *A comprehensive list of patron saints

    *List of the 36 Doctors of the Church, the 14 Holy Helpers, Saturdays of Our Lady

    *Explanation of fasting and abstinence

    *Catholic Identification cards and pocket calendars

    *A story and illustration of a saint for each week

    *Elastic closure and ribbon marker

    The JMJ Daily Planner is the perfect way to stay on top of your schedule while keeping your faith and the forefront of every day.

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  • Christ In Dachau


    “What we priests were forced to endure under the Nazi regime, especially in Dachau concentration camp, is no more than a cup filled from the vast sea of human suffering in the world today,” wrote Fr. John Lenz. “It is not this suffering as such that is important. The important thing is to show those who have crosses of their own to bear in life just what the grace of God can do for those who follow faithfully in the footsteps of Christ the Crucified. It is no less important to reveal the wickedness of Hell.”

    The Nazi hellhole Dachau concentration camp held the largest number of Catholic priests – more than 2,400 – in the Nazi camp system. They came from two dozen countries, from every background – parish priests and prelates, monks and friars, teachers and missionaries. More than one-third were killed.

    Among the survivors was Fr. Lenz, who was asked by his superiors to write an account of what he saw – and experienced – so that it would not be forgotten. This book, filled with gripping real-life stories and eighty photos, was the stunning result and became an immediate sensation.

    This work is unique among those written on the Holocaust; it reveals how, by tireless sacrifice amid barbaric suffering, the Church was victorious in one of the darkest times in human history. When the Nazis entered several European countries, many people were afraid to speak up. Numerous priests, however, continued to preach the gospel and the truth about the dignity of life and freedom. Through their courageous witness you will learn about:

    *The arrest and imprisonment of priests and other faithful citizens

    *What really happened at Dachau and the horrific treatment of prisoners

    *How priests ministered to fellow prisoners and prayed unceasingly in the camps

    *Ways in which priests secretly brought the Blessed Sacrament to the people and heard confessions

    *Spiritual lessons learned in the face of death and despair

    “Only when we are forced to endure the most profound suffering and hardship do we learn how to catch hold of God’s hand in our misery,” Fr. Lenz reflected. “We learn to pray.”

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  • Loving God s Children


    The Catholic Church teaches beautiful lessons about human sexuality and our identity as sons and daughters of God, lessons that promote human flourishing. Yet gender activists and their allies in the government and in the media denounce the Church’s message of love as harmful and hateful. How do Catholics respond to that criticism?

    In this timely and incisive book, John Bursch helps explain what the Catholic Church teaches about the human person and why modern culture’s embrace of “gender ideology” is not only wrong but terribly dangerous for parents and families, female athletes, medical professionals – and especially those experiencing gender confusion. Drawing from Church documents and extensive scientific research, Bursch answers numerous questions that confront Catholics living in a culture that promotes gender fluidity. He covers a range of topics including how to approach the use of pronouns in the workplace, whether transgender individuals can receive the sacraments, and ways to accompany those struggling with gender confusion.

    You will also learn:

    *What is the concept of objective truth and how to defend it
    *The Church’s understanding of what it means to truly love another individual
    *Straightforward reasons to defend the Church’s teaching on human sexuality
    *What scientific inquiry really says about gender ideology
    *The true meaning of human identity
    *How gender activists subvert the truth in culture and in the medical profession
    *How acceptance and affirmation of those who announce a gender identity different from their sex is not loving but harmful

    Significantly, you will find ways to develop virtue and courage to withstand the rising persecution of those who promote and defend the Church’s teachings and will learn how to respond to practical questions with factual information and authentic spiritual guidance from the pope and Catholic bishops.

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  • History Of Exorcism


    Due to the advancement of observable evil in our society, the topic of exorcism has increasingly come to the forefront in the West in this century. In Hollywood movies, exorcism has often been sensationalized and misconstrued. Although volumes have been written about demons and exorcism, little has been explained about what solemn exorcism really is within the larger context of deliverance ministry. But now, Church-decreed expert on demonology and exorcism Adam Blai thoroughly explores the roots of exorcism and breaks open its significance for you.

