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  • Failure Of Nerve In 52 Weeks


    A leadership planner based on the bestselling A Failure of Nerve.

    Nearly 25 years after the bestselling A Failure of Nerve first astonished the business world, Edwin H. Friedman’s groundbreaking wisdom is back – now in a fresh, agile framework designed with today’s leaders in mind. Combining essential excerpts from the beloved original with new and engaging prompts and exercises, A Failure of Nerve in 52 Weeks builds on the success of Friedman’s earlier work to provide readers with an insightful year-long resource for leadership planning and development.

    Concentrating on the core tenets of A Failure of Nerve, this workbook will help readers recognize and reign in their own emotional reactivity, overcome a misplaced addiction to data, and develop a sense of self that will never be overrun by the loudest and least mature voices in the room. Each weekly spread is packed with quotes and exercises to stimulate self-reflection and features a week-long planner page designed with ample space to mark appointments, track goals, and map out one’s path to well-differentiated leadership. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to Friedman’s work, this versatile planner will provide the structure, guidance, and wisdom to help you grow into the courageous leader you aspire to be.

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  • Emotional Intelligence Game Changers


    In Emotional Intelligence Game Changers, leading EI expert, TEDx speaker, and frequent Fast Company contributor Harvey Deutschendorf teaches readers how to leverage this skill to achieve success in every part of life.

    Emotional intelligence is increasingly recognized as one of the most valuable skills an employee or leader can possess, and improving EI levels can benefit life outside the workplace, too. Whether battling procrastination or a toxic co-worker, or trying to improve connections in our relationships at home, strong emotional intelligence is an important tool that can drastically change the outcome of any situation. Emotional Intelligence Game Changers: 101 Simple Ways to Win at Work and Life offers actionable solutions to a wide variety of problems that readers might face in their everyday lives. Deutschendorf avoids dense theory and confusing jargon, opting instead for simple practices and straight-forward advice that are accessible to all readers.

    Deutschendorf shares from his 20 years of expertise to give helpful and quick tips like:

    *Shrug off imposter syndrome
    *Cultivate optimism
    *Retain remote workers
    *Handle criticism in a healthy way
    *Achieve work-life balance
    *Develop self awareness

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  • Adversity For Sale


    Growing up in the projects, Jeezy learned early how to hustle to get what he needed and took those lessons into adulthood. Now, he wants to share what he learns with those coming up behind him so they don’t have the make the same mistakes he did.

    Jeezy knows what it’s like when you don’t know how you’re going to make it to the next day, but he’s a winner and a motivator. He hates to lose, and that’s what he preaches. His mission in life is to touch the hearts of men. That’s why he’s seen all of the stuff he’s seen and lived through everything he’s lived through. That’s why he’s here.

    Jeezy can’t hustle in the streets anymore, he can give everyone from the block to the boardroom the hope and a message to get through their days. With everything going on in the world, people would rather tell you that they can’t look out for you right now, but he was taught that if you’re eating, you offer somebody else a piece.

    This isn’t a street memoir. In this book, Jeezy will use parts of his story to illustrate some rules and principles he’s used to get him through his darkest days and kept him going, even when it felt impossible to go any further and the odds stacked against him felt insurmountable. Sometimes you have to go through some things-even some things that are excruciating and that you think you’ll never survive-in order to get where you want to be. His

    A lot of people want it, but they don’t want to put in the work to get it, or they’re surrounded by people who don’t want to see them have it anyway. And Jeezy is here to tell you that’s not the wave. In this book, he will teach you how to:

    *Surround yourself with people who believe in your success and want to see you win.
    *Have an unshakable belief in yourself that you can reach your goals.
    *Find the lesson in every setback in order to move forward.
    *Focus on the bigger play.
    *Change your mindset so that you change your life.
    *Chart your path so that your present successes lead to future opportunities.

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  • Leading Through Disruption


    In Leading Through Disruption, Andrew Liveris provides a new leadership paradigm for resilience and agility in a rapidly changing world. This book is a must-read guide for leaders in various sectors who are keen on not only ensuring current success, but protecting the planet’s future for everyone. Liveris, who was recently chosen to lead the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Organizing Committee and is former Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, presents a variety of powerful tools that will enable you to tackle any problem quickly and responsively, with an eye to creating a more equitable, sustainable future.

    In these pages, you will learn how to:

    *Create and use metrics that quantify the positive impact on all members of society.