    You will find answers to wide-ranging questions such as: Is possession an exclusively Christian phenomenon, or is it a universal problem? Did exorcism exist before Jesus, or did He introduce it? If it predated Christianity, how did other cultures see it and deal with it? How do other world religions view the phenomenon of possession and exorcism? Are there other methods of confronting it besides the Catholic rite?

    Blai lays out how exorcisms were performed in the earliest days of the Church. Over time, a liturgical rite was developed and teachings were provided to safeguard the faithful in the practice of exorcisms. In these pages, Blai reveals:

    *Twenty-one guidelines for exorcists, produced under St. Charles Borromeo

    *Fascinating examples of actual exorcisms (some made famous in movies!)

    *Astounding examples of how saints helped drive out demons (even from the great beyond!)

    *Which psalm is known for offering protection and deliverance from evil spirits (Can you guess?)

    *The revolutionary way in which Jesus performed exorcisms

    You will learn about how a harpist helped deliver King Saul of an evil spirit and how the spirits of giants tormented people. As you read about the evolution of exorcism, you will observe how strange practices sometimes occurred through the use of magic and superstition. You will also find five exorcism guidelines from the Middle Ages and four signs of genuine possession today.

    Additionally, you will see how the 1614 rite of exorcism differs from the 1998 rite. You will also find a helpful appendix about how to determine whether a disturbance is spiritual, mental, or medical. Extensive references are included throughout the book.

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  • Woke Proof Your Life


    Americans are burned out, on edge, and nostalgic for the time before bullying progressives turned every aspect of our lives into a radical social cause. This book provides practical, woke-proof ways in which the silenced majority-which feels disoriented, if not overmatched-can finally stand up and restore America’s values and culture. If you’re emerging from the paralyzed slumber of the 24/7 doomsday news cycle, reflexive consumerism, and omnipresent identity politics, this book is for you.

    In a single century, America has moved from a rural, agricultural, family-centered society to one that is urban, corporate, and hyper-individualistic. Yet, despite all our technology and material wealth, we’re left with higher rates of depression and greater alienation than our parents’ or grandparents’ generations ever experienced.

    We are awakening to the fact that we are up to our eyeballs in labels, pronouns, microaggressions, triggers, TikToks, and guilt trips. We have less free time, more debt, and more anxiety than ever before. We are being cowed, coerced, and canceled by tech giants, media conglomerates, and billion-dollar, multinational megacorps that are forcing us to support the progressive movements du jour. It’s made us miserable, and we need a break.

    But how? Where do we go, and how exactly do we get our lives and freedom back? In an invigorating and highly relatable style, Teresa Mull explains:

    *The actual definition of woke (Brace yourself!)
    *How to avoid “toxic empathy” – approving immoral behavior so you’ll be liked
    *Six ways to be truly NORMAL (Non-woke Ordinary Rational Moral All-American Leaders)
    *Six major woke weapons to beware of and how to disarm them
    *Tips on growing in faith, educating children, and cultivating community
    *Three tenets to focus on when you feel trapped in the maze of woke culture

    In an upbeat way, you will discover that you don’t need to become a survivalist prepper, live off-grid, or learn to tan beaver pelts. Somewhere between Amish buggy rides and Pride parades, there’s a healthy, middle-ground approach to regaining the good old days and providing yourself and your family with a wholesome, nurturing, faith-enriching lifestyle and future.

    Woke-Proof Your Life provides the blueprint that traditional-minded Americans are looking for to regain their peace of mind, health, and happiness and to reorient our country toward the bright future we envisioned before progressive radicals torpedoed our traditional c

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  • Saintly Rhymes Through The Year


    Heaven’s saints are holy,
    Each in their own way.
    Here you’ll find their stories to inspire you every day.

    Remembering these rhymes is simple as can be.
    They show how we can all be saints–
    Even you and me!

    Filled with colorful illustrations and catchy rhymes, Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times teaches your child that everyone is called to be a saint. These kid-friendly rhymes allow children to see the beauty of Christian holiness through the lives of our more recent saints.
    With these sixteen poems, nineteen holy men, women, and children will become your child’s friends in heaven!

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  • Oriens : A Pilgrimage Through Advent And Christmas 2023


    Make a life-changing pilgrimage, beginning this Advent.