    *Collaborate with scientists, politicians, regulators, corporate boards, and other stakeholders to create effective policies that work.

    *Broaden your company’s focus to include both long-term sustainability and short-term profitability without sacrificing the former to gain the latter.

    *Strengthen local communities via corporate investment and advocacy for the improvement of amenities and services for all.

    *Hire team members who fully and proactively support strategies to improve the world and its future.

    *Become a sought-after advisor on how to respond quickly and decisively to uncertainties.

    Andrew Liveris shares essential wisdom from his four decades of global leadership experience in business, government, academia, and civic society. His book is a powerful tool for any aspiring leader.

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  • Ultimate Guide To Great Mentorship


    Easy, practical guidance on how to make the most out of your mentorship journey.

    Being a great mentor leads to thriving, engaged employees on both sides of the mentor-mentee relationship and helps drive renewed purpose. There are growing expectations and interest in business today that leaders will make themselves available as mentors to provide future leaders growth opportunities and help them grow in their roles. There is also plenty of evidence that shows how impactful mentorship can be for the mentors when approached with the right mindset.

    The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship walks mentors through the mentorship journey, from setting initial expectations and goals, to tracking progress, to identifying when it is time to find new opportunities. Filled with practical sample plans and forms to make the experience much more impactful for all parties, this timely guide takes the ambiguity out of how to be a great mentor.

    *Learn how mentor-mentee relationships work best for both parties.

    *See how other top leaders approach mentorship and what works and what doesn’t.

    *Keep your mentorship journey on track with practical forms and timelines to work on with your mentee.

    *See how being a great mentor leads to personal and professional growth and renewal for you as well as your mentee!

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  • Agents Edge : Secret Strategies To Win Listings And Make Your Fortune Selli


    For the first time ever, five-time number-one RE/MAX agent worldwide, Jordan Cohen, reveals his secret sales strategies that will elevate your real estate sales career to the highest levels.

    Jordan Cohen started out selling entry-level houses in Southern California over thirty years ago, before transitioning to the luxury market. Always working alone as an individual agent without a partner or a team, he consistently sets new sales records year after year, including 2021 where he closed over $314 million in residential real estate. In The Agent’s Edge, he teaches agents of all levels how to win listings, take advantage of every opportunity and make your fortune in the fast-paced, exciting world of real estate sales. Whether you’ve been in the business for decades, are just starting out, or somewhere in between, these strategies will work for you.

    In this powerful and entertaining guide with a heartwarming forward from Sylvester Stallone, Jordan shows you how to set yourself apart from the competition to attract sellers and win listings. He walks you through every aspect of a successful listing presentation and includes examples and stories from some of the famous athletes and celebrities he has represented including NFL stars Aaron Donald and Marcus Allen, rock star Bret Michaels, WWE superstar The Miz, and many more. Jordan’s lessons apply to real estate agents of all levels and all companies and work in any market. Topics covered include:

    *How to Win Every Listing Interview

    *Marketing Yourself and Your Listings to Succeed

    *Tapping into the Power of Social Media (featuring Broke Agent Media’s Eric Simon and Matt Lionetti)

    *Strategically Putting the “Agent” in Real Estate Agent

    *Turning Tired Old Techniques into Cutting Edge Strategies That Work

    *The Big Pay-off That Makes Real Estate More than a Great Career

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  • Infinite Influence : Captivate, Connect, And Compel Anyone, Anytime


    Unintentional or not, choosing the wrong actions while interacting with people will rob you of your ability to captivate, connect with, and compel someone to make decisions in a way that is mutually beneficial. Instead, move forward intentionally to capitalize on priceless moments using the seven simple actions that create Infinite Influence. With limitless influence, you harness your power to wake up wealthier every single day.

    In a world moving and evolving at breakneck speed, your ability to authentically connect with people from all walks of life in every interaction matters. The challenge of building trust quickly–knowing what to think, say, and do–might seem impossible. However, the solution is rather simple, often overlooked, and wildly undervalued.

    As someone born under-resourced and underestimated, Alyson Van Hooser discovered exactly how to build influence with anybody…and now she is sharing her top seven secrets with you. Alyson experienced firsthand how the right mindset behind simple actions enables you to attract people who become invested in you. In this book, she reveals her immediately actionable, proven approach you can use to create endless opportunity.

    Infinite Influence delivers the eternal perspective and behaviors to create instant connections that endure a lifetime. Because we know that success is neither built nor destroyed by one person, you must intentionally and precisely assemble relationships with friends, family, teams, customers, and communities to advance together. Without the right strategy, you choose self-sabotage–people will disengage from you, resulting in averted attention, fading loyalty, lost sales, and more.

    Others have succeeded in applying these simple actions to create Infinite Influence and wake up wealthier every day. Will you?

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  • Writing For Impact


    Learn the keys to energizing your writing, engaging readers, and breaking out with influence.

    What good will it do to skillfully craft a written argument if you lose your audience? Simple emails, formal reports, blogs, presentations, articles–they need punch to gain influence. Clear structure and logic alone won’t do. To engage readers, you need to make mentally stimulating choices in language–choices that electrify your readers’ mental hotspots.

    Veteran journalist Bill Birchard reveals the secret of making that happen. He blends the findings from a global cadre of psychologists and neuroscientists with lessons from his long, successful career as a professional writer. In Writing for Impact, he details eight potent writing strategies, based on the latest scientific breakthroughs, to give you the power to write faster, win over more people, and earn influence as a thought leader.

    As a reader, you will:

    *Discover the story of recent scientific research that shows how the right language rewards readers mentally, engaging them with hits of dopamine and more.

    *Learn the eight time-tested writing strategies–strategies you can apply immediately–to become a better, more impactful writer and communicator.

    *Learn three dozen tactics to hook readers with each strategy, tactics proven to work based on how the brain processes language and meaning.

    *Find engaging writing examples to illustrate each strategy and inspire you to write with punch that keeps your audience coming back for more.

    *Master the eight-part strategic framework step by step, giving yourself a methodical means to develop yourself into a writer who communicates like a pro.

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  • Enneagram Of Emotional Intelligence


    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one of the biggest predictors of personal and professional success, and the key to effectively developing your EQ is tying it to your own personality type. In this book, certified EQ coach and Enneagram teacher Scott Allender helps you chart a personality-specific path toward lasting emotional intelligence and health. Allender uses the popular Enneagram framework to illuminate how each of the nine personality types aligns with the five essential skills of emotional intelligence: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision making, and stress management. You’ll discover how to:

    * break free from the hidden fears that dictate your choices
    * make more intentional decisions
    * better understand the emotional dynamics of colleagues, friends, and family
    * and more

    In this journey toward radical self-awareness, you’ll learn how to combat the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from living the life you were meant to live all along.

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  • Enneagram Of Emotional Intelligence


    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one of the biggest predictors of personal and professional success, and the key to effectively developing your EQ is tying it to your own personality type. In this book, certified EQ coach and Enneagram teacher Scott Allender helps you chart a personality-specific path toward lasting emotional intelligence and health. Allender uses the popular Enneagram framework to illuminate how each of the nine personality types aligns with the five essential skills of emotional intelligence: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision making, and stress management. You’ll discover how to:

    * break free from the hidden fears that dictate your choices
    * make more intentional decisions
    * better understand the emotional dynamics of colleagues, friends, and family
    * and more

    In this journey toward radical self-awareness, you’ll learn how to combat the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from living the life you were meant to live all along.

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  • Empty At The Top


    Empty at the Top: Exposing Spiritual Dangers in Multilevel Marketing

    One woman’s searingly honest personal story highlights the dirty secrets of multilevel marketing (MLM). Learn how relationships are misused for financial gain in this compelling account of a former industry insider and top producer.

    This true story of Athena Dean Holtz’s climb to the top before discovering the high personal and spiritual cost is more than an insider expose.?Empty at the Top?is a loving revelation and warning of how Christians can be sidetracked by deceptive sales and marketing practices.

    Learn how the church has been defiled by:

    *”money changing in the temple”
    *deceitful recruiting methods
    *brainwashing techniques
    *and opportunistic practices and blatant greed.

    Athena Dean Holtz shares her stirring, challenging, and convicting story of being consumed by success, making it to the top and finding emptiness, before discovering true success and happiness is found in God, not gold.?

    Anyone who has considered being involved in MLM, or who knows others who are, will find this book compelling and eye-opening. This new updated edition includes reflection questions for individual or small group study.

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  • 16 Undeniable Laws Of Communication


    Never Be Afraid to Speak to a Group Again

    It’s been said that public speaking is the number one fear of most people, with death being second. “This means,” said comedian Jerry Seinfeld, “if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

    How can you overcome fear or ineffectiveness as a speaker? Learn the Laws of Communication!