    Oriens is a Latin word meaning “rising” and “dawn.” Your Oriens journey begins on the First Sunday of Advent and continues until the feast of the Presentation on February 2. Each day, you’ll take a step closer to “the dawn from on high.”

    Fr. Joel Sember is your leader on this pilgrimage, one in which you will learn what God is revealing to you through Scripture and prayer. With Oriens as your guidebook, you’ll learn how to pray and reflect more deeply. For each entry, you’ll read a Scripture passage, receive Fr. Joel’s guidance on how to pray with that passage, and find questions for reflection and journaling.

    If in years past you have felt like you weren’t really “doing” Advent and just skipping right to celebrating Christmas, this book will speak to you. If you utilized Oriens in previous years to intensify your Advent preparation and Christmas celebration, then you already know this book will open you up to God speaking directly into your heart.

    Welcome, Oriens pilgrim.

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  • Generous Lap : A Spirituality Of Grandparenting


    In this charming and inspiring work, Kathy Coffey reflects on the spiritual dimensions of grandparenting–how this stage of life may expand our hearts, enlarge our humanity, put us in touch with fundamental aspects of our selves, and allow opportunities for a more generous and fruitful life.

    She notes: “God uses this period in human life to transform us. The most cantankerous, self-absorbed jerks suddenly discover a sweeter side. The stern start spoiling relentlessly. The introverts pull out the photos, cute sayings, and stories. Those who thought their physical ailments were paralyzing sprint after the toddler heading for the street or hoist aging bodies up the jungle gym when a grandchild quails at the terrifying steepness of the slide. As ‘the child grows in wisdom, age, and grace, ‘ we get to marvel, and gradually grow into God’s loving self.

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  • Nuns Having Fun The Original 2024 Calendar


    Habit Forming.

    Lift the veil and discover the spirit-lifting insider’s guide to convent life. Here are a nun gliding gracefully on ice skates, a nun officiating at a baseball game, and a nun sculpting snow art. Plus nuns fishing, nuns playing cricket, and a nun at the beach–yes, in full habit.
    The vintage-style photographs are nostalgic tribute to pure, innocent fun. And hilariously punny captions by Maureen Kelly and Jeffrey Stone, coauthors of the New York Times bestselling book Growing Up Catholic, enhance the joy. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.

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  • Prepare Your Heart


    Join Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR–founder of Corazon Puro–on a multimedia Advent journey led by the saints and the Holy Family to prepare yourself to enter into the story of Christ’s birth through prayer, charity, and joyful acts of service to the needy.

    Prepare Your Heart features stunning original art by Valerie Delgado of Pax.Valerie, along with daily meditations on a passage from scripture, reflection questions, prayer, and space for journaling and notetaking.

    During each week of Advent, you will embark on a new path informed by Franciscan spirituality to guide you to becoming closer to God:

    *Week One, the way of Nazareth: a spirituality that attunes you to the needs of others and the hidden presence of God.

    *Week Two, the way of the saints: featuring Sts. Lucy, Nicholas, Juan Diego, and Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose feast days fall during Advent; they will teach you to live with intentionality, humility, and devotion.

    *Week Three, the way of St. Joseph: revealing the creative courage of Jesus’s foster father, teaching you how he makes a home for each of us in the heart of God.

    *Week Four, the way of Mary: a tutorial in learning how to say yes to God’s call for your life and trusting in his loving providence.

    *Prepare Your Heart is perfect for both individual and group use. Free companion videos; ideas for celebrating Sundays in Advent with family, friends, and small groups; and a downloadable leader’s guide are available at avemariapress.com.

    The book, videos, leader’s guide, and family guide are available in Spanish as well.

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  • 2024 Saints Calendar And 16 Month Planner


    The ever-popular 2024 Saints Calendar and Daily Planner is a 16-month calendar ready to use in September. Our spiral-bound design allows plenty of space for daily appointments in a lay-flat format.

    This Calendar has become a favorite for home or office with professionals, students, and busy homeschool families.

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

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  • Theres A Yeti In My Tummy


    What happens when your inner yeti comes out to play?