    John C. Maxwell has been a public speaker and motivational teacher for more than fifty years. He is one of only eight people on the planet who have been awarded Toastmaster’s Golden Gavel and been inducted into the National Speakers’ Association Hall of Fame. In The 16 Undeniable Laws of Communication: Apply Them and Make the Most of Your Message, he shares everything he’s learned from a lifetime of communication.

    Learn how to:

    *Speak from conviction
    *Prepare your content and yourself for speaking
    *Find and use your personal and communication strengths
    *Focus on your audience and connect
    *Tell better stories
    *Read the room and create energy and anticipation
    *Add value to people
    *Inspire people to take action

    Everyone has a message to share. Whether you want to improve your ability to inspire employees, speak at PTA meetings, report to a board of directors, teach students, deliver a sermon, address a small group, speak from a stage, or communicate to an arena full of people, this book can help you.

    Learn from one of the best communicators in the world and start making the most of your message today.

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  • Unstoppable You : 7 Ways To Tap Into Your Potential For Success


    Are you unstoppable?

    You can be. Most people allow others to put limitations on them. They even put limitations on themselves . Don’t ever do that again. You don’t have to be stoppable. Instead, unleash your potential.

    When John Maxwell started his career in small-town Indiana, few people would have guessed he would go on to become a bestselling author and world-wide leadership expert. How did he do it? He didn’t put limits on himself. He believed he could make a difference in the world, and he kept going until he achieved it.

    You can too. In The Unstoppable You, Maxwell teaches the seven ways you can tap into your potential and start overcoming obstacles, solving problems, and accomplishing results you previously thought impossible.

    Go ahead. Take your next steps. Achieve the success you’ve always dreamt of. And never stop.

    John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, speaker, coach and leader who has sold more than 34 million books. He is the founder of Maxwell LeadershipO–a leadership development organization that has trained tens of millions of leaders in every nation. Having been recognized as the #1 leader in business and as the world’s most influential leadership expert, Maxwell continues to influence individuals and organizations worldwide–from Fortune 500 CEOs and national leaders to entrepreneurs and the leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Embracing The Calm In The Chaos


    Fashion designer Stacy Igel walks you through her journey of creating a thriving business while raising a family and conquering the challenges that women entrepreneurs face daily.

    This book will walk you through the highs and lows of creating a business: how to rise up from the midst of discouragement, what it’s like to hire and fire employees, collaborations with celebrities and philanthropic organizations, and the rollercoaster ride of making deals and partnerships.

    Stacy Igel, founder of global impact brand, BOY MEETS GIRL(R) shares the twenty-year journey of building her company, from the ground up while powering through life’s challenges. Her book is a realistic, unvarnished look at what it means to be a businessperson, a woman, and a parent. Stacy will walk you through the highs and lows of creating a business: how to rise up from the midst of discouragement, what it’s like to hire and fire employees, collaborations with celebrities and philanthropic organizations, and the rollercoaster ride of making deals and partnerships. Through Stacy’s story and the stories of the kick-ass men and women who worked alongside her, you will learn how to:

    *Be authentic and make your voice stand out in the marketplace
    *Build lasting success, and make a difference–at your own pace, on your own terms.
    *Choose business partners and allies that align with your aspirations
    *Celebrate each milestone achieved and goal accomplished in your journey
    *From your brand to your customers to your cash flow, protect your ass-ets
    *Make a positive impact in your community and beyond

    This book is a captivating, practical guide for new entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and established entrepreneurs looking for insights and inspiration.

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  • Thinking Like A Boss


    With over 11 million female-owned businesses in the US today, more women than ever are taking the reins to create their own success. Maybe you feel the pull to start a business but deep down you’re afraid that you don’t have what it takes. Maybe you have a great idea but wonder if you’re actually qualified to make it happen. Or maybe you want to expand your business, but you’re worried about how it will affect your family. If that’s you, it’s time to start thinking like a boss.

    In this practical and encouraging book, Kate Crocco exposes the 12 limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential, such as:
    – I should have it all together and I don’t
    – I’m not ready or qualified to start
    – I don’t have enough time
    – It’s already been done before
    – and more

    With plenty of inspiring true stories and actionable steps you can take–starting now– Thinking Like a Boss will help you turn your limiting beliefs into limitless opportunity.

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  • Unspoken Truths For Career Success


    People are competing for jobs at a rate not seen since World War II. In this book, Tessa White teaches readers, specifically digital native millennials, how to recognize what is holding them back from getting a job and climbing the ladder.

    People are competing for jobs in a country that hit a high of 14.8% unemployment in April (seasonally adjusted), a rate not seen in the post-World War II era. Of that population during the height of the pandemic, 57% of those who lost their jobs were unable to work because they closed or lost business. With many of these companies and industries collapsing or shutting their doors forever, it necessitated full career pivots for many individuals. It was not just about finding another job; it was about finding a whole new profession.

    Adding to the shakeup are the quickly shifting workforce demographics as the Millennials and Generation Z (137,000,000 combined) take over the workforce. These digital natives are squarely in their career-building years, with younger members just getting started on a long career journey. And yet despite their numbers, they have unique work challenges, including being the most overlooked generational group for promotion and the slowest to advance.

    This book acts as a workplace “bible” on how to address the most common work problems that get in the way of a person’s success including:

    *Work burnout
    *Lack of work/life balance
    *Pay inequities
    *Difficult work politics
    *A lack of influence or power
    *The lack of clarity around role or performance

    Lies That Got You Here shows how these common problems often play out and the mistakes individuals often make as they try to navigate them. The book also offers solutions that don’t jeopardize a person’s job or hurt their career, instead getting people back on a successful and satisfying career track. Where many people look to the company to provide the right setting, the right culture, or the right rules and processes, this book gives practical strategies and methods to change the way one interacts with the workplace altogether and get a different result. It requires the reader to be their own greatest advocate, highlighting a path for any individual to own a better workplace and career experience.

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  • Come Up For Air


    The practical guide to go from drowning in work to freeing up an extra business day per week for everyone on your team

    “There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done!” Sound familiar? Forget the old concepts of time management and the hustle culture of working until you burn out. You and your entire team can get more done, in far fewer hours with the right blueprint. Come Up For Air is that blueprint.

    Through years of building a leading efficiency consulting business, Nick Sonnenberg has discovered the primary reason why so many teams are overwhelmed. It’s not because they don’t have enough time, managers expect too much of their employees, or there aren’t enough people. The problem is that everyone is drowning in unnecessary work and inefficiencies that prevent them from focusing on the work that actually drives results.

    In Come Up For Air, you’ll discover the CPR(R) Business Efficiency Framework, a proven system for leaders, managers, and teams to maximize their performance and reduce overwhelm by using the right tools in the right way, at the right time. The end result? More output, less stress, happier employees, and the potential to gain an extra full day per week in productivity to use however you’d like.

    You’ll learn the proven empirical strategies from someone who not only turned his company around when it was on the verge of bankruptcy but has also helped thousands of organizations around the world become more efficient, leverage the right productivity tools, and prepare for explosive growth.Come Up For Air is the employee manual you never received.


    *Gain an extra full day per week in productivity for everyone on your team.

    *Eliminate the 58% of employee time per day spent on work about work instead of being productive.

    *Stop wasting time on the “Scavenger Hunt” of trying to find where important information is stored.

    *Save an average of two hours per week per person just on optimizing your email.

    *Use the right tools, in the right way, at the right time to maximize your collective output.

    *Create immediate quick wins to start saving time without difficult implementation.

    *Simple hacks to stop playing “catch up” before and after work.

    *Stop losing time in meetings with four proven techniques.

    *Practical examples, case studies, and templates to help you sprint to success.

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  • Napoleon Hills Pathways To Peace Of Mind


    From the Napoleon Hill Foundation comes a collection of never-before-published writings from Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil, on obtaining the greatest of all the riches available to human beings–peace of mind.

    Although Napoleon is famous for his insight on building financial wealth, he ultimately believed that the greatest success in life was not monetary and that true riches came from the peace of mind one achieves by helping others. The writings contained in this book will guide you toward this priceless asset so you can enjoy:

    *Mastery over all forms of worry
    *Freedom from fear and self-doubt
    *Control over one’s thoughts
    *The ability to close the door on the sorrows of the past
    *The magic power of belief
    *And much more!