    Matthew is a young boy with BIG, BIG feelings-so big it sometimes feels like there’s a YETI just bursting to get out! And when Mathew’s yeti comes to play, he’s bound to stay all day. That silly yeti comes out of Matthew’s feet, his nose, his hair, his burp, and even his BUTT! Bound to make any child roar with laughter, There’s a Yeti in My Tummy teaches kids that strong feelings are okay, and so are their inner yetis. Along with Matthew, kids learn to channel those feelings in constructive, positive, and loving ways. And parents will pick up a few tips on language to help children understand when and how to rely on their inner yeti. An imaginative and fun story told in delightful rhyme by Meredith Rusu and crazy-fun illustrations by Martin Moron, There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is a big, bold, instant classic.
    There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is the first book in The Mighty Moods series from 4U2B Books & Media, where we strive to create resources that enable children to become joyful, compassionate, and brave, and that empower parents and adults to instill those qualities in children.

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  • 2024 Angels Wall Calender


    Our popular The Angels Catholic Wall Calendar brings God’s Heaven-sent messengers, guides and guardians to mind throughout each month for the year 2024.

    This high-quality Catholic Calendar is paying close heed to the classical art tradition and is intended to remind us of and inspire greater devotion to the Angels for every day of the year.

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

    The 12×12 Wall Calendars allow ample space for personal notes, appointments, and special occasions. With gorgeous Old Master artwork, meditations and prayers – each one is a labor of love for our designers.

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  • Living Liturgy 2024 Sunday Missal


    Living LiturgyTM Sunday Missal combines essential liturgical content with the finest presentation on the market today. This annual, single-issue Sunday Mass pew resource is compatible with any hymnal program and affordably priced for parishes.

    *Gospel reflection for each Sunday

    *Readings and congregational dialogue in large, 13-point, bold type

    *Two-color text in sense lines

    *High-quality cover and paper

    *Includes the Rite of the Liturgy of the Word and the Rite for Distributing Holy Communion Outside Mass

    *Musical psalm settings from The Collegeville Psalter by Paul Inwood

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  • Living Liturgy Year B 2024 Spirituality Celebration And Catechesis For Sund


    Living Liturgy(TM) 2024 provides practical and engaging content from expert authors to enrich your communal prayer and ministry. Trusted by parishes around the country (and world!), Living Liturgy(TM) offers Scripture readings, insightful reflections, robust liturgical formation, and contextual background information for Sundays, solemnities, and additional feasts of liturgical and national importance. This best-selling annual resource is ideal for parish ministers, liturgists, pastors, planning committees, adult faith formation groups, and anyone who wishes to explore the connections between liturgy and life.

    An entirely new resource created for each liturgical year, Living Liturgy(TM) gives your team the spiritual preparation they need to serve in their ministries, integrating daily living, prayer, and study in an inviting and easy-to-use format. Original art by Ruberval Monteiro da Silva, OSB, complements the text and invites further reflection on the gospel of the day. This indispensable guide deepens a liturgical spirituality and strengthens the worship experience for the whole parish.

    Featured Liturgical Texts

    *First Reading
    *Responsorial Psalm
    *Second Reading
    *Gospel Acclamation

    Featured Content

    *Reflecting on the Gospel
    *Preparing to Proclaim
    *Psalmist Preparation
    *Making Connections Between the Readings
    *Homily Points
    *Model Penitential Act
    *Model Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful)
    *Liturgy and Music
    *Living Liturgy
    *Prompts for Faith-Sharing

    Additional Features

    *Pronunciation guide
    *Full text of readings in sense lines
    *Key words and phrases that focus on the gospel

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  • 2024 Mary And The Saints Wall Calender


    Our most beloved calendar, the stunning Mary and the Saints Wall Calendar is ready to chart your year for A.D. 2024.

    Carefully selected from classic art tradition, this calendar is designed to inspire greater devotion to the Blessed Mother for every day of the year.

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

    The 12×12 Wall Calendars allow ample space for personal notes, appointments, and special occasions. Filled with gorgeous Old Master artwork, meditations and prayers – each image is hand chosen and designed with love and attention to detail.

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  • 2024 Life Of Our Lord Wall Calender


    The Life of Our Lord Wall Calendar is ready for 2024, as requested by popular acclaim!