    Included is a manuscript that was discovered by J. B. Hill, Napoleon’s grandson and a trustee of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, that had been given to his father in the 1950s. Titled “How to Get Peace of Mind,” it was intended to be released as a series of newspaper columns but for reasons unknown was never published. It is presented here for the first time, along with a previously unpublished excerpt from an unfinished autobiographical work by Napoleon written in 1947 and several editorial essays written by Napoleon and published in 1919 and 1920 in his magazine, Hill’s Golden Rule. All explore the subject of attaining peace of mind. The final chapter in the book features a previously unpublished transcript of a 1948 radio program in which Napoleon disclosed what single ability is essential to achieving success and happiness.There is no greater freedom than that which peace of mind brings. Chart your own course to a serene mindset with help from Napoleon Hill’s Pathways to Peace of Mind.

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  • Scientific Advertising : Original Classic Edition


    The essential guidebook on how to make your marketing and advertising more profitable–faster.

    You already have a great product or service–how do you build a narrative around it that speaks to your customers’ attitudes, interests, and needs? Drawing on established techniques and proven methods, Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins eliminates the guesswork from advertising so that you can actually get a measurable and substantive ROI. Students and experts alike will benefit from the timeless principles in this book, such as how to:

    *Create a winning personality for your ads
    *Incentivize people to buy without using sensationalism or empty rhetoric
    *Strategically incorporate visual design elements into ads
    *Harness the power of coupon advertising, product sampling, and direct-mail marketing
    *Run test campaigns to make smarter decisions about your advertising dollars

    Known as the “father of modern advertising techniques,” Claude C. Hopkins transformed the marketing industry when he published Scientific Advertising, which is largely considered to be the landmark book on direct response marketing and split testing. More relevant today than ever before, Scientific Advertising provides a solid foundation in branding, writing compelling marketing copy, and testing and measuring advertising campaigns that will enhance not only your print marketing plan, but also your digital marketing and e-commerce strategies.

    Increase your company’s bottom line, stop wasting time and losing money on advertising focused merely on brand awareness or entertainment, and start leveraging salesmanship in advertising to boost sales and attract new customers.

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  • AMA Handbook Of Public Relations


    The AMA Handbook of Public Relations combines proven PR strategies with best practices for web-based campaigns–including leveraging websites, blogs, podcasts, and social networking sites–to help public relations professionals succeed in the ever-changing, dynamic age of digital communication. PR icon Robert Dilenschnelder provides readers with up-to-the-minute web-savvy tips and tools to teach them how to master media relations, manage rumors and crises, adapt areas of specialization to the internet, work with trade publications, monitor the web for positive and negative feedback, allocate resources and establish budgets, and measure the impact of web-based strategies. As a medium for corporate communications, branding, product information, and more, the web offers immense value for PR–but it can also be a double-edged sword. Designed for daily use in a changed and changing world, The AMA Handbook of Public Relations covers everything you need to know to craft and execute successful PR campaigns and help others and yourself maintain a favorable public image that generates new business.

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  • Mind Your Mindset


    Everyone has two remarkable, related capacities. We can aspire to something more, something better, and we can also envision ways to achieve it. But if we’re capable of aspiring to something better and making effective plans, why is it sometimes so hard to reach that next level of success?

    To achieve the results we want, we first need to understand how thoughts drive our actions. By understanding the latest science about how the human brain works, we can leverage it to maximize our performance–it’s all in how you see it. Our daily experience, our plans and goals, our actions and reactions are the product of how our minds address the circumstances of life.

    Drawing upon the latest insights from the fields of performance psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science, as well as case studies from their own coaching clients, bestselling authors Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller explore the power of ideas to shape superior outcomes, not only in business, but in the rest of life. It’s All in Your Head helps you create the thoughts that lead to better actions and extraordinary results.

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  • Coming Of Neo Feudalism


    Following a remarkable epoch of greater dispersion of wealth and opportunity, we are inexorably returning towards a more feudal era marked by greater concentration of wealth and property, reduced upward mobility, demographic stagnation, and increased dogmatism. If the last seventy years saw a massive expansion of the middle class, not only in America but in much of the developed world, today that class is declining and a new, more hierarchical society is emerging.

    The new class structure resembles that of Medieval times. At the apex of the new order are two classes–a reborn clerical elite, the clerisy, which dominates the upper part of the professional ranks, universities, media and culture, and a new aristocracy led by tech oligarchs with unprecedented wealth and growing control of information. These two classes correspond to the old French First and Second Estates.

    Below these two classes lies what was once called the Third Estate. This includes the yeomanry, which is made up largely of small businesspeople, minor property owners, skilled workers and private-sector oriented professionals. Ascendant for much of modern history, this class is in decline while those below them, the new Serfs, grow in numbers–a vast, expanding property-less population.

    The trends are mounting, but we can still reverse them–if people understand what is actually occurring and have the capability to oppose them.

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  • Secrets Of Closing The Sale (Revised)


    Full of entertaining stories and real-life illustrations, this classic book will give you the strategies you need to become proficient in the art of effective persuasion, including how to project warmth and integrity, increase productivity, overcome objections, and deal respectfully with challenging prospects. This new edition includes fresh opening and closing chapters as well as tips and examples throughout that illustrate the relevance of these truths in the marketplace today. Also includes a foreword written by Tom Ziglar.

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  • Diversity Gap : Where Good Intentions Meet True Cultural Change


    A sweeping leadership framework to institute clear and intentional actions throughout your organization so that people of all racial backgrounds are empowered to lead, collaborate, and excel at work.

    The Diversity Gap is a fearless, groundbreaking guide to help leaders at every level shatter the barriers that are causing diversity efforts to fail.

    Combining real-world research with honest first-person experiences, racial justice facilitator Bethaney Wilkinson provides leaders a replicable structure to foster a diverse culture of belonging within your organization.

    With illuminating and challenging insights on every page, you will:

    *Better understand today’s racial climate and its negative impact on your organization and team;

    *Be equipped to shift your organizational culture from one that has good intentions for “diversity” to one that addresses systemic barriers to all employees thriving at work; and

    *Be emboldened to participate in creating an organizational culture where people from various racial backgrounds are growing in their purpose, making their highest contributions, and collaborating effectively towards greater impact at work and in the world.

    Ultimately, The Diversity Gap is the quantum shift between well-intentioned organizational diversity programs that do little to move the needle and a lasting culture of equity and belonging that can transform your organization and outpace your industry.

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  • Better In 52 Weeks


    Decrease the overwhelm in pursuing individual achievement and business success and take action with more confidence with Mary C. Kelly’s weekly guided journal for busy professionals.

    Leaders and business professionals need quick solutions for common challenges–from boosting productivity, to improving sales and marketing, to enhancing strategic planning, to building stronger, more engaged teams. Better in 52 Weeks shares a year’s worth of 5-Minute Business and Leadership Success Plans that will enable you to work smarter, plan better, and move your career or business forward and live a less stressful life!

    These 5-Minute Plans are the same ones that business coach and retired Navy commander Mary C. Kelly, PhD, CSP, uses with her executive clients to help their teams build a strong foundation for innovation, efficiency, and business growth. Now you, too, can benefit from the comprehensive, actionable plans and obtain results in all dimensions of your personal and professional life. In only five minutes each week, you’ll learn to focus on, strengthen, and take action on the following areas:

    *Business planning
    *Business growth
    *Leading people
    *Personal development

    By planning ahead, you can spend more time on the work that truly moves your life and business forward–creative thinking and personal and professional growth. Whether you’re making a financial plan, or a plan to cultivate gratitude, or a plan to facilitate effective meetings, every exercise will take you one step closer to the success you envision. The combination of 5-Minute Plans and daily checklists will ensure your progress compounds.

    Included with the book is online access to fillable PDF versions of all 5-Minute Plans–with bonus plans added regularly.

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  • Sweet Success : A Simple Recipe To Turn Your Passion Into Profits


    As we face an economic downturn, many people around the world are forced to reevaluate their careers and what direction they want to go in life. Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Bakery, faced the same existential question as a venture capitalist after the dot-com bust, and will share the recipe for turning your passion into a successful business.

    Candace Nelson lost her job in the dot-com bust. Instead of going to business school, as many of her peers were doing, she reflected on what she really wanted to do-and did what nobody, including Candace herself, would have expected. She poured her passion and life savings into creating the world’s first cupcake bakery. Today, Sprinkles cupcakes have become the go-to for celebrating everything from birthdays to job promotions to new babies, and so much more.

    In Sweet Success, Candace shares her recipe for success via the steps she took to build a beloved brand. This is not a sugarcoated version-she shares the mishaps, mistakes, and hard-earned lessons she learned. Most of all, she provides directions so anyone else can do this too. Readers will learn:

    *How to make the key ingredients to any successful business work for them.
    *The best way to turn fully baked ideas into successful products that will grow their brand.
    *The secret recipe for packaging your product so that it appeals to your key demographic.
    *How to turn your kitchen experiments into top products.
    *And much more.