    Designed to suit every taste and inspire greater faith and devotion to Our Lord for every day of the year. This stunning Catholic Calendar features scenes from the public life of Our Lord as He teaches, heals and ministers to His apostles and followers – urging them all to believe!

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

    The 12×12 Wall Calendars allow ample space for personal notes, appointments, and special occasions. Filled with gorgeous Old Master artwork, meditations and prayers – each one is a labor of love for our designers.

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  • Farming And Homesteading With The Saints


    Farming & Homesteading with the Saints provides an entertaining treasury of Catholic saints with a special connection to agriculture and rural life that will inspire and uplift farmers, farm families, animal lovers, gardeners, and modern homesteaders.

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  • 30 Days To Your New Life


    Happiness. Everyone wants it, but not everyone has it – or knows how to get it. According to a recent Harris poll, only one in three Americans describes himself as happy. Researchers have dubbed this the “most stressed” of all generations, despite its economic prosperity and technological advances. Anthony DeStefano, best-selling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven and Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, addresses this problem head-on in his freshly rewritten book, 30 Days to Your New Life, by striving to bring the joy of Heaven down to Earth right now.

    Many self-help books explore the subject of happiness, but one important ingredient always seems to be missing: God. In this no-nonsense, refreshingly direct book, DeStefano bridges the gap between personal development programs and Christian/Catholic spirituality. The result is a wake-up call to readers: an outcome-based motivational guide to living life to its fullest – and holiest. DeStefano’s practical, pull-no-punches approach to popular theology has been described as “Tony Robbins meets Thomas Aquinas.”

    With candor and simplicity, DeStefano presents a 30-day program for attaining lifelong peace and fulfillment as well as (more importantly) eternal happiness in Heaven. The path proposed by DeStefano encourages consistent, purposeful, and prayerful action on the part of the reader and offers genuine hope to everyone, from ambivalent agnostics to engaged Evangelicals to the most fervent of Catholics.

    This is a book about getting results, about breaking out of self-delusion and taking small, practical steps to transform your life from head to soul. The author believes that as more and more people today struggle with depression and loneliness, self-help programs need to be less about “self-help” and more about “God’s help.” God, after all, is the Author of life. He knows what will make us happy – and what won’t.

    DeStefano utilizes the best personal-development tools available but balances and corrects them with Bible-based, faith-filled, time-tested, sacramental, Catholic principles. No matter how terrible your circumstances may be or how many times you’ve failed to achieve your goals in the past, this book will work for you.

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  • Becoming Wife : Saying Yes To More Than The Dress


    Whether you are preparing to be or are already a wife, you likely are immersed in the external reality of marriage. But being wife is so much more: It’s a call to holiness and a vocation of incredible significance.

    Becoming Wife explores what it means for a woman to fulfill this vocation. Catholic wife, mother, speaker, and author Rachel Bulman shares – like a friend over a cup of coffee – how being a wife is at once a calling and a purpose. The more a wife makes herself a gift to her husband, to her children, and to the world, the more she inevitably becomes the person God created her to be. She becomes more wife, more woman, more Christian. Thus, she fulfills her identity as a daughter of God and cultivates the soil from which her motherhood comes to fruition.

    By exploring the life of the Blessed Mother and the guidance of great minds in the Church, like Saint John Paul II and Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, this book unwraps the gift of becoming a wife and what it means to make a “total gift” of oneself through matrimony.

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  • Knight Who Gave Us King Arthur


    A Christendom Press Title

    For centuries, readers have been enthralled by the tales of the doomed Round Table, the mythical King Arthur, and the most cherished love story ever told – that of Guenevere his Queen and Sir Lancelot his greatest knight. However, a great mystery surrounds the author of this novel. Undeniable evidence indicates that his true identity was mistaken for centuries.

    In these enthralling pages, you will learn more about who the author was and the secret reason that he didn’t seek any attention for himself. You will find out about the astonishing discovery of an older version of his masterpiece–the greatest 15th-century literary work in English–and the shocking place that it lay hidden for 700 years.

    While it is certain that Sir Thomas Malory was the author, there was more than one man with the same name living during this time period. Dr. Cecelia Linton separates the fact from fiction shrouding this enigma.

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