    This is a story that resonates in this zeitgeist and is more necessary to understand than ever before. Right now, everyone is grappling with difficulties that this new normal has brought and looking inward, wanting to make more meaningful choices with their lives and work. Many people are even facing the same life-altering decisions she faced twenty years ago.

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  • Paper Belt On Fire


    Paper Belt on Fire is the unlikely account of how two outsiders with no experience in finance–a charter school principal and defrocked philosopher–start a venture capital fund to short the higher education bubble. Against the contempt of the education establishment, they discover, mentor, and back the leading lights in the next generation of dropout innovators and in the end make their investors millions.

    Can such a madcap strategy help renew American creativity? Who would do such a thing?

    This story is the behind-the-scenes romp of one team that threw educational authorities into a panic. It fuses real-life personal drama with history, science, and philosophy to show how higher education and other institutions must evolve to meet the dire challenges of tomorrow.

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  • Dont Start A Side Hustle Do This Instead


    You no longer have to (or should) exchange your time for money. You can create passive streams of income that make you money while you sleep. Brian Page knows it can happen because he’s done it himself. This book is based on the lessons he learned along the way.

    Brian will provide context on why it’s possible to own your own time and then walk you through the process of how to pivot out of a traditional job, be prepared to make the change, create a plan for yourself and make it happen. You’ll no longer be dependent on working hours or someone else or even the state of the world to exchange time for income. You’ll adopt a new pivoting mindset, becoming an opportunity heat-seeking missile and aligning yourself with the present world.

    Brian has been unemployed for years. While traveling the world and spending tons of time with his family, he’s been building stream after stream of passive income, allowing him to own every moment of his life. Even through the 2008 market crisis and COVID-19, he has been able to build his passive income empire by creating, controlling, and owning assets that do the work for him.

    This book includes detailed lessons that will teach you how to:

    *Determine your time value.
    *Choose and commit to a vehicle that suits your wealth-building goals.
    *Strengthen your focus by selecting only high-value activities.
    *Avoid the traps that hinder your progress.
    *Become time rich so that you can pursue your highest dreams and live an extraordinary life.

    You no longer have to work your butt off and struggle to be successful; you just need assets that work for you.

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  • Master Mentors Volume 2


    Mining the best and brightest revelations from FranklinCovey’s global podcast, On Leadership with Scott Miller, Scott personally introduces you to 30 Master Mentors, featuring the single most transformative insight from each of them.

    Depending on where you are in your journey, Master Mentors will:

    *Challenge your current mindset and beliefs, leading to what could be the most important career and thought-process shifts of your life.

    *Restore you to the mindset and beliefs you find effective but aren’t currently living in alignment with.

    *Validate that you are on the right path with your current mindset and beliefs and empower you on your way forward.

    Whether you are challenged, affirmed, informed, or inspired–this all-new volume of Master Mentors guarantees you will experience a transformative shift in your personal mindset, life skill set, and career toolset.

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  • I Hope This Email Finds You Never


    Ahhh, the modern workplace: a cauldron of stress and anxiety. From the moment we accept a new role, we’re thrown into a world of competing personalities, shifting protocols, and an endless stream of emails, Slack messages, and Zoom calls, all of which serve to distract us from the things we truly want to be doing, like eating Thai food and sleeping until noon.

    I Hope This Email Finds You Never puts aside the motivational screeds, productivity hacks, and pop-science, and focuses instead on those things in the workplace that truly cause us grief–like a coworker eating an apple during a video call–in a lighthearted, entertaining, and (most importantly) cynical way.

    Some things you’ll learn:

    *How long you can get away with being “new” until you’re held accountable
    *How to make it look like you’re sorry without giving up any power
    *How to find a workplace friend and make a workplace enemy
    *Camera position: how to set up your laptop for maximum dominance
    *Organizing your calendar while leaving time to cry
    *The rules of the kitchen (stealing someone’s yogurt is literally a crime)
    *Writing a letter of resignation when you’ve already been resigned from day one

    From Orientation (The Descent), Workplace Etiquette (No Eye Contact Before 11 AM), Working Remotely (Wink Wink), Coworkers (Getting Along with your fellow inmates), and everything in between, I Hope This Email Finds You Never is your must-have guide to surviving (thriving is not realistic) in the modern workplace.

